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Title: You're a Machine, M-M-M-My Machine
Pairing: Sehun/Luhan
Word Count: 4244
Summary: Sehun is a little too robotic for people's tastes. But maybe there is someone to crack that mask.

Luhan was busy eating her lunch when she couldn't help overhearing some girls at the next table over.
"He's so handsome but he seriously has no other expression on his face. I've slept with him and he seriously keeps that face on. It's like a robot is fucking you. He's really great - those hips really knew how to move - but it just felt so...empty. He's just holding you as he fucks into you at a steady pace and it's just not...satisfying. I felt used afterwards even if I did have an orgasm. He just didn't seem to enjoy it at all and that took away any pleasure I felt." Some of the other girls around her made sympathetic noises.
"I know just what you mean. Same thing happened to me."
Luhan's eyes widened as she continued to listen to these girls chat about this robotic guy. She had no idea who they were talking about but she couldn't deny that she was intrigued. She just didn't want to go ask them who it was as that would be considered rude.
"Hey, Luhan, what are you listening to?"
Luhan looked at her friend like a deer caught in the headlights. Yixing chuckled as she sat down. "I know what you look like when you're eavesdropping. So what's the conversation about?"
Luhan took a bite of her food. "Just some guy with a robotic face."
"Oh that must be Sehun. He's a great guy."
"Really?" Luhan took another bite of her food. "From the way these girls talk about him, he doens't seem like much. Just a fucking machine."
"A fucking machine?" Yixing tilted her head in confusion.
"No expression and sleeps with every girl around it sounds like."
"Not really," Yixing took a bite of her food, "just everyone that asks."
"What?!?!?" Luhan looked at her friend surprised. "Do you know him or something?"
"He's in my dance class. We're normally dance partners."
"Yeah, we talk some. He's a great guy. Don't let the sleeping around turn you off. He just does it because they ask and he's willing. Plus he knows all the talk about his robot face." Yixing smiled. "Why should he disappoint them if it's true?"
Luhan wrinkled her nose. "But that just...doesn't seem right."
"Maybe not but it's his choice. I'm sure he knows what he's doing."

In fact, Sehun knew exactly what he was doing. Sure, he slept with everyone that offered and he did enjoy the instant gratification (he was a teenage hormonal boy) but it was just mainly to sate their curiosity about his robot face. He knew people talked about his no expression and how he didn't even make a face during sex. He knew they just wanted to see if that was true, so technically they were both using each other. It was a mutually beneficial relationship, he thought. Willing partners, no ties, and lots of sex, there wasn't more he could ask for.
Sehun sat in class, waiting until dance where he could finally get some enjoyment, even if it didn't show on his face.
Dance was the only passion he had. If he could brag, he thought he was one of the better dancers at school. His body moved well and he knew that was one reason people were attracted to him besides the hype about his robot face. He was tall and lean with a long face, bright brown eyes, a straight nose, and slightly plush lips.
He sighed as he waited for class to be over.

After their little chat at lunch, Luhan had gotten curious about Sehun so she decided to wait for Yixing after dance. She glanced through the window and watched as the class were running through the last routine for the day. She spotted Yixing, her hair up in a ponytail, and saw other people she vaguely recognized. Her eyes paused on a tall male. His face was quite nice even if he looked a bit serious with that kind of frown on his face. He looked skinny in his oversized tank and sweatpants but the way his body moved made her catch her breath. He might not move as fluently as some of the other dancers but he moved very well. She felt her eyes pop when she saw his hips thrust.
She was just collecting her composure when Yixing came out the door.
"Luhan! What are you doing here?" She hugged her friend and smiled.
"Oh well," Luhan bit her lip, "I was curious you know?"
Yixing laughed. "That's him right there. Hey Sehun."
The skinny male she had been eyeing before walked over to them. He nodded at Yixing and inclined his head at Luhan as well. "Sehun, this is my friend Luhan. Luhan, Sehun."
"Nice to meet you." Sehun's voice rolled over Luhan, making her insides quiver.
"Nice to meet you too." Luhan smiled. "Well we should get going. Come on, Yixing."
Luhan tugged on her friend's arm. "See you around, Sehun."
"You too." Sehun watched as Luhan dragged Yixing away.

