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Title: A Cup of Coffee
Pairing: Sehun/Luhan
Word Count: 1486
Summary: Day after day, Sehun comes to the same cafe, ordering the same thing, just to see the barista even though he himself doesn't like coffee at all.

Sehun opened the door to the cafe, pulling his hood down as he headed towards the counter. He had first discovered this place when he had been dying of thirst and wandered into the first place he saw. Even though it was a cafe, full of coffee drinks he wasn’t a fan of, he had liked the atmosphere but had liked the barista even more. That mop of fluffy blonde hair, those big eyes, perfectly plush lips, and charming smile had made his heart turn in his chest. Walking up to the counter, Sehun had just ordered whatever the barista had suggested which had been an Americano. He’d accepted the cup of coffee, walking out of the cafe and headed to class where he gave it to his friend Minseok who loved coffee.
The next day had found him inside the cafe again, ordering another Americano from the cute barista. And the day after that and the day after that until it became a part of his routine.
He never drank the Americano the barista made for him, instead giving it to his friend in class. He just kept coming back to the cafe to see the barista. A few times, he made little attempts at conversation, just a casual “hi” or “how are you doing?” and there were those rare times he and the barista actually held a longer conversation, speaking for more than a couple minutes. He liked those moments but typically he was in a rush to get to class and couldn’t stay for longer than the time it took for Luhan, the cute barista, to make the coffee.
As he walked up to the counter, Luhan smiled at him. “The usual?"
“Yeah.” Sehun paid for the coffee and then waited by the counter as Luhan set to work making it. He enjoyed watching the graceful movement of the barista, easily moving behind the counter to prepare the drink. All too soon, to Sehun’s thinking, Luhan had finished the drink and handed it over with a smile.
“Here you go."
“Thanks, Luhan. I’ll see you around.” Sehun gave him a short wave before heading out the door.

Minseok raised a brow when Sehun had started coming to class with an Americano in hand that he would give to him. He would’ve said something but how could he turn down free coffee, especially such delicious coffee? He smiled and accepted the cup of coffee from Sehun. “Thanks for the coffee, Sehun."
“No problem.” Sehun nodded his head before sitting in his seat.
Minseok took a sip of the coffee and sighed. Delicious as always. He took another sip and noticed some markings on the cup. Turning it around, he read the message on the cup. His eyebrows shot up into his hairline and he looked at his friend taking notes. Deciding to tell him later, Minseok took another sip and started to take notes.

“So you’re Luhan.” Luhan looked up from where he was wiping the counter to find a brightly smiling man. He was close to his height, maybe a little bit shorter, with brown hair and slightly chubby cheeks.
“Uh, yes, I’m Luhan. Is there something I can help you with?"
“Oh no, I just wanted to meet the man who makes such delicious cups of coffee. My friend Sehun always buys one and gives it to me since he’s not a fan of coffee and I have to say they’re one of the best I’ve tasted and I would know since I’m a big coffee fan.” The man’s smile widened as Luhan just looked at him a bit confused. “Oh, I’m Minseok by the way."
“Uh Luhan but you already know that…so wait, your friend Sehun?"
“Tall, thin with light brown hair. He always has a hoodie on."
“Oh.” Understanding caused Luhan’s eyes to widen. A light blush crossed his cheeks before a frown marred his face. “Oh."
“Yeah, oh. Well I have to get to class but just wanted to stop by and say thanks. Maybe I’ll see you around.”
“Uh yeah."
“See ya.” Minseok waved before heading out the door.
Luhan tossed the rag onto the counter and crossed his arms. So that’s where all my heartfelt work was going to, all my little messages…No wonder
Huffing, Luhan vowed to make Sehun pay when he came in later that day to buy his daily cup of coffee that he didn’t drink and just gave away.

Sehun walked into the cafe with a smile on his face. Today was the day he would ask Luhan out, no matter what. He pulled his hoodie down and walked up to the counter. “Hi, Luhan. The usual today."
“No problem.” Luhan turned around to start making the Americano.
Sehun rested against the counter as he watched Luhan. “So Luhan, can I ask you a question?"
“You just did."
Sehun frowned. “Come on, be serious."
“Serious? Be serious. How’s this for serious?” Luhan turned around to glare at Sehun who flinched. "Why do you keep giving away the coffee I spent time making and writing messages on for you?"
“You wrote messages to me?” Sehun’s eyes widened in shock.
“Yeah, on every single cup I gave you. I was hoping you’d see them but turns out you haven’t been because you’ve been giving your cup away to a friend of yours."
“W-w-what? H-How do you know about that?"
Luhan turned around, finished cup of coffee in his hand. “He came in today to thank me for the delicious coffee."
Setting the cup on the counter, he placed his hands on his hips and looked at Sehun. “So what do you have to say about all of that?"
“I-I-“ Sehun’s mouth opened and closed several times. “I’m sorry I never saw your messages and that I gave away my cup of coffee but I’m actually not a big fan of coffee."
“Then why did you order it every day? Why do you keep coming back?"
Sehun looked down at the counter. “I keep coming back...for you…because I like you. I only ordered the Americano the first time because you suggested it and I agreed before I could think about ordering something that wasn’t coffee. And well I just kinda kept ordering it because it was easy. I gave the coffee to my friend because I didn’t want it to go to waste. But I am sorry I didn’t see your messages at all. I didn’t know you were even doing that."
His cheeks flushed a light pink. “Uh and well…even though you probably don’t really like me now, I came here today to ask you out but I can understand if you don’t want to."
“Don’t want to?” Luhan’s eyes widened. “If you had seen my notes, you would know how I feel."
“Oh…” Sehun bit his bottom lip.
“Of course, I’ll go out with you, but you are so making it up to me for all those unread messages and time I spent making those special Americanos for you."
“Special Americanos?"
A slow smile crossed Luhan’s face. “If you tried it, you would know the difference between a regular Americano and the Americano I made for you. But since you’re not a fan of coffee, you’ll never know."
Sehun pouted. “That’s not fair."
“When is life ever fair?” Luhan stuck his tongue out at Sehun. “Now go take your coffee and head to class."
“I’ll see you afterwards for that date, okay?"
“Yeah, now go. Don’t want you to be later than you already are.” Luhan smiled as Sehun waved and headed out the door with the Americano for his friend.

Minseok smiled as he accepted the cup of coffee. “Thanks a lot, Sehun."
“Hey Minseok, how come you never told me about the messages on the cup?"
Minseok paused in bringing the cup up to his lips. “Because I never noticed until a few days ago. I hadn’t realized you never read them."
Sehun’s bottom lip jutted out. “You should’ve told me about them."
“Slipped my mind. But you really should’ve read those messages. They’re so sweet and well…” Minseok smiled as Sehun’s pout deepened. He patted Sehun’s cheek. “Aww, it’s alright. Maybe if you talk to him, he can tell you what he wrote. I didn’t save any of the cups since what’s the point especially when the notes aren’t for me?"
“Hmph, you still should’ve told me and showed them to me."
“It’s fine, Sehun. Maybe next time but I doubt he’ll be doing it now."
Sehun pressed his lips together as he frowned at his friend.
Minseok just patted Sehun’s hand and took another sip of his cup. He noticed marks on the cup again and turned it.
Thanks for clearing things up, Minseok. You’re a great help and maybe a good friend.
Minseok smiled as he took another sip of his drink, glad to have inadvertently helped the two.

A/N: something cute, short, and sweet i hope :3
Tags: hunhan month, sehun/luhan

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