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Title: Scent of Love
Pairing: Sehun/Luhan
Word Count: 3110
Warning: inappropriate sniffing of clothes and armpits, talk of consent
Summary: Sehun has always enjoyed the smell of a man but he may have found the ultimate man scent in his roommate.

Sehun sniffed the air. The scent of man filled his nostrils, giving him a heady rush. He took another sniff and sighed. Following his nose, he searched for the source of that manly odor.
Looking around his room, he noticed a pile of clothes on the floor and quickly snatched them up to press against his nose.
The smell wafted up his nose, a strong scent of musk and a hint of something else filling his nose. Taking another deep breath, Sehun sighed wistfully and kept the clothes pressed to his face. He could feel his body start to stir as he continued to sniff the clothes.
When he heard footsteps coming down the hall, he quickly dropped the clothes and rushed to his desk, slipping into his chair, as a key slipped into the lock.
His roommate opened the door and smiled. "Hey Sehun."
"Hi Luhan." He turned to his desk, pretending to do some work, as he watched Luhan walk into the room, sweaty from either the gym or soccer. Luhan dropped his gym bag by his desk and slumped into his chair with a small groan.
"The coach is so brutal, asking us to run 30 laps around the soccer field."
Sehun made a sympathetic noise.
"So tired...Sehun~"
"Want to go grab dinner? I'm starving after that practice."
"Oh, uh," Sehun looked at his partially completed homework due at eleven tonight. "Sure."
Sehun shut his books and got up. Luhan was already waiting by the door. He arched a brow. "You're not going to change first?"
"Nah, I just thought we'd go down to that place on the corner and grab something to go. I still have homework I need to finish."
"Oh alright." Sehun signaled for Luhan to leave first. He didn't want Luhan to know he was secretly pleased that Luhan wanted to stay sweaty and dirty. It gave him more time to take in that delicious scent.

Sehun wandered around their shared room, picking up all their clothes to wash. They had a laundry basket but sometimes their clothes just found a place on the floor and stayed there. Being the nice roommate that he was, Sehun had offered to do Luhan's laundry as well, something Luhan greatly appreciated. And if it allowed Sehun to smell Luhan's clothes a bit longer before they were washed clean, then so be it.
Sehun stood up and glanced around the room, making sure he'd picked up all the clothes that were suppose to be washed. Satisfied that he had gotten all he could see, he grabbed the basket and headed down to the laundry room.
The laundry room was empty, as Sehun preferred it. Picking a random machine, Sehun made sure it was empty first before starting to toss clothes in. Every so often, when he was tossing one of Luhan's clothes into the washer, he'd take a deep whiff of it before putting it in to be washed. Sehun had a pleasantly dazed smile when he finally turned the washing machine on.
Grabbing the empty laundry basket, Sehun headed back upstairs to do some work while he waited for the cycle to finish.

Luhan walked into the room, feet dragging on the ground, as he dropped his gym bag by the floor and faceplanted onto his bed. He let out a loud groan.
Sehun stopped watching his video to glance at his roommate. "Tough practice?"
"i'm so sore and tired." Luhan groaned as he turned his head to look at his roommate. Jutting his bottom lip out and widening his eyes, he looked pleadingly at his roommate. "Give me a massage."
Sehun looked at his roommate. Luhan had started demanding massages from his roommate ever since Sehun had actually given him one a few weeks ago when Sehun had been feeling sorry for the worn-out boy. He hadn't realized that one moment of weakness would lead to his roommate demanding massages from him whenever he was tired from practice.
Luhan had originally demanded them as a joke but now that he knew how good Sehun was, he wanted his hands on him all the time. He decided to add to the effect and tried to get his eyes to water as he kept looking at his roommate.
Sehun signed, running a hand through his hair, before setting his laptop aside and going over to his roommate.
Luhan turned his head to hide his triumphant smile as Sehun carefully climbed onto the bed. His legs went on either side of the boy as he gently straddled his lower back. Thankfully, he was on top so Luhan wouldn't know that he only pretended to hesitate as now he could freely smell Luhan from his current position.
Leaning over as his hands settled on Luhan’s shoulders to start massaging the aches there, Sehun took a quiet sniff of Luhan’s manly scent. As he leaned over a bit more, his hands moved down Luhan’s back, working his shoulders. His hands held Luhan’s side, beneath his armpits, as his thumbs worked at the knots near his shoulders.
