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Title: Thirsty
Pairing: Sehun/Luhan
Word Count: 3118
Summary: Luhan is an omega that doesn't like his status as an omega because he attracts all sorts of alphas and betas when he goes out. He can normally deter them but there's one alpha in particular that really messes with his system. (A/B/O verse)
A/N: inspired by this tweet

"I'm thirsty. Can I have a drink from your ass?"
Luhan frowned. He disliked being an omega because the amount of betas and alphas after his ass was ridiculous. Many just wanted some ass, any in particular, and hit on whichever omega and beta ass that was available. He knew how to turn down many people wanting his ass and usually just a look and quick scathing remark got them to back off but more persistent admirers needed something more. In those cases, he typically asked his alpha friend Kyungsoo to come and pretend to be his boyfriend.
Luhan looked this particular alpha up and down. He was still quite young from the looks of him. While the pickup line was definitely cheesy (Luhan mentally wrinkled his nose in distaste), the alpha himself wasn't that bad for such a young one. He figured he was in college, that tall lanky body with just a hint of muscle beneath. But tonight, Luhan had just wanted to enjoy himself at the club without some guy hitting on him ("Ha!" Luhan could hear his friend Jongdae snorting in his head.”That's what you always want, but it never ever happens.").
"Sorry, but my ass isn't a water fountain. Try the one by the bathrooms."
The guy shrugged. "Alright, but I'm sure you'd be tastier."
Luhan rolled his eyes. "Like I haven't heard that before."
"Can I at least get your name?"
"When you're older, then maybe." Luhan looked at him like a child, patting his cheek before moving away. He missed the flash that crossed the man's eyes as he watched Luhan walk away.
"Hey, I'm heading home."
Yixing gave him a sympathetic look. "Got hit on again?"
"How many was it tonight?"
"Just the one but it kinda put me off a bit. Can you still see him behind me? He's the young alpha, black hair and pale skin."
Yixing turned his head and made a noise of appreciation. "Oh whoa...give him another year or two and he'll really be something."
"I have to agree. He could be a really powerful alpha. That lanky body is quite deceptive."
Luhan sighed. "Thanks, guys. Now I feel so much better."
"Why? What's wrong, Luhan?" Yixing looked at his friend carefully. "Normally being hit on shouldn't dampen your mood too much, especially if it was just one alpha hitting on you."
Luhan rubbed his arm. “There was just something about him..."
Kyungsoo's eyebrows rose. "Don't tell me you guys..."
"I don't know," Luhan spoke softly, one of the rare times he allowed his softer side to show, "I just know I can't stay here right now."
"We'll take you home and make sure you're okay." Kyungsoo and Yixing flanked both sides of Luhan as they exited the club. Luhan breathed in the cool night air and gave a small smile. Something about that alpha had messed with his system and he didn't like it.

It was Friday night and Luhan was all set to go out again. He was hoping nothing would happen so he could enjoy himself but deep down, he knew an alpha or beta would try to pick him up. But still, he wanted to go, hoping it might be different. And at least it wouldn't be as bad as the previous week. Luhan grimaced when he remembered that time.
Shaking his head, he put that incident to the back of his mind. "New club, new times, it'll be fine."
After checking his reflection one last time, Luhan headed out.
He met Kyungsoo and Yixing by the entrance and the three of them headed inside. Taking a few deep breaths, Luhan noticed a familiar scent enter his nose and quickly whipped his head around. Several feet away, staring right at him, was the alpha from before. Luhan’s back stiffened as he watched the alpha make his way through the crowd towards him.
The alpha smiled at him when he stood right in front of him. “Hi, want to dance?"
“Sorry, but not interested."
“Really?” The alpha leaned down. “Because I can smell a hint of arousal on you right now."
Luhan sniffed the air. “No, I’m sorry, that must be someone else’s. If you’ll excuse me?"
He started to walk past when the alpha shifted, his arm brushing against his. Luhan froze for a moment before continuing forward. He stalked up to the bar and demanded a shot, downing it in one go. He was on his third when his friends came over to him.
“Hey, Luhan, are you alright?” Yixing placed a hand on Luhan’s arm.
“I’m fine, just thirsty.” He downed another shot.
Kyungsoo’s eyes widened. “Keep drinking like that and we’re going to have to pour you home."
“Fine, whatever. I just want to forget all about him."
“You saw him again?"
Luhan cocked his head to the side. The two turned and saw the same alpha watching Luhan with unblinking eyes.
“Oh wow…have one more shot and then I’m taking you home.” Yixing placed a comforting arm around Luhan.
“Fine. I’m too agitated to be in a club right now."

