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Title: Dicks a Plenty
Pairing: Chanyeol/Tao/Sehun/Luhan, Sehun/Luhan
Word Count: 2252
Warning: double penetration, use of sex toys
Summary: Chanyeol, Tao, and Luhan love to dote on Sehun with his love for dicks and for his birthday, they've come up with the best way to dote on their boy.

Sehun was lounging on the couch, playing a game on his phone. The apartment was empty. He had faked being sick to avoid classes for the day but all his other friends had been good and went to their few classes for the day.
Sehun sighed. They were in college. They could skip class as much as they wanted. His friend Yixing slept through every class, waking up only for tests, and still aced all his classes. He ignored the fact that Yixing was considered a genius. The screen flashed, signaling game over. With a sigh, Sehun set his phone aside and slumped into his pillow. It was so boring when his friends actually decided to be good students and not answer their phones during class.
Little did he know that his friends were actually doing something else.

Chanyeol, Tao, and Luhan were all relaxing at Chanyeol's place coming up with the best present for Sehun. It was his birthday and they had gone to great lengths to plan his surprise. All three loved Sehun, loved to dote on him every day, but as it was his birthday today, they had to do something special. Luckily, they all remembered some little off comments Sehun had mumbled and were now making sure everything went according to plan.

Sehun grabbed for his phone when he felt it buzzing. He saw the text from Chanyeol and opened it.
Hey, Hunnie, come over to my place in 5. And don't forget an overnight bag.
Sehun grinned and scrambled up to get his bag together.