The next inhale brought in a fresh wave of that manly scent. Shivering a bit at the pleasure running through his body over the scent, he leaned down until his chest was practically pressing into Luhan’s back as he sniffed out where that strong odor was coming from. His eyes widened when he realized where the scent was coming from. Taking another quiet inhale, Sehun went back to concentrating on massaging the knots out of Luhan’s body.
Luhan sighed and settled down in his bed, feeling all his knots leave his body, as Sehun’s hands moved over his body. His eyes drifted close as he relaxed.
Sehun could feel Luhan relaxing so much that he drifted off to sleep. Chuckling to himself, he continued to massage Luhan’s body and freely sniffing the boy as he was a sound sleeper. When he finished, he took a chance and dropped a kiss to the top of Luhan’s head before going back to his own bed and show.

“Sehun~ let’s go watch a movie.” Luhan beamed as he shoved the DVD into his roommate’s face.
“Space, Luhan, space.” Sehun pushed the DVD away and looked at his roommate. He caught a whiff of Luhan and tried not to sigh. “Now repeat what you said."
“Sehun…let’s…go…watch…a…movie…” Luhan smiled as he waved the DVD at his roommate.
“Luhan, I was watching my own show."
“Well, you should watch this movie with me. You can watch your show anytime."
Sehun arched a brow. “I could say the same thing about the movie."
“Did I tell you that we’re going to watch it in our room? And that I’ll let you sit on my bed with me?"
“Why should that sway me? You let me on your bed when I give you massages."
Luhan frowned as he shook his body. Sometimes, Sehun wondered about his roommate who was so cute and childlike and yet had such a strong manly aura and scent. “Come on, Sehun. Watch it with me."
“I don’t know…” Sehun pressed his lips together as he thought it over. Luhan leaned over so that he was in Sehun’s space. Sehun took a breath and could smell that familiar odor. Unconsciously gravitating forward, Sehun’s eyes drifted close as he gave a small nod.
“Great.” Luhan beamed as he jumped onto Sehun’s bed, grabbing for the boy’s laptop.
“Hey, what happened to watching it on your bed?"
“Well we’re already here so why move to a different bed?"
Sehun grumbled a bit but made room for Luhan on the bed. Said boy settled himself, back against the headboard as he popped in the DVD. Sehun settled himself against Luhan’s body, head resting beneath Luhan’s arm, as the opening credits rolled. He leaned further into Luhan’s warmth, head resting on Luhan’s chest. Occasionally, he would turn his head into Luhan’s chest, pretending to be scared of the movie but actually taking sniffs of Luhan. He smiled as he took in more of that delicious scent.
“Sehun? Are you…smelling my armpit?”
Sehun opened his eyes, unaware he had closed them, and noticed he had moved to beneath Luhan’s armpit where the scent was strongest. His face turned bright red as he tried to think of an excuse. “Oh uh well I just…I just got scared and kinda hid here."
Luhan bit his bottom lip to stop the smile from crossing his face. “We’re watching a children’s movie, Sehun. What would be scary about that?"
Sehun’s face heated up more. “Oh uh…um…” he trailed off, looking away, burying his face into Luhan’s chest as a result.
“Sehun…answer me. Were you really smelling my armpit?"
“Maybe,” Sehun mumbled into Luhan’s chest.
“Um…because I like the way you smell."
“But why? I’m normally smelly."
“You smell nice. You smell like a man."
“Like a man?” Luhan arched a brow as he looked at his roommate’s head.
“Yeah, it’s…it’s…I don’t know how to explain, I just like the scent."
“Oh really? Then perhaps,” Luhan reached a hand down to tilt his roommate’s face up to his, “maybe you like me as well?"
Sehun’s eyes widened as he locked gazes with his roommate. “Um uh…maybe?"
“Maybe?” Luhan’s eyes twinkled as he leaned close to Sehun’s face. Sehun was too mesmerized to move, even when Luhan was just a couple breath’s away. “I think it’s a bit more than maybe."
He leaned the rest of the way down, putting his mouth right by Sehun’s ear. “I felt your boner when you gave me a massage earlier this week."
