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Title: My Wonderful Noodle
Pairing: Sehun/Luhan, minor! Suho/Kai
Word Count: 3969
Summary: Luhan thinks of Sehun as a noodle to the confusion of Sehun's twin brother Kai and his friend Tao.
A/N: inspiration from Lauren calling Sehun a noodle (been writing so much hunhan i almost typed "Luhan" instead of "Lauren")

"He's just like a noodle," Luhan squealed. "I just wanna slurp him right up."
"Eww, I did not need that visual. He is my brother." Jongin shivered. Sometimes he questioned why he was friends with the other with his blatant crush on his twin but then he remembered how Luhan had been one of his oldest friends and all the help he gave Jongin with his crush-turned-boyfriend. He sighed, figuring it was his turn to help his friend. It would be a whole lot easier if his twin would take notice but he was too wrapped up in his own crush on the other that they ended up bungling things.
Luhan's high-pitched squealing drew Jongin away from his thoughts. He turned to see his brother lifting himself up from the floor using only his leg and hips. He shook his head, surprised Sehun still didn't notice Luhan's obvious fanboying during dance practice but Sehun tended to lose himself when dancing, blocking out everything around him.
Jongin smiled and handed Sehun his water bottle when he came over to sit down. Sehun took a long gulp of water. Jongin could feel Luhan shaking next to him as his friend tried his best to contain all his feelings. Sometimes Jongin thought Luhan spent too much time with Tao. The two shared an unhealthy adoration for his brother, loving to fangirl over him.
"Hi Sehun, you were great like always." Luhan beamed at Sehun.
Sehun gave a small smile, giving him a small nod of thanks. “Ready to head home?"
“Sure.” Jongin grabbed his bag and the two headed home, followed by Luhan who lived nearby.
“So Luhan,” Sehun glanced over at the boy walking next to him, "want to come over and play video games?"
“I would but I have a project coming up that I need to work on. Maybe another time."
“Oh okay." Sehun tried not to look disappointed as Luhan waved goodbye. Unconsciously, he started to drag his feet.
"Hey bro, stop doing that. No reason to feel so down. You just picked a bad time." Jongin patted his brother on the shoulder.
"I always seem to pick the wrong time though." Sehun's bottom lip jutted out in a pout.
"Hey, no sweat. I can get you his schedule so you can always pick the right time." Jongin slung an arm over Sehun's shoulder.
"Really? You'd do that for me?" Sehun's eyes sparkled as he looked at his twin.
"Yeah, it's no problem. That's what brothers do." Jongin grinned as he steered them home.

Hey Luhan, can you give me your schedule?
So I can give it to Sehun.
o.o why does Sehun want my schedule?
So he can find the right time to ask you to hang out.
He wants to hang out with me?!?!?!

Jongin rolled his eyes. The two were such idiots sometimes but he loved them both and wanted them to be happy.
No, he just wants to know your schedule so he can avoid you. Of course he wants to hang out with you. Now are you going to give it to me or not?
Of course, of course, of course. Just give me a sec.

A ping from his laptop notified him of an incoming email. Opening it, he found Luhan's detailed schedule. Grimacing, as he did not need to know when Luhan scheduled his bathroom breaks, he forwarded it to his brother.
Thanks so much, Jongin! You're the best!
Jongin sighed and leaned back in his seat. This was going to be more stressful than he originally thought. Was this what Luhan went through when he was trying to set up him and Joonmyun?
Thinking of his boyfriend, Jongin grabbed his phone to call him.
"Joonmyun~ Sehun and Luhan are idiots~"
Joonmyun chuckled. "What happened this time?"
"Oh nothing out of the ordinary. Sehun asked Luhan to hang out but Luhan had schoolwork so I told Sehun I'd get him Luhan's schedule so he knows when to ask Luhan out again so I messaged Luhan and got it and sent it to Sehun and," Jongin took a breath, "they're both idiots. Why can't they see they like each other and start dating already? I'm not sure how much more I can take of Luhan talking my ear off about my brother."
He shivered.
Joonmyun chuckled, sending warm tingles down Jongin's spine. "Well they say love is blind and in their case, it's true. But don't worry, they'll get together eventually. Just be a good brother and friend and support them."
"I am but it's tiring."
Joonmyun laughed. "Well it can't be harder than when you were trying to court me."
"Joonmyun~!" Jongin flushed a bright red, still embarrassed at the things he had done to confess to Joonmyun.
Joonmyun laughed. "Go to sleep, Jongin. Everything will be fine. I'll see you tomorrow."
"See you tomorrow." Jongin hung up the phone with a smile. Settling in his bed, he went to sleep.

