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Title: Mascot Love
Pairing: Sehun/Luhan
Word Count: 919
Summary: Luhan falls in love with cartoon Sehun.

The moment he saw him it was love at first sight. Something about that overlarge head and short body was making his heart flutter as he took in the cartoon mascot of Sehun from EXO. Luhan quickly grabbed his phone to start taking pictures but pictures weren’t enough and soon he was shooting short videos of Sehun’s mascot as it fooled around with fans and the other member mascots. He smiled to himself as he watched the mascot on screen, having to make sure the recorded video had good shots. He didn’t really care about the audio because the mascots didn’t talk and the noise of the fans would ruin the sound quality if they could talk. His eyes widened when he noticed the mascot beckoning him over. He wasn’t sure if he saw correctly so he stayed where he was until the mascot’s face took up the whole view of his camera.
Looking away, Luhan found the Sehun mascot standing directly in front of him with a hand held out. Tentatively placing his hand in the mascot’s, he shook its hand. The hand was soft and squishy. He wasn’t sure where the actual hand of the person beneath the costume was but that was okay. He was fine just being able to shake hands with the mascot.
The Sehun mascot stood before him for a moment longer, bouncing a bit, before heading off to some other fans. Luhan brought his camera up to begin recording and taking pictures again.
It may have been a trick of the eye but Luhan swore the Sehun mascot would keep turning around to look in his direction, sometimes posing for his camera. He wasn't going to miss this opportunity so just recorded everything.
When the little battery icon turned red, Luhan sighed and pocketed his phone. He had to head to a cafe somewhere so he could charge his phone.
He was turning to leave when he felt something soft poke his arm. He looked back to see the Sehun mascot sticking his hand out to him.
The mascot waved its little hand for a bit until Luhan noticed the paper stuck to its hand. Slowly taking it off the hand, he slipped it in his pocket and waved the mascot's hand one last time.
With a wave, Luhan left to head for a nearby coffee shop. When he was seated at a table and his phone charging, he pulled out the piece of paper and saw a jumble of digits written together.
Frowning for a moment, he realized it was a phone number and stuck it back into his pocket. He wasn't sure why he had the mascot's number but maybe he could call it later when his phone was finished charging. No rush but strange the mascot would give him a number. Maybe it was an extra special event or maybe the person beneath the suit had been interested in him. Luhan laughed to himself. That idea was a bit too far-fetched.
Stirring his straw around his drink, Luhan's mind wandered, putting the piece of paper out of his mind.

When Luhan got home, he reached into his pocket and felt the little scrap of paper. Pulling it out, he stared at the numbers. Luhan pulled out his phone and quickly punched in the number, pressing the call button before he lost his nerve. He held the phone up to his ear and heard it ring twice before being picked up.
Luhan's grip on the phone loosened before he quickly tightened it. "Hello?"
"Hi, is this the cute guy I gave my number to today?"
Luhan choked on his breath. "Oh um...yes, uh this is he. Is this Sehun?"
"But-but that means you were in the Sehun mascot costume?"
"Correct. Did you have fun today?"
"Oh yes, yes, the mascots were very cute but-but why did you give me your number? Is there some special event going on?"
Sehun chuckled. "No special event. I just thought you were cute and wanted to get to know you a bit better."
"So what's your name?"
"Well hi Luhan. I take it you're a fan of EXO if you can recognize my voice."
Luhan blushed even if Sehun couldn't see. "Oh well, I mean I just happen to hear your song on the radio a lot and..."
Sehun waited to see if Luhan would continue his sentence but when the boy said nothing else, he quietly chuckled. "Just because you hear my song on the radio a lot doesn't mean you'd be able to recognize my voice so easily."
"Oh well..." Luhan opened and closed his mouth, not sure what to say.
"So Luhan, if you're not busy, would you like to meet up for a cup of coffee about midnight?"
"Midnight?" Luhan glanced at the clock. "Wouldn't that be a bit late?"
"Unfortunately, that's when my schedule ends."
"But...what place would even be open then for coffee?"
"I'm sure we can find some place. So what do you say?"
Luhan ran a hand through his hair and sighed. "Sure."
"Great. I'll text you the details later. See you tomorrow, Luhan."
"See you, Sehun." Luhan stared at his phone, Sehun having hung up. He still wasn't sure what had happened but it looked like he was going to have a date with his idol.
A stupid grin spread across his face as he hurried to his computer to tell his friend about it.

A/N: got the feels for them exo mascots and made this though i have to credit sengen35's kaisoo fic for the idea of sticking sehun in the mascot suit
Tags: hunhan month, sehun/luhan

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