In 5 minutes, he had arrived at Chanyeol's place. Knocking on the door, he heard some shuffling noises before Chanyeol was throwing the door open.
"Sehun!" Chanyeol beamed and drew Sehun in for a kiss hello. He pulled him further into the apartment, kicking the door shut behind him, as his lips never left Sehun’s.
“Mmm…” Sehun pulled back with a smile. “That was some kiss. Why the -"
His voice trailed off when he noticed the living room. There were blankets and pillows scattered throughout. The lights were dimmed, giving it a soft romantic glow. He sniffed the air and caught several familiar scents. But what shocked him more was seeing Tao and Luhan lounging in the living room.
“What’s going on?"
Chanyeol took Sehun’s wrist and led him towards the living room. He set him down amongst the blankets and pillows. Tao and Luhan came to kneel beside him.
“Just a little appreciation for our favorite dongsaeng.” The three of them ran their hands all over Sehun, trying to get him to relax.
Sehun wasn’t sure what to think or do. He had never had so much attention on him at once. Before he knew it, he was undressed with his three hyungs smiling fondly down at him.
The hands resumed their petting, running all over his body.
Sehun arched his back as someone grabbed his dick and stroked it. He opened his eyes to see Luhan’s grin as he leaned down and took Sehun’s length in his mouth. At that time, Tao leaned down to kiss Sehun’s mouth and Chanyeol leaned down to kiss Sehun’s chest.
Sehun moaned and writhed, a slave to the sensations running through his body.
Sehun opened his eyes when all the mouths left his body, making him feel cold. He watched as all three began to undress. He took in the contrasting differences between the three - the difference in height and length - and felt a shiver of thrill and anticipation run down his body. It would be a lie to say he had never thought about this but he never thought they would be up to this.
“Open up, Hunnie.”
Sehun’s mouth fell open as Chanyeol straddled his chest and slipped his dick in. His tongue licked at the underside before circling around the tip. He sucked on it, bobbing his head up and down as best as he can.
At the same time, Tao and Luhan grabbed each of Sehun’s hands and placed them on their lengths. Sehun stroked them at the same pace, alternating between sucking on Chanyeol’s dick.
Tao tapped Chanyeol’s shoulder. “Can I have a turn?"
“Sure.” Chanyeol moved and Tao took his place.
Sehun accommodated to the change, tongue flicking at the spot beneath the tip. He grinned around Tao’s dick when he heard Tao’s moan. His hands continued to stroke Chanyeol and Luhan’s length until the three decided to switch.
Luhan grinned as he slipped between Sehun’s mouth. His hand came down to grip Sehun’s hair. “Sehun-ah, can you be good for hyung?"
Sehun caught the tone and gaze and nodded his head. Relaxing his mouth, he allowed Luhan to thrust in and out.
“Mmm…you’re so good to hyung, Sehun-ah.” Luhan pulled out and smiled down at Sehun. He pressed a kiss to Sehun’s lips.
With the help of his hyungs, Sehun was lifted up and positioned on his hands and knees.
“Open up, Hunnie.” Chanyeol’s dick was put back into Sehun’s mouth. Sehun licked and sucked but choked on Chanyeol’s dick when he felt a tongue against his entrance. He pulled off Chanyeol’s dick to look behind him to see Tao smiling as his tongue flicked out again. He wondered where Luhan had gone and saw him sitting on the side, leisurely stroking his dick.
Chanyeol gripped Sehun’s chin and brought him back to his dick. Sehun opened up and sucked the tip.
Tao grinned and went back down on Sehun. His tongue flicked at the entrance, circling the rim. Hands coming up to spread Sehun’s cheeks, Tao continued to lick at Sehun’s entrance and pressed his tongue in.
Sehun groaned around Chanyeol’s dick and tried to push his ass back against Tao’s face.
Luhan watched the scene, liking how much Sehun seemed to enjoy it from the precum that was glistening at the tip of his length. Coming forward, Luhan slipped a cock ring on.
Sehun gasped and would’ve looked but Chanyeol had a firm grip on his hair.
Luhan came over to where Tao was and took out the lube to dribble it over his hole. Tao grinned as his finger teased around before pushing inside. Tao thrusted his fingers in and out a few times before Luhan slipped in one of this own.
Sehun moaned around Chanyeol’s length as he felt the contrasting difference of Luhan’s finger and Tao’s finger inside him. Chanyeol pulled away and dropped a kiss to Sehun’s mouth.
“Be a good boy and stay like this.” Chanyeol went to join the other two and brought his own finger into play.
It was a bit of a stretch, having three different fingers inside him thrusting at different paces. His hands gripped the blankets beneath him as he struggled to stay upright. He gasped when he felt someone else’s finger try to slip inside.
“Come on, Sehunnie~ relax. We gotta make sure you’re really prepared."
Luhan dribbled more lube on Sehun’s hole and the fingers pushed it inside, making sure to coat Sehun’s entrance really well.
All at once, the fingers left Sehun, making his hole clench around nothing. Sehun whined but kept his position.
“Alright, Sehun-ah. Time to get up.” Luhan smiled as he helped Sehun up from his position. His eyes glittered, liking the look of the cock ring on Sehun’s length. Luhan kept a firm grip on Sehun’s wrist and wrapped another around his waist. “You guys ready over there?"
Sehun was led over to where Chanyeol and Tao were lying on the ground. Their legs were tangled together as their lengths were held together. Luhan led Sehun over and helped him straddled the two.