"Now I see what all the talk is about." Luhan sighed as she sipped her Americano. "The way he moves in dance is definitely worth the talk. And he's not so bad looking either even with that perpetual frowning face.."
Yixing laughed. "Oh Luhan, you're not fooling me. I know you're interested."
"Well yes I am, but I'm not going to join the herd just to know what all the hype is about. I have more class than that."
Yixing arched a brow.
Luhan waved her friend away. "That doesn't count in this case."
"Alright, so what are you going to do now?"
"Nothing." Luhan smiled. "I just wanted to see what he looked like. So now nothing's really changed."
"Uh huh." Yixing just smiled as she sipped her drink.
"I'm serious, Xing. While my curiosity is piqued, I do have some self-restraint."
"Uh huh."

What Luhan had told Yixing was true. She could control herself when she wanted to and she did. But now that she knew about him and what he looked like, she couldn't help but search for him around school and surprisingly, she got many glimpses of him. She wasn't sure how she hadn't noticed him before but she could admit she wasn't that observant a person.
She also started coming by Yixing's dance class. Yixing, good friend that she is, didn't say anything but accepted the new walking buddy. If they lingered a bit, she didn't say anything and just waited until Luhan had looked her fill before walking away.

Yixing laughed at Luhan as she caught her friend daydreaming again. "How's the self restraint going?""It's fine, why?" Luhan arched a look at her friend.
"Well considering how often I see you at dance now plus how often I catch you daydreaming, I'm wondering if you've actually done something or just left it alone."
Luhan wrinkled her nose at her friend. "Of course, I have self restraint. Just because I'm maybe looking around for him doesn't mean I don't. I haven't acted on any of my urges. I've just been -"
"Watching him like some lovesick person. I swear you're either mentally undressing him - to put it nicely - or imagining romantic dates."
Luhan sighed. "So what? There's nothing wrong with that."
"No and I'm actually surprised you haven't done anything about it yet."
Luhan stirred her spoon in her drink. "I mean I've thought about it but something just holds me back from making a move."
Yixing sipped her drink. "Well that's new and I guess progress too. Seems to me this guy may be something special if you're not doing your usual thing."
"I guess..." Luhan sighed. "I'm a bit scared though. Isn't it too soon for something like this?"
"It's never too soon for love but I do agree maybe you should wait a bit and make sure it is love and not infatuation." Yixing smiled. "Don't want you to get hurt."
Luhan scoffed and flipped her hair. "Like I could get hurt."
Yixing just kept silent, allowing her friend her illusions.

"Luhan, right?"
Luhan turned to see Sehun standing behind her. Slowly closing her locker, she turned around to fully face him. "Yes? And you're Sehun. Was there something you wanted?"
Sehun's face didn't move but she could see his eyes regarding her carefully. "Yes, I was wondering if you'd like to go to dinner with me tonight."
Luhan's eyes widened. "Sure. What time?"
"Seven o'clock good for you?"
"Seven o'clock is fine." Luhan held out her hand. "Give me your phone and I'll text you my address."
"Okay." Sehun handed his phone over. After entering in her number, she tapped out a quick message and sent it to her phone.
"There, now I have your number too." Luhan smiled as she waved her phone with the text message notification flashing. "I'll see you later then."
"Right, later."