Sehun stared at his phone. Luhan's number was staring at him, taunting him. He had Luhan's schedule pulled up on his computer. There was nothing to stop him from asking Luhan out and yet he was hesitant. This would be the first time he would be asking Luhan to hang out with him and just him, not with his brother. He wasn't sure how Luhan would take it.
Groaning, Sehun ran a frustrated hand through his hair. At the same time, his thumb pressed the call button. Eyes widened with panic, he held the phone up to his ear. It rang two times before being picked up.
"H-Hello? Luhan?"
"Sehun? Hi, what are you calling for?"
"Oh uh, well I was wondering if you wanted to hang out this Saturday."
"This Saturday? Oh sure, I'm free. What did you want to do?"
"Oh uh, just-just hang out."
"Yeah, uh I'll come get you around noon if that's okay."
"Yeah sure but we're not hanging at your place."
"Oh uh, well I was thinking we could go out and hang."
"Oh, uh okay. Sure, that's fine."
The line was silent for a moment.
"Well I have to go. Almost time to sleep."
"Yeah me too."
"See you at school tomorrow."
"See ya." Sehun hung up and tossed his phone aside. He buried his head into his pillow and let out a little scream.

Luhan had instantly texted Tao to tell him the good news.

Luhan was extra jittery at school for the rest of the week that most everyone noticed except for Sehun who was too wrapped up in his own nerves to notice. Jongin could only sigh and lean against Joonmyun as he watched his two lovable idiots dance circles around each other.
"Are you sure they're going to be okay?"
Joonmyun rubbed a hand through Jongin's hair. "Yes, because once they're on the same page, everything will be fine. Right now, they're still a bit oblivious to one another, which I have to say is cute, but once they move past it, they'll be fine."
"You better be right." Jongin pouted as he turned his head into his boyfriend's neck.
"Of course I'm right. Just you wait and see." Joonmyun turned to see Luhan and Tao with bent heads talking heatedly as Sehun was too busy dancing his nerves off to the side. For once, Luhan and Tao were not fangirling over Sehun's dancing as they were too absorbed in their own discussion.
"I can't believe you're going out with Sehun. That is so totally cool and I'm a bit jealous but hey, he likes you, not me, so what can I do?"
"Are you sure he likes me?"
Tao just gave Luhan a look. "He asked you out. Of course he likes you."
"Yeah but he didn't say it was a date. And what if it's not just the two of us?"
"Luhan, it's a date. Now let's plan what you're going to wear."
"I thought I told you that you couldn't help with that."
" Oh please I-" Tao trailed off. "Luhan, look, he's dancing."
Luhan turned to where Tao was looking. The two squealed together as they watched Sehun.
Luhan sighed. "He's such a noodle."
"A noodle?" Tao looked at Luhan confused.
"Yeah, he's just long and bendy and wiggles just like a noodle."
"Uh...not sure I see what you're getting at but he's definitely something." Tao sighed as the two continued to watch Sehun.
A couple feet away, Jongin groaned and kept his face buried, not wanting to watch his embarrassing friends moon over his brother.