Moving slowly with plenty of help, Sehun moaned as the two dicks pressed into his entrance. It was quite a stretch but not unpleasant. Chanyeol and Tao had a firm grip on either side of Sehun’s hips, holding him up as the two moved slowly, thrusting their dicks in and out.
Luhan came to stand in front of Sehun, bringing his hands up to grip his hips as he slipped his dick into Sehun’s mouth. Sehun’s grip turned bruising as he used Luhan for support. His head bobbed up and down at an erratic pace as he tried to take in everything: being stretched wide from both Tao and Chanyeol’s dicks and having Luhan’s dick in his mouth. He had never had so much dick at once but was loving it.
“Oh god, Sehunnie.” Tao moaned as his grip tightened. “You’re so tight."
“Yeah, really tight. But you’re doing so good. Look at how greedy your hole is for our dicks."
“And your pretty little mouth.” Luhan’s hand stroked Sehun’s cheek, smiling at how Sehun’s mouth was stretched around his dick.
Sehun moaned and tried to push down whenever the two thrusted up but it was hard to maneuver in his position. He could only rely on his hyungs to move them as he wished. He was putty in their hands. He would’ve come ages ago but Luhan had slipped the cock ring at the exact point when his orgasm would’ve hit.
“So how are you guys doing?"
“Getting there.” Chanyeol grunted as he thrust his hips up.
“Same. Just a little more.” Tao’s hand squeezed one of Sehun’s cheeks as he continued to thrust.
“Good.” Luhan pulled out and started stroking his dick quickly. He came over Sehun’s face, cum landing in Sehun’s open mouth and across his nose and cheeks.
Tao and Chanyeol pulled out, making Sehun feel empty.
With Luhan’s support, Sehun was laid out on the floor. Tao and Chanyeol stood over him and furiously stroked their dicks. Their cum splatted over Sehun’s body.
Sehun breathed deeply, body too weak for anything, as he lay there covered in their cum.
Tao, Chanyeol, and Luhan were looking down at him with adoration and happiness shining in their eyes. “Look at our little birthday boy, so good."
“Happy Birthday, Sehun-ah!"
“Happy Birthday, Sehunnie!"
“Happy Birthday, Hunnie!” The three pressed kisses all over Sehun’s face, not caring about the mess.
“And we’re not done yet.” Luhan whispered in Sehun’s ears.
Chanyeol had grabbed some wet cloths and passed them around to everyone. The three cleaned Sehun up, hands gentle and unhurried, as they made sure their boy was all good. Each of them dropped another kiss to Sehun’s cheek, so pleased their gift had gone so well.
Tao and Chanyeol each grabbed half of Sehun to carry him into Chanyeol’s spare bedroom. He was too weak to protest but his dick was aching from having been denied orgasm so long. It was standing tall and proud, flushed an angry red.
“Sleep well, Hunnie.” Chanyeol brushed Sehun’s sweaty bangs away from his face.
“Good night, Sehunnie.” Tao pressed a kiss to Sehun’s forehead.
The door was shut behind them, leaving Sehun in the darkness. His breathing was the only sound in the room as he lay on the bed. He was still too wired up to sleep, his dick a constant reminder that things couldn’t be done. His hyungs wouldn't leave him in that state, not with how much they loved to dote on him.
“Hi, Sehun-ah.” Sehun turned his head to find Luhan stepping out from the shadows. “Ready for part two?"
Sehun’s eyes followed Luhan’s movement as he came towards him. Slowly climbing on the bed, he straddled Sehun’s waist. His hand came down and slipped off the cock ring.
Sehun saw the twinkle in Luhan’s eyes and looked down, breath caught in his throat when he saw the butt plug in Luhan’s ass. “Have you been wearing that the whole time?"
Luhan reached down to touch the handle. “No, just the last few minutes while Chanyeol and Tao were taking care of you. But if I knew you’d like that, maybe we can try it next time."
He pulled the butt plug, setting it aside. Grabbing the bottle of lube, he coated his fingers and dipped them into his stretched hole to make sure it was properly coated. He used the extra lube to coat Sehun’s length. Gripping the base, Luhan locked eyes with Sehun as he slipped it in.
Sehun groaned but was too weak to do anything as Luhan bounced up and down on his dick.
Luhan gave a low chuckle and pressed a kiss to Sehun’s cheek. “Aww, poor baby too tired for anything. But don’t worry. I’ll be quick so you can rest. Don’t want to leave my baby in this state.”
“Luhan…” Sehun tilted his head for a kiss, one that Luhan obliged.
There was such fondness in Luhan’s eyes as he took in Sehun beneath him. The boy was completely exhausted but so very satisfied. Pressing another kiss to the corner of Sehun’s mouth, Luhan leaned up, bracing his arms on either side of Sehun as he worked his hips furiously, squeezing just the right way to make Sehun come inside him.
Sehun groaned, eyes rolling back in his head, as his orgasm ripped through him. Having finally been sated, Sehun promptly passed out.
Luhan chuckled quietly as he slipped off of Sehun. Grabbing a washcloth, he cleaned the two of them up before snuggling in next to Sehun. Their birthday gift was a great success but probably a repeat performance wouldn’t happen for another while if just this once wore the young boy out.
Luhan smiled, pressing a kiss to Sehun’s cheek, as he curled up close and went to sleep.

A/N: Sehun's mouth and ass are up for grabs but his dick belongs to Luhan
Tags: chanyeol/tao/sehun/luhan, hunhan month, r/nc-17, sehun/luhan

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