Luhan was dressed and ready by 6:50pm, which was when the doorbell rang. Waiting right by the door, she quickly slipped out, not wanting to be detained longer than necessary with all the greetings and small talk her parents were bound to make.
"Hi," she beamed up at Sehun and grabbed his hand, pulling him towards his car. "So where are we going for dinner?"
"I know of this little place downtown."
"Mmm, sounds nice." Luhan felt her heart flutter when he opened the passenger door for her. "Thank you."
"You're welcome." Rounding the hood, Sehun slipped into the driver's seat.
The drive took about 20 minutes which was fine with her. It gave her time to study the man sitting beside her. She noticed the radio was turned to some mainstream station but the volume was kept low. He looked very serious driving, that signature frown on his face. Luhan was starting to find that frown adorable and wanted to see if she'd be able to kiss it off. Noticing where her thoughts were going, she pushed her hands against her cheeks.
"Are you okay?"
"Huh? Yeah, I'm fine." Luhan dropped her hands and beamed at Sehun. "I have to say I'm a bit surprised that you asked me to dinner. From what I've heard around school, you seem to be an active little sex bunny, just sex and nothing else."
Luhan bit her lip, not sure she should've been talking about that.
Sehun gave a small chuckle. "Well, well, well, I didn't think you would've heard about that since I figured you would've propositioned me if you had."
Luhan snorted. "I have a bit more class than that. I'm not going to sleep with you just to satisfy my curiosity."
"Well that's nice to know but if I made a move on you tonight..."
Taking a glance at Sehun's profile, she studied him a moment but in her mind, she had already made her choice. "Well...let's just see how dinner goes first. If you're lucky...maybe..."
A slow smile crossed her face as she saw a glimmer of something flash in his eyes.
"Good to know." Sehun pulled up into the parking lot. "We're here."
Luhan reached to unbuckle her seatbelt but found Sehun's hand instead. She looked up to see him staring at her as he unbuckled her seatbelt. A bit unsure of herself, she sat there until Sehun came around and helped her out of the car.
"Thank you." Luhan looked down at her feet but stared up at Sehun when he took her hand. With a small nod, he led her into the restaurant.

Dinner was a quiet affair, but Luhan learned that she and Sehun had a few common interests. She also saw he was actually a very sweet guy but perhaps misunderstood thanks to his frowning face. As the night continued, she could feel her feelings solidify.

"Thanks for dinner." Luhan smiled at Sehun who had walked her to her door. She knew the signs: the fidgeting feet, the twisting hands, and didn't disappoint. Leaning up, she pressed a kiss to his cheek. "I'll see you tomorrow."
Hand on the doorknob, she was turned back around only to have Sehun press a kiss on her cheek. "I had a wonderful night. See you at school."
Luhan stood there frozen as she watched Sehun get back into his car and drive away. She opened her door and went inside. Shutting it tight behind her and locking it, she leaned her back against it and slid to the floor.
Yixing, I think it's love.

Yixing met Luhan at her locker with a small box and a smile. "Hey, Lu, how are you doing?"
"Okay I guess considering my big revelation last night." She sighed as she opened up her locker to get her things. A small pink note floated to the floor. "What's this?"
Picking it up, she turned it over and saw nothing but her name written on it. Carefully unfolding it, she skimmed over the text and froze.
"Xing..." Luhan turned her eyes towards her friend.
Yixing waited patiently as she watched her friend gather her composure enough to speak. "Yes?"
"How can I even function properly when he does things like this?" Luhan handed Yixing the note. Her eyes widened as she read it before she grinned at her friend.
"Well, he's definitely a keeper for you."
Yixing laughed and patted her friend on the back. "Don't worry. Everything will be fine."
"But he says he loves me."
Yixing laughed. "Well you love him so it's fine."
"But isn't this too soon?"
"Says the girl that used to go for every attractive guy she met."
"Yixing! Help me."
"I'm not going to tell you what to do since you're not going to listen to me. Just wait it out and see how you feel this weekend."
Luhan sighed. "I guess you're right. Now do I get my comfort food now?"
"Yes," Yixing smiled as she handed over the box.

Luhan was surprised when she was waiting outside Yixing's dance class for Sehun to walk out before her friend. She was even more surprised when he walked to her and dropped a kiss on her cheek. "Sehun! What was that for?"
"You got my note, right?"
"Yes and well...can we take this slow?"
"I thought we were talking this slow." Sehun reached down and laced their fingers together.
"Yes but...I don't know. I'm a bit confused."
"I'm sorry."
"No, it's fine. It's not your fault...that much." Luhan gave him a small smile and squeezed his hand.
"Hey lovebirds, can we go now?" The two turned to see Yixing smiling at them.
"Oh uh sorry, Xing. Yeah. Sure."

