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Title: Blanket Blob
Pairing: Sehun/Luhan
Word Count: 1186
Summary: Sehun's confused why the new kid is wrapped up in a blanket and is determined to find out. (kid!au)

"Everyone, this is Luhan and he'll be joining our class. Say hello, Luhan."
Luhan brought up his hand clutching his blanket to give a little wave to everyone.
"Hi, Luhan," The whole class said.
"Good," Mr. Lee smiled. "Now why don't you go take a seat over there, Luhan?"
Luhan nodded his head and walked over to the table Mr. Lee pointed to, his blanket trailing after him.

Sehun watched the new boy, all wrapped up in his blanket like a cloak with only his head poking out. The boy always wore the blanket every day, never letting go during any of their activities. One hand kept the blanket wrapped tight around his head, covering his body, while one hand would come out from the folds whenever they needed to do something.
Sehun's little lips pressed together in a small frown.
"Hey, what's wrong, Sehunnie?" Jongin looked at his friend across the table.
"How come Luhan is wearing a blanket?"
Jongin turned towards the new kid and shrugged his shoulders. "I don't know."
"It's weird. No one else wears one."
"You can always ask Mr. Lee about it." Jongin smiled before turning back to his paper where he was drawing a large owl.
Sehun frowned as he looked at the new kid wrapped up in his blanket. Putting down his marker, he got up from his seat and walked over to the teacher's desk. "Mr. Lee?"
"Yes, Sehun?"
"How come Luhan is wearing a blanket?"
Mr. Lee looked over to where Luhan was busy coloring his drawing. "Ah, well, you have to ask him why yourself."
"You don't know, Mr. Lee?" Sehun stared up at his teacher.
"No, but I'm sure if you ask him nicely, you can." Mr. Lee directed Sehun towards Luhan.
Sehun slowly walked to the table and tapped Luhan on the head.
Luhan turned around with wide eyes, hands clutching his blanket even tighter. He shook a bit when he noticed the kid was taller than him when he was sitting. "Y-y-yes?"
"How come you're wearing a blanket?"
Luhan bit his bottom lip, looking down. "B-b-because it protects me."
Sehun tilted his head, confused. "Your blanket protects you?"
"Yeah, it protects me from all the bad stuff."
"What bad stuff?"
"Just bad stuff." Luhan's bottom lip pushed out into a pout.
"Oh..." Sehun wasn't sure what to say after that.
Luhan had turned back to his drawing so Sehun was left going back to his seat.
He stared at his drawing as he thought about what Luhan had said.

Luhan was busy drawing a new picture today when he felt a tap on his head. Turning around, his eyes widened. The kid from yesterday was there again but this time, he was wearing a blanket around his head too.
"Can I sit next to you?"
Luhan watched him take a seat.
"My name is Sehun. And you're Luhan."
Luhan nodded his head.
"Do you want to draw something together?"
"T-together?" Luhan chewed his bottom lip.
"Yeah, here." Sehun scooted closer to Luhan. He grabbed a piece of paper and a marker. It was difficult to keep a hold of the blanket but Sehun managed to do it. He smiled at Luhan who just stared at him.
"So what do you want to draw?"
"Can I draw a flower?"
"Sure." Sehun pushed the paper over to Luhan. Luhan's little hand came out, grabbing a blue marker, and started drawing.
"Can I draw a bird?"
Luhan nodded his head and pushed the paper over to Sehun. Grabbing an orange marker, Sehun drew a big bird right above the flower.
"Let's add a sun."
"And clouds."
Two little hands moved over the paper, adding more and more to the drawing.
"Well, well, well, what do we have here, boys?"
Two hands stopped moving, dropping their markers. In unison, two little heads moved to see their teaching smiling at them.
"We drew a picture together, Mr. Lee. Look." Sehun grabbed the paper to hand it to his teacher.
Studying it for a bit, Mr. Lee smiled. "Good job, boys. Should we hang this up on the art wall?"
Sehun nodded his head and reached for Luhan's hand to pull him along.
Luhan stumbled a bit, tripping over his blanket, but Sehun stopped to make sure Luhan was okay before bringing him over to the art wall where Mr. Lee was hanging up their picture.
"It looks pretty, doesn't it, Luhan?"
Luhan nodded his head. Their picture was a bright colored mess. There was a smiling sun in the left corner, a giant orange bird over a big blue flower. There were scribbles of green on the ground for grass and large black swirly scribbles meant to be clouds.
"You're a good drawer, Luhan."
"You are a good drawer too, Sehun."
The two looked at their drawing until Luhan realized he was still holding Sehun's hand.
Quickly letting go, he brought his hand back under the blanket, clutching it tightly as he looked at Sehun.
Sehun looked at his hand, now empty since Luhan had let go. He wanted to feel the warmth again and held out his hand to Luhan. "Is it okay if I hold your hand?"
Luhan's little hand tingled. It was a new feeling that he wasn't sure if he liked or not but looking at Sehun, he felt reassured and gently slipped his hand into his.
"Want to go play outside?"
The rest of the class was already lined up, ready to go. Luhan looked at them then at Sehun then back at them. He looked down at his feet and shyly nodded his head.
Sehun smiled and gently pulled Luhan over to the door.
The two little blanket blobs went outside where they had fun playing together on the playground. Their blankets flew behind them as they went down the slide together. Luhan laughed, feeling the wind rush over his body. He looked over at his new friend and grinned.
The two little blobs stuck together until it was time to go home.
"Bye, Luhan. I'll see you tomorrow." Sehun threw his arms around Luhan, his blanket covering both of them.
Luhan's eyes widened in shock but he didn't move from Sehun's hug. "I'll see you tomorrow, Sehun."
Keeping a tight grip on his blanket, Luhan watched as Sehun got into his car and drove away. His mom came a few moments later.
"Hi sweetie." She picked up her little Luhan blob and kissed his cheek. "Did you have fun at school today?"
"Yeah. I made a new friend. He looked just like me."
"Oh really? Well that's good."
"We drew a picture together and played on the slide."
"That's nice. Are you going to play with him again tomorrow?"
"Yes, mommy. I liked him. His name is Sehun and he's going to be my friend forever." Luhan beamed at his mom who chuckled, ruffling his hair.
"That's good. Now let's go home."
"Okay, mommy." Luhan settled back into his seat after his mom had buckled him in. He couldn't wait until tomorrow when he could play with Sehun again.

A/N: not exactly what I had in mind. I wanted more cutesy lil blobs playing with each other but kinda didn't happen and then i kinda just dragged the ending because i had no idea how to end it but yeah :3
Tags: hunhan month, sehun/luhan

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