Soon, Saturday rolled around and Luhan was rolling around on his bed, filled with nerves, anticipation, and excitement. Tao stood over him, watching his friend become a blanket burrito.
"Stop that, Luhan. You need to get up and get dressed."
"But I don't even know what to wear."
"I already offered my help which you turned down."
"Because I can't wear that," Luhan waved a hand at the outfit Tao had picked out, "on our date. That's just too much."
"What are you talking about?" Tao picked up the leather pants and shimmery silver tank. "I think they look great."
"Yeah, for you but not for me. I'm more the jeans and t-shirt type." Luhan got up from his bed, still wrapped up in his blanket and hobbled over to his closet. He grabbed a pair of jeans and a t-shirt and hobbled over to the bathroom to change.
The doorbell rang. "Can you get that for me?"
Tao went down to open the door and found Sehun standing there. His eyes lit up when he spotted the single carnation in his hand. "Hi Sehun, Luhan's just getting changed. Come on in."
"Oh uh thanks." Sehun walked past Tao into the house.
Tao smiled as Sehun fidgeted. "You can go to his room if you like."
"Oh uh, no that's okay."
"No really, it's fine." Tao placed a firm hand on the small of Sehun's back and pushed him towards Luhan's room.
"Luhan~! Sehun is here."
Luhan's head poked out from his bedroom doorway. He smiled. "Hey Sehun."
His eyes widened when he saw what was clenched in Sehun's hand. "Is that for me?"
"Uh, yeah. Here." Sehun thrust the flower at Luhan. Luhan's eyes softened as he accepted the flower, bringing it up to his nose for a smell. He searched around his room for a container to put the flower in and grabbed an empty glass for now. Placing the flower in with some water, Luhan set it on his desk before turning to find Sehun still awkwardly standing by the door. Tao was behind him, making gestures and smiles.
Luhan ignored him and walked over to Sehun, grabbing his hand. "Come on, let's go."
"Have fun, you two." Tao waved as he shut the door after them.
Sehun looked back at Luhan's house. "Is it okay for Tao to be alone in your house?"
"Oh yeah, it's fine. He does that a lot. Only minimal damage to my wardrobe and bedroom when he stays alone, nothing I can handle."
"Oh okay."
"So uh...where are we going?" Luhan blushed as he paused on the sidewalk. He had just been walking without any destination in mind.
"Oh uh, here. Let me lead." Sehun changed their hand positions and led Luhan towards the local shopping center.
Luhan laughed out loud when he saw Sehun taking him towards the arcade. "More video games?"
"Well yeah..." Sehun shoved his hands into his pockets. "They're one of the only other things I excel at."
"So besides dancing and video games, you don't excel at anything else?"
"Uh," Sehun blushed, "the jury is still out on that."
"Just what exactly are you thinking, Sehun?" Luhan brought his face close to Sehun's, making said boy flush harder.
"N-Nothing. Want to go play some games?"
"Sure." Luhan grinned as he intertwined their fingers and dragged him over to a machine to start playing.

"No fair!" Sehun pouted. "How could you beat me?"
"Easily." Luhan grinned. "Wanna try again?"
"No," Sehun crossed his arms over his chest. "I wanna play something else."
"Okay, what?"
"Excuse me?" Luhan looked at Sehun who wasn't looking at him.
"I want to play that one." Sehun grabbed Luhan's hand and dragged him to another machine. Luhan frowned, sure he had heard something else.

Luhan grinned as he held the yellow body pillow in his arms. After exhausting the arcade, the two had wandered around the shopping center, window shopping until Luhan spied something he absolutely wanted. Running inside, Luhan had thrown his arms around a bright yellow body pillow. Sehun wasn't sure what it was - it just looked like a long noodle or something - but Luhan had insisted on buying it. But before Luhan could pay, Sehun had brought out his wallet and bought it for him.
Luhan looked at Sehun walking next to him. "Thanks so much for buying this for me, Sehun. You didn't have to."
"You're welcome. It was no trouble at all." Sehun wanted to hold Luhan's hand but he was preoccupied holding the giant yellow thing so he put his hands in his pockets. Soon they had arrived back at Luhan's place.
"Thanks so much for today, Sehun. I had a lot of fun. We should hang out more often, just the two of us."
"Yeah, I'd like that."
Luhan smiled and started for the door.
"Hmm...?" Luhan turned around, only to have his lips brush against Sehun's. His eyes widened as Sehun blushed.
"I like you and well..." Sehun's head bent down and his feet scuffed the floor as he lost his nerve to finish his confession.
Luhan smiled softly. "I like you too, Sehun. Would you be my boyfriend?"
"Huh?" He looked up confused before Luhan's words sank in. "Oh, yes. Yes, yes, yes."
A bright smile crossed Luhan's face. He stood on his tiptoes to press another kiss to Sehun's lips. "I'll see you tomorrow then."
"Yeah, tomorrow." A slow smile crossed his face as his mind wandered, already dreaming of tomorrow and what they could do together.