Sehun’s breath caught in his throat. “I didn’t-that wasn’t-"
“Don’t worry. I get a boner every time you give me a massage.” Luhan pressed a kiss just beneath Sehun’s ear. “It’s why I only have you massage me when I’m laying face down."
“Luhan…” Sehun shivered, pressing closer to Luhan.
Luhan pulled back to stare down at Sehun. “Will you kiss me back if I kiss you, Sehun?"
Sehun nodded his head as he stared into Luhan’s eyes. Luhan smiled before leaning down to press his lips to Sehun’s. Sehun leaned up into the kiss, pressing himself against Luhan.
Their mouths moved gently against each other’s, pressing kiss after kiss. Luhan took a chance to deepen the kiss, pulling a moan from Sehun.
Sehun pulled back to look at Luhan breathing deeply. With a small smile, Sehun leaned in to press a kiss before he was moving his laptop away. Once that was safely set aside, he settled back over Luhan, straddling his waist, before leaning in to kiss him again.
Luhan’s hands rested against Sehun’s hips, grip tightening as the kiss deepened. He moaned when Sehun shifted down, grinding his crotch against his. He could feel Sehun’s bulge beneath the fabric of his pants and ached for it.
Hoping he wasn’t moving too fast, he teased a finger along the waistband of Sehun’s pants.
Luhan took that as encouragement, hands undoing Sehun’s pants to slip his hand inside. His hand wrapped around Sehun’s length, the warmth and slickness easing the slide of his hand. The pants kept Luhan’s hand confined but he could still move his hand in quick, short strokes, pulling gasps and moans from the boy above him.
“Luhan, Luhan, Luhan.” Sehun rested his head on Luhan’s shoulders as he tried to move his hips to get more friction but the pants wouldn’t allow him. He reached and pulled down his pants and boxers enough for his length to come out and groaned when Luhan’s hand sped up.
“Yes, yes, yes, that’s it, more please. Your hand feels so good.” Sehun’s breathing turned shallow as Luhan did as he asked. “Yes, yes, please. I’m so close."
Sehun came onto Luhan’s shirt, breath coming out in short pants, as his head rested against Luhan’s shoulders.
Luhan wiped his hand on Sehun’s shirt and smiled, his other hand gently stroking Sehun’s back. “How do you feel?"
“Great but what about you?” Sehun’s hand brushed against Luhan’s erection still in his pants.
“Another time.” Luhan moved to get up but Sehun stayed on top of him. “Sehun, get off of me."
“Not until you get off.” Sehun reached down to pull Luhan’s shirt off. He took his own shirt off as well. Not wanting to give Luhan a chance to get away, Sehun rested the top half of his body on top of Luhan’s as he struggled to get his pants off. He felt Luhan wiggling beneath him and moved his head to nibbled at a patch of skin.
Luhan moaned and wrapped his arms around Sehun, keeping him locked in place.
Sehun struggled to get his pants down his long legs but was finally able to. At that point, Luhan had a series of small marks along his chest. Leaning up, Sehun got to work on Luhan’s pants, undressing him in record time. He straddled Luhan’s legs as he pressed his half-hard length against Luhan’s hard one. He leaned down and nibbled at Luhan’s ear. “Can I use you, Luhan?"
“U-U-Use me? How?” Luhan’s hands had come up to grip Sehun’s sides.
“Use you for your body. You didn’t want me to get you off so now I’m going to make you with or without your consent."
Sehun pressed a kiss to the back of Luhan’s ear. “I would much rather have your consent so we can both feel good but either way, you’re going to come. What kind of roommate and future boyfriend would I be to leave you in such a state?"
“Sehun!” Luhan’s hands tighened as Sehun slowly rubbed against Luhan.
Sehun took a deep breath and sighed, the scent of Luhan filling his nose. His length hardened and he continued to rub slowly against Luhan. “So…what’s it going to be?"
“You can do whatever you want. I was just trying to be considerate for the first time, you know? I wasn’t going to turn this down if you were up for it. I didn’t think you could get up this fast."
A satisfied smirk crossed Sehun’s face as he looked down at Luhan. “Oh believe me, you’re going to be getting a lot of firsthand experience of how fast I can get up. But let’s get through this first time."
Sehun pressed his lips against Luhan’s, his tongue sweeping into the other boy’s mouth, as his hips continued to grind against Luhan’s.