The rest of the week passed in a kind of dazed blur. Sehun was now almost constantly by Luhan's side whenever he could which she enjoyed even if she tried not to show it too much. Yixing took great delight in teasing her friend on occasion but was genuinely happy to see the two together.
The school was full of talk about the new couple and unsure of what to make of it. People weren't sure if it would last and others wondered how such a bright person like Luhan could be with the robotic Sehun.

Soon it was the weekend and Sehun arrived promptly on her doorstep at 6:00pm. "Ready to go?"
"Uh yeah, sure, just let me..." Luhan fumbled as she grabbed her overnight bag. Sehun reached over and took it for her, dropping a kiss on her cheek in the process. Luhan was still a bit uneasy with the easy affection Sehun seemed to be giving her yet she enjoyed it immensely. She had never had a guy's sole attention focused on her.
Following Sehun to his car, they got in and then Sehun drove them to a little house out in the suburbs.
Luhan liked the house immediately, the quaint little place shrouded among beautiful flowers and shrubs. "This is beautiful, Sehun. Do your parents really own it?"
"Yeah, we like to come out here once in a while just to get away from everything. Come on." Sehun took the bags and her hand, leading her to the entrance. After unlocking the door, her nudged her inside first.
The first thing she saw were the dozens of candles flickering around the room. Then she noticed the small table set for two in the middle of the living room.
"Sehun...what's all this?"
"Just a little something for you. You like?"
"I love but you didn't have to go through all this trouble."
"It's no trouble if it's for you." Sehun kissed her cheek. He set their bags off to the side and watched as Luhan made her way slowly into the room.
"Good." Sehun took her elbow and led her to the table. She gave a laugh when she noticed the spread on the table.
"All cold food?"
"Well, I didn't know when we'd arrive so best to make it cold so it'll still be okay whenever we arrive."
"That's sweet." Luhan smiled as she kissed his cheek.
Dinner was another quiet affair with some teasing conversation. Luhan was thoroughly enjoying herself, so very relaxed. She could see Sehun was relaxed as well even if his expression didn't seem to change at all but she liked that about him. She was actually quite adept at reading his eyes.
When dinner was done, the two cuddled on the couch as a movie played on the TV. Luhan liked being pressed against his side. Sehun was very warm and comfortable. She leaned her head on his shoulder and turned to watch the main character jump off a building.
"I was wondering if you wanted to go to bed."
Luhan turned to him with wide eyes. "Right now?"
"Yes, if you're okay with that."
Luhan studied him. She looked into her eyes and mentally gasped. Seeing the nerves in his eyes relaxed her. Smiling softly, she leaned forward and pressed her lips against Sehun's for their first kiss.
Sehun’s arms came around her, pulling her into his body. His tongue traced the seam of her lips, gently asking for entrance.
Opening her mouth, Luhan allowed Sehun to lick inside. Their tongues pressed together. Sehun's hands gripped Luhan's waist.
"Sehun..." Luhan moaned as Sehun's mouth trailed to her neck.
"Let's move to the bedroom."
Luhan made a noise of surprise when he lifted her into his arms. Wrapping her arms around his neck, she held on as Sehun walked towards the bedroom. There were candles lit as well and soft music playing in the background.
"You really went through a lot of preparation."
"Well, I wanted it to be special." Sehun gave her a tiny smile.
"Oh my god, Sehun! That's the first time you smiled at me."
Sehun gave her another small one. "My smiles are reserved for a select few."
"And I'm one of them?"
"Yes." Sehun leaned down and pressed his lips to hers. Luhan held tight as she kissed back.
Sehun carried her over to the bed and gently laid her down. Tugging off his shirt, he set it aside before climbing on top of her. Luhan wrapped her arms around his neck, holding tight, as they kissed passionately.
Sehun’s hand slipped beneath her shirt to caress her stomach. His hands traveled up to gently cup her breasts. Pulling away, he stared down at Luhan’s flushed face.