It had been two months since they started dating and while things had gotten better (Jongin no longer had to suffer so much of Luhan's fangirling), things hadn't completely change.
"Just look at him." Luhan's eyes were shining as he looked at his boyfriend dancing.
"He's just" Luhan's tongue came out to lick his lips. "He's a noodle I wanna slurp up."
"Ew, Luhan! Please watch your language around me. I do not want to know your sexual preferences." Jongin made a face of disgust as he leaned away from his friend.
Luhan pouted. "But there's nothing wrong with what I said. Besides, we still haven"t done anything sexual so you're safe."
"Fine, fine, fine but really? Nothing yet?"
"No, and I've hinted, but he doesn't get it."
Jongin sighed. "Luhan, you're gonna have to be blunt about it."
Luhan's mouth dropped open. "I can't do that."
"Yes you can. If you can fangirl about him in public, you can seduce him. It's almost the same thing. You say some pretty sexual stuff when you fangirl over him."
"Like what?" Luhan tilted his head at Jongin.
"Stuff like 'I want his hips to move like that against me.' And all your noodle talk. Just tell him. Subtlety does not work on my brother and neither does being obvious," Jongin pursed his lips, "so just go up to him, grab his dick, and tell him you want him to fuck you."
Luhan's eyes widened so much it looked like they might pop out. "Really? I should do that."
"Maybe not the grab the dick part but just tell him what you want. I'll even make it easy for you. Just come over tomorrow and I'll arrange everything."

Luhan knocked on the door. Jongin smiled as he opened it up.
"Great timing. Just head on over to his room." Jongin shut the door and watched as Luhan made his way down the hall to Sehun's room. He hesitated at the doorway but Jongin waved him inside.
Hey Joonmyun, I'm coming over now. P.S. I'm sleeping over too. Don't wanna be at home for the night.
Sure, hurry on over. I'm alone right now ;)

Luhan walked into Sehun's room and found it empty. Jongin had said it was okay so he walked in and settled on Sehun's bed. It smelled like Sehun so Luhan buried his nose in Sehun's pillow before wrapping himself in Sehun's blankets.
The door to Sehun's room opened and Sehun walked through the door naked, rubbing a towel through his hair. Luhan's eyes widened as he took in the wet, naked body before him. He must've made a noise because he suddenly found his gaze locked with Sehun's.
"Luhan!" Sehun dropped the towel. "What are you doing here?"
"Jongin let me in."
"Oh but um," Sehun leaned down and picked up the towel, placing it over his lower half, "why are you in my room?"
Luhan's cheeks were flushed as he looked away. "Oh uh Jongin said it was okay for me to come in so I did but I didn't know you were showering or I would've waited outside."
"Oh uh, no it's fine if you want to wait in here." Sehun headed towards his closet. "If you don't mind waiting a bit, I can get dressed quickly and then we can go out."
"Oh uh Sehun, maybe you shouldn't get dressed."
"What?" Sehun turned to look at Luhan wrapped up in his blankets.
Luhan cleared his throat. "Maybe you shouldn't get dressed because um...Iwantyoutofuckme."
"Uh, run that by me again?"
Taking a deep breath, Luhan said, "I want to suck you."
Sehun's eyebrows rose up. He wasn't sure that was Luhan's original question but he wasn't going to complain. Just that statement was getting him excited.
"So uh...will you let me suck you?"
"Oh uh...sure...?"
Luhan got up from Sehun's bed, blankets stilled wrapped around him, as he slowly made his way over to him. When he was a foot away, he got down on his knees, blankets billowing around him. Luhan fixed the blankets so they weren't as much of a mess around Sehun's feet. One hand came out to tug the blanket from Sehun's grasp, revealing Sehun's length. Luhan licked his lips and looked up at Sehun.
Sehun let out a shaky breath as he shivered. Luhan looked so cute all bundled up in his blankets, wide innocent-looking eyes blinking up at him, and yet there was something erotic in the contrast of how Luhan was about to give him a blowjob.
Luhan's tongue peeked out to give the tip a teasing lick. Sehun gasped and placed his hands against the wall behind him as Luhan continued to lick his tip.
As Luhan began to grow bolder with his tongue, he slowly came out of the blanket, letting them pool around him as his hands gripped Sehun's thighs as he sucked the tip into his mouth.
Sehun groaned, hands coming out to dig into Luhan's hair and hold him in place. He could hear Luhan making slurping noises as he sucked him off which should've been weird but he got turned on by.
Luhan's tongue moved all over Sehun's length, licking from base to tip and circling around the tip. Luhan's hand came up to stroke Sehun's length when he pulled off.
Looking at Sehun, he gave a testing stroke and squeeze, watching Sehun gasp and thrust his hips forward. "I wanna make you come."
Sehun looked down to see Luhan staring at him as his hand stroked Sehun's length. "Keep doing that and I will."
"Really?" Luhan looked down at Sehun's length and concentrated on stroking it.
"Here, let me help." Sehun's hand covered Luhan's on his length as he showed Luhan what he liked.
Placing his lips around the tip, Luhan sucked and stroked until Sehun was crying, hands digging into Luhan's scalp as he came in Luhan's mouth.
Sehun's legs were shaking as he leaned back against the wall. He gasped when Luhan sucked at his sensitive length, trying to get the last few drops. "Mmmm, my delicious noodle."
Luhan had a satisfied smile on his face as he licked his lips.
"Your delicious noodle?"
Luhan's eyes widened, body stiff, as he realized what had slipped from his lips. Biting his lower lip, he looked up at Sehun from beneath his lashes. "Uh...yeah, my delicious noodle."
"Why am I your delicious noodle?" Sehun gave a sleepy smile as his hand cupped Luhan's chin.
"Oh uh well because you're a noodle and delicious."
"But why am I a noodle, Luhan?"
"Uh well 'cause you're like a noodle, long and skinny and very bendy, squishy like."
"Bendy, squishy like?"
"I don't know," Luhan cried out. "Just the way you move when you dance, the way you act just reminds me of a noodle so I just started calling you that. That's it."
Sehun stared at Luhan's pouty face for a moment before giving a breathless chuckle. "You're my silly little burrito."
"Silly little burrito? Why am I a burrito?"
"Your love of being wrapped up in blankets." Sehun's foot nudgd the blanket wrapped around Luhan's legs. "And now that you mention it, I'm having a craving for burritos."
Luhan's eyes widened as he grabbed at the blankets to cover himself. But that was no barrier to Sehun who threw himself on top of Luhan, meshing their mouths together.