Luhan pressed his lips into a thin line. This was the third time in three weeks that he had run into the same alpha. This rarely ever happened and was starting to annoy him.
“At least tell me your name since we keep bumping into each other like this.” The alpha smiled sweetly down at Luhan.
“No.” He turned to walk away but the alpha was there blocking his path.
“My name is Sehun."
“I don’t care what your name is. Just let me go."
“No.” The low command caused Luhan to straighten his spine.
“I can’t let you do that because,” Sehun leaned down, “you’re mine."
Luhan could feel the shiver running down his spine and hardened his face. “I think you’re a bit presumptuous to be making that claim."
“Maybe, maybe not.” Sehun smiled as his breath fanned over Luhan’s ear. “I know you know about that connection."
Luhan shook his head.
“Don’t try and deny it. You’re mine and I am going to have you.” Sehun grinned, dropping a kiss to Luhan’s cheek before he could react. By the time Luhan had gathered his wits, Sehun had already left. He pressed a hand to the cheek Sehun had kissed and felt something shift inside him.

Luhan checked the calendar and stared. It couldn’t be time and yet the mark on the calendar was telling him it was so. Cursing himself for having forgotten, he sent a quick text to Yixing who responded back instantly.
Luhan sighed and collapsed on his couch. He was not ready for this at all but at least he had good friends to help him out.
A knock on the door had him shuffling his way to the door. His body was already beginning to show signs. Opening the door, he found Yixing and someone else behind the door.
Luhan stood frozen as his friend walked into his apartment carrying bags and stared at the male behind him.
Sehun had a small smile on his face. “Hi."
“What are you doing here?"
“Can I come in?"
Luhan narrowed his eyes. “I asked you what you’re doing here."
Sehun stepped forward so he could tower over Luhan. “I think you know."
“How the hell would you know?” Luhan’s face hardened as he glared at the alpha.
Sehun leaned down to whisper in Luhan’s ear. “I told you, I could smell it on you."
Luhan straightened his spine as a shiver ran through him. “And how the hell would you know where I lived?"
A slow smile crossed Sehun’s lips. “I have an excellent nose that led me right to you."
Luhan crossed his arms, feeling very annoyed and yet there was a flutter of something else. “And what makes you think I will let you in?"
“I don’t think,” Sehun’s smile brightened, “but I hope. I don’t want you to suffer alone and I know I can help you if you’d let me."
“I say let him help you, Luhan.” Yixing smiled from Luhan’s kitchen. “We talked on the way here and he’s a decent guy, if still a bit young."
“Yixing!” Luhan looked at his friend. They held a silent conversation with their eyes before Luhan sighed. “Fine."
Luhan stepped aside to allow Sehun into his apartment. Sehun walked past, brushing his arm against Luhan and setting off his nerve endings.
“Alright, Luhan, you should be all set for the weekend. Everything’s right where you need it and if you really need anything, I’m just a phone call away.” Yixing glanced at Sehun. “Not that I think you need it but just in case."
Yixing paused by Luhan on his way out. “I know you don’t like this but it’ll be good for you. I know it and deep down, I know you do to. You’ve just always been a bit stubborn."
He gave him a pat on the shoulder and let, shutting the door behind him. Luhan stayed by the entrance as Sehun stood a couple feet from him.
“Are you really okay with this, Luhan?"
A shiver ran through his body. The way Sehun had said his name...
Luhan slowly turned to look at the alpha. His gaze ran from the tips of his feet to the top of his head. He took in the lanky body with the hints of muscles, the handsome face with the soft-looking lips. He saw the signs of nerves beneath the confident stance. Taking slow measured steps, he walked towards Sehun, stopping when they were toe to toe. Lifting up a hand to cup Sehun’s cheeks, he tilted his face so he could look into his eyes.
Sehun didn’t back down, staring right back, giving Luhan all the time he needed.
Luhan sighed. “I may not like how we ended up like this but I would be a fool to deny you when my body is aching for yours."
