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trying to fix what's damaged

Title: Outtake from Thirsty
Pairing: Sehun/Luhan
Word Count: 392
Summary: the rimming scene I forgot to add to the original fic

Luhan was bent over the bed, his ass up in the air as Sehun's tongue traced his entrance.
"Mmm...finally I get to sate my thirst for you."
Luhan's hands flexex against the bedsheet where he was gripping tightly. "Can you please not say that? It's so cheesy."
He shivered as Sehun's tongue continued to tease his entrance. He could feel how wet he was, some of it dripping down onto the bed.
Sehun's tongue followed the trail, licking Luhan's balls before coming back to his rim. "I'll try to refrain from the cheesy lines but no guarantee. One is bound to slip out on occasion since one of my friends love those cheesy pickup lines. I learn by association."
Spreading Luhan's cheeks, Sehun stared down at Luhan's twitching hole, glistening with his natural lubrication. He licked his lips before driving in. He pressed his tongue flat against Luhan's entrance before licking around in. Keeping his tongue stiff, he pressed it against the hole.
Luhan gasped as he felt Sehun's tongue slip in. His hands gripped tightly at the bedspread as Sehun's tongue licked in as far as he could. He moaned and groaned, trying to push his ass back against Sehun's face. He didn't know Sehun was so talented with his tongue and felt like he could almost come from it alone.
Sehun pulled back and grinned. He brushed his thumb over Luhan's entrance, felt it twitch. "Ready?"
Sehun leaned up and pressed his back against Luhan's as he slowly pushed in. The two groaned, Sehun's hands settling on Luhan's waist as he settled fully inside Luhan. Thrusting shallowly at first, Sehun increased his pace at Luhan's urging.
Soon, his knot began growing and in quick time, the two were spilling together.
Luhan collapsed on the bed, limbs weak. Connected together, Sehun fell on top of Luhan. "Oof, maybe next time warn me."
"Well, warn me when you're gonna fuck me til my legs give out." Luhan frowned.
Sehun laughed, pressing a kiss to Luhan's cheek. "I can try but until it happens, I don't think any of us will know."
Luhan huffed but didn't stop the smile spreading on his face. "You're probably right."
"Uh huh." Sehun nuzzled the back of Luhan's neck. He arranged them so they were lying on their side and the two drifted off to sleep.
Tags: hunhan month, r/nc-17, sehun/luhan

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