Jongin leaned his head against Joonmyun's shoulder and sighed. Across the table, Sehun and Luhan were lost in their own world as they just watched each other while eating their food. Sehun was eating a burrito while Luhan had a bowl of noodles. He wasn't sure what was going on exactly but there was something else in the air as the two ate their food.
"Hey, can you guys cut it out? You're making me uncomfortable." Jongin pouted as he kicked his brother beneath the table.
Sehum jumped, rubbing his shin. "Ow, that was uncalled for."
"No it wasn't. Can you guys take your food and leave? You're giving me the creeps." Jongin shivered as he snuggled closer to Joonmyun.
"Fine, fine, fine. Come on, Luhan, let's go home and finish our meal."
Luhan licked his lips. "Sure."
The two got up from the table, holding hands, as they walked away.
"Hey, you're forgetting your food." Jongin indicated to the half finished food left on the table.
"No, we're not." Luhan grinned.
"I got my noodles right here." He raised his hand holding Sehun's.
Jongin's eyes widened before he cried out and buried his head in Joonmyun's shoulder.
Luhan laughed and waved by to the couple. "Toss away our food please, Joonmyun?"
"Sure. Have fun with the rest of your meal."
Jongin made another sound and buried further into Joonmyjn's shoulder. Joonmyun just smiled and rubbed comforting circles into his distressed boyfriend's back. "Come on, Jongin. Let's clean up and then I'll help you clean your mind."
Jongin sniffled as he looked at his boyfriend with wet eyes. "Really?"
"Yep." Joonmyun pecked his boyfriend's lips. "Now come on."
He grabbed Jongin's hand and led him to his house after they cleared the table. Joonmyun spent the next few hours making sure his boyfriend's mind was completely wiped clean of all memories regarding his brother and friend's weird food obsessions by replacing it with their own.

A/N: yeah terribly sorry for the food references :3 but yeah...
Tags: hunhan month, r/nc-17, sehun/luhan, suho/kai

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