Bringing his head down, Luhan gently pressed his lips against Sehun’s. The gentle kiss flashed through them, setting off a fire.
Luhan pulled back with a gasp, staring at Sehun in shock. A small smile was on Sehun’s lips as he pressed his lips against Luhan’s again. Their lips pressed together over and over in small chaste kiss as the fire slowly heated.
Luhan let out a moan and pressed his heating body against Sehun’s. “Sehun…"
“Luhan,” Sehun buried his head at the juncture between Luhan’s neck and shoulder. “Are you ready for this or do you need some time?"
Luhan cleared his throat. “M-M-Maybe some water first?"
He could feel his body already prepping and he hadn’t eaten or drank anything yet. He gave Sehun a sheepish smile. “I uh…actually haven’t eaten or drank anything today."
Sehun’s eyebrows flew up. “Well, let’s get you fed and hydrated before anything else happens okay?"
Sehun smiled as he nuzzled Luhan’s neck. His arm was naturally wrapped around Luhan’s waist as they headed towards the kitchen.
Yixing had bought all the necessary things for an omega going into heat and Luhan grabbed a bottle and a prepared meal. Sitting down at the table, he dug in as Sehun sat across from him. When Luhan was finished, Sehun cleared the table and swept Luhan up into his arms.
Luhan gasped, arms coming up to wrap around Sehun’s waist. He had never had someone literally sweep him off his feet before. It was nice; it made him feel like someone was taking care of him. He hadn’t realized how nice it would be to allow someone else to take care of him instead of always looking after himself.
“Where’s your bedroom?"
“Down the hall.” Luhan pointed to a small hallway off the side of the kitchen. Walking there, Sehun found the bedroom and gently laid Luhan on the bed. He ran a hand over Luhan’s brow, brushing some hair off of his face.
“How are you feeling?"
“Hot.” Luhan shifted on the bed. There was an itch crawling beneath his skin. The fire that had flashed then dulled was now beginning to grow.
“Sehun…” Luhan reached a hand out to the alpha. “Help me."
“Soon…soon, Luhan.” Sehun leaned down and gently pressed a kiss to Luhan’s forehead. His hands traveled down Luhan’s body, tracing his shape through his clothes.
Luhan arched his back, the heat was starting to become unbearable. He could feel liquid dripping out of his ass. His hands grabbed at his clothes, wanting to remove them, but Sehun placed his hands over Luhan’s to stop his movement. Luhan whined in the back of his throat.
“Shh…it’ll be okay.” Sehun pressed a kiss to Luhan’s lips. His hands slipped beneath Luhan’s shirt and felt his heated skin. His fingers skimmed along Luhan’s sides, pushing the shirt up and exposing Luhan’s chests.
Luhan could see that flash of desire in Sehun’s eyes.
“Sehun…” Luhan’s hand reached up to gently brush the hair above Sehun’s forehead. “It’s fine. Touch me as you desire. I won’t fight this anymore."
Sehun’s gaze heated another degree. “I am holding you to that when this is over. Are you sure?"
“Yes, please, Sehun.” Luhan looked pleadingly at him. “I need you."
Sehun groaned and crushed his lips against Luhan’s in a bruising kiss. His hands grabbed Luhan’s waist in a bruising grip.
Luhan moaned, arms coming around Sehun. He tried to press himself as close to Sehun to relieve the ache in his body.
Sheen’s hands moved up Luhan’s body, pushing the shirt off of him. His hands moved up and down Luhan’s body to try and soothe him as his lips moved across Luhan’s face, down his neck, to his chest. His fingers brushed over Luhan’s nipples, rolling them between his fingers to make them into stiff peaks. His tongue came down to flick at the peaks, gently sucking at them.
Luhan groaned, fingers digging into Sehun’s scalp to grip tightly.
Sehun tweaked Luhan’s nipple as he laved the other one with his tongue. He switched between the two until he felt like Luhan had enough. Moving his lips down, he teased Luhan’s belly button with his tongue as his hands moved towards Luhan’s pants. Making quick work of them, Luhan’s length was exposed to the air, standing straight and glistening with precum. Sehun had felt the wetness of Luhan’s underwear, a signal of how aroused he was.