Luhan’s hands moved down to grip Sehun’s butt to help bring their hips closer together.
“Here, since your hands are down there already, prep me.” Sehun pressed a bottle of lube against Luhan’s arm. Luhan moved to grab it and squeezed some on Sehun’s hole. One finger pressed against Sehun’s rim, pushing some of the lube inside, as he gently moved the finger in and out. A second finger was soon added, causing Sehun to moan before he was moving his hips more frantically. Luhan kept his fingers there, enjoying Sehun fucking himself back on them. He used a third finger, causing Sehun to gasp and bury his head against Luhan’s neck as he thrusted his hips back harder.
“Luhan, Luhan, please…it’s not enough, it’s not enough.” Sehun moaned into Luhan’s neck as he continued to move.
Luhan pushed against Sehun’s chest, getting the boy to move a bit so he could coat his length in lube. His fingers continued to pump in and out of Sehun as he stroked his cock.
Sehun reached down and pulled Luhan’s fingers out. Repositioning himself over Luhan’s cock, he held the base as he slid down.
Two moans filled the air as Sehun felt himself being filled by Luhan. He leaned down, pressing his face against Luhan’s neck and breathed deeply. “I could stay like this forever, full of your dick and high off your scent."
Luhan smacked Sehun’s ass, causing the boy to yelp. “As nice as that is for you, I need a bit more."
Gripping Sehun’s ass, he gently lifted Sehun’s hips up and down to ride his length.
Sehun moaned, burying his nose into Luhan’s neck, as he helped Luhan to move his hips up and down. It was a bit of an awkward position but the slow glide prolonged the pleasure.
“Come on, Sehun. Stop sniffing me and help me get off. Isn’t that what you wanted to do?"
“But you smell so good, Luhan. Just like a man.” Sehun took another deep breath and sighed. He pressed himself close to Luhan as he continued to sniff.
Luhan huffed, no longer able to move Sehun’s hips. He wiggled beneath the boy. “Sehun, you can smell me all you want after we’re done. I thought you didn’t want to leave me in this state."
“Just another minute, please?” Sehun’s nose traveled along Luhan’s collarbone and ended at his armpit. Taking a nice big whiff, Sehun let out a pleased noise before pressing a kiss to Luhan’s cheek. “Alright, now I’m ready."
Sehun leaned up, sitting straight on Luhan’s dick. His hands rested on either side of Luhan’s body. “You ready?"
“Yes, I’m ready. I’ve been ready since -“ Luhan choked on his next words as Sehun started to bounce on his dick, moving at an unbelievable pace. He would’ve thought the position wouldn’t allow Sehun to move so fast but Sehun was riding him with ease.
“Luhan, Luhan, Luhan, your dick feels so good.” Sehun moaned as he rode Luhan for all he was worth.
Luhan could only just hold on for the ride.
Sehun leaned down, mouthing at Luhan’s neck as he breathed in his scent. Feeling the pleasure welling up inside, Sehun took another big sniff and rode Luhan harder until he was coming onto Luhan’s stomach.
Luhan gasped and moaned, hands gripping tight as he felt Sehun clenching around him. He came moments later, thrusting into that tight heat.
Sehun collapsed on top of Luhan. He breathed deeply, taking in Luhan’s scent and trying to catch his breath. He pressed a kiss to Luhan’s collarbone. “Goodnight, Luhan."
He settled into Luhan’s body but Luhan flicked him on the forehead.
“Hey, we’re not going to sleep like this. At least get off of me."
Sehun pouted but complied. He curled up into Luhan’s side. “Now can I sleep?"
“Now you can sleep."
“Thank you, Luhan.” Sehun pressed a kiss to Luhan’s cheek. “We’ll talk in the morning, okay?"
“Yeah, yeah, yeah,” Luhan ran a fond hand through Sehun’s damp hair. “Go to sleep, sniffer."
Sehun took an obnoxiously loud sniff and smiled. “Night, Luhan."
“Night, Sehun.” Luhan pressed a kiss to Sehun’s forehead and fell asleep.

A/N: whoops, this fic kinda ended up not how I had planned it according to my little note but oh well :3
Tags: hunhan month, r/nc-17, sehun/luhan

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