Bringing his mouth level with Luhan’s length, Sehun breathed deep, taking in the smell of Luhan’s arousal and heightening his own. Without any preamble, he sucked the tip of Luhan’s length into his mouth.
Luhan moaned, hips arching at the unexpected blowjob.
Sehun’s hands came to press Luhan’s hips down as he continued to lick and suck Luhan’s length.
“Sehun…Sehun…” Luhan’s hands gripped the bedspread as he felt his orgasm nearing. With a cry, he spilled down Sehun’s throat.
Sehun lapped up everything, licking Luhan clean, and stared at the blissed out omega.
Luhan breathed deeply, the first orgasm taking away most of the heat, but it was still crawling beneath his skin. He started to move on the bed. “Sehun…"
Luhan’s hand reached out for Sehun. Sehun laced his finger with Luhan’s as he leaned up to press a kiss to his lips.
Luhan whimpered, his other hand gripping at Sehun’s bicep. While the first orgasm had sated him a bit, he could feel the emptiness in his ass. His natural lubrication was leaking out of his ass, even more after that first orgasm.
“Please, I need your knot, Sehun. Please.” Luhan’s bottom lip trembled as he looked at the alpha. His hair was all mussed up from where Luhan’s hands had grabbed at it. HIs lips were red and bruised. Luhan felt desire wash through him as the heat began to build again. Luhan’s hips began to move on their own, seeking friction.
Sehun stared at Luhan. His hands came up to gently brush the hair away from his face. Leaning down, he gently pressed his lips to Luhan’s. His tongue slipped inside, mimicking what his body would soon do. His fingers slid down and slipped through the soaking mess to circle Luhan’s entrance. While the wetness would held ease his way inside, he wanted to make sure Luhan was well-prepared. Slowly slipping in one finger, he gently thrust them in and out before slipping in a second. Soon, a third was pushed inside as Luhan moaned and wiggled against the bedsheets.
“Sehun…please…I’m ready."
Sehun leaned up and pressed a kiss to Luhan’s lips. He settled between Luhan’s spread legs and slipped inside. He moaned at the warm heat surround his length.
Luhan groaned, hands coming up to grip Sehun’s forearms.
Sehun slowly pulled out and pushed back in, groaning in bliss. Watching Luhan, he slowly pushed in and out and picking up speed when Luhan’s hips moved against his. Soon, his hips were thrusting in at a rapid, harsh pace, Luhan’s nails digging into his arms. Sehun could feel his knot beginning to grow and felt Luhan’s gasp as his entrance began to tighten around him. Soon, Sehun couldn’t pull out anymore and continued to shallowly thrust into Luhan.
Luhan moaned, eyes threatening to roll to the back of his head, as Sehun’s knot pressed up against his prostate. He could feel his stomach tightening as his next orgasm crept closer and closer.
“Sehun…” Luhan’s eyes shut in pleasure as he spilled between them.
“Luhan…” Sehun buried his face in the crook of Luhan’s neck as he spilled into Luhan’s ass.
Luhan moaned, the feeling of being filled washing over him in pleasant waves. His hands clutched weakly at Sehun as his eyes threatened to close.
“Go to sleep, Luhan. It’s fine. We’re not going to be moving any time soon.” Sehun smiled, pressing a kiss to Luhan’s cheek. “You’ll need all your strength to survive this heat."

Luhan finally left his apartment after a week of hanging onto Sehun’s knots in various positions. He had woken up nice and relaxed and had laughed, seeing how wrecked Sehun had looked. He’d brushed a hand over Sehun’s mussed up hair, pressing a kiss to his forehead. They had washed up together in the bathroom before heading out on their first date. Luhan kept his promise to Sehun. He wasn’t going to fight against fate.
Luhan smiled, hand linked with Sehun’s, as Sehun shut the door behind him. After checking that the door was locked, Luhan allowed Sehun to take him out for some real food and fresh air. He had a feeling life was about to get much better now that he’d accepted his fate as an omega…and Sehun’s mate.

A/N: aww crap >.< i had started this and planned a rimming scene but never wrote it in...maybe i'll go back and edit it in
actually i decided to do an outtake (which i will post separately)
Tags: hunhan month, r/nc-17, sehun/luhan

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