With a small smile, she grabbed the hem of her shirt and pulled it off.
Sehun gulped. Luhan’s breasts looked so beautiful encased in white lace. He traced a finger over the top of the bra.
Luhan shivered.
Reaching beneath her, he found the hook and quickly undid it. He slowly pulled the cups away and stared down at Luhan’s pink nipples. Lowering his head, he gently blew over the tip.
“Sehun…” Luhan’s hands came up to grab his shoulders.
Sehun blew across her nipples again.
“Sehun…” Luhan arched her back, trying to press her breasts up into his face.
Gently cupping them, he pressed a kiss to one tip and then the other. He trailed his lips down her stomach as his hands worked at her pants.
Luhan lifted her hips to help him get her pants off. She pushed her panties off, not caring for how they were in the way.
Sehun’s eyes lit with appreciation as he leaned back to enjoy the view. He watched as his hands traced Luhan’s shape, ending at the point where her legs met her hips. His fingers trailed down to graze against her entrance. He could feel the wetness telling how aroused she was.
“Sehun…” Luhan stared at him through half lidded eyes.
“Shh…” He leaned down and kissed her. His mouth was gentle as it slowly moved across her face, down her body, and stopped right between her legs. Slowly pushing her legs out, he settled there and just waited. His breath blew across and he saw her shiver. Taking a deep breath, he could smell her and following his urge, leaned down to have a taste.
Luhan reached down to grab his head, not sure what she wanted to do. His tongue stroked her, making the fire burning inside her burn hotter. Her hands gripped his hair tightly, keeping him in place, as he continued to lap at her entrance.
Bringing a finger into play, he teased her, feeling her writhe and moan on the bed. When he felt her tense and her juices flowed free, he quickly lapped it all up before sitting up to look at her.
His mouth moved into a satisfied smile, seeing the pleasure on Luhan’s face.
Luhan opened her eyes to give him her own satisfied smile. “I hope that’s not all."
Her eyes went down to the bulge straining in his pants.
Sehun leaned down and pressed his lips against hers as his hands worked quickly to remove his pants. Quickly putting on the condom, Sehun slid between Luhan’s open thighs and slipped into her.
Luhan moaned, hands coming up around his back. She kept him close as she waited for her body to adjust to his size. Her hands roamed down to his ass to grip them tight as she gave a testing thrust of her hips.
Sehun moaned, hands gripping hard at the bedsheets by her head. “Luhan…"
“Move, please."
Sehun needed no further encouragement, hips pulling out and pushing back in. Luhan moaned, hands gripping tightly at Sehun’s ass as his hips moved steadily like a machine, pounding into her just right. She could only hold on as Sehun kept thrusting into her.
His hips worked into her at a steady pace, she could see where all the dancing came in. Her eyes rolled to the back of her head as her orgasm hit her.
Following a few thrusts later, Sehun spilled into the condom. His arms shook as he tried to keep himself up but the force of his orgasm caused him to lay on top of her.
Luhan made a noise of contentment as her arms wrapped around him. “Sehun…"
“Luhan…” Sehun lifted his head to smile at her. “I love you."
Luhan’s eyes softened as she stroked a hand through his hair. “I love you too, even if this is all happening so quickly."
Sehun chuckled and snuggled close to Luhan.
“You know, I feel special that you smile for me. You will keep doing that right?"
“Of course."
“Just don’t smile in front of other people.” Sehun arched a brow. “Your smile is precious and should only be seen by me…and I guess your family too."
Sehun laughed and dropped a kiss on Luhan’s nose. “Go to sleep and I’ll see you in the morning."
Luhan beamed. “I like the sound of that."

Luhan had a bright smile on her face as she ate her lunch in the cafeteria. Sehun and Yixing were both running late but that was fine with her. She was happily munching on her lunch when some girls came up to her. “Yes?"
“Is it true you’re dating Sehun?"
Luhan smiled. “Yes."
“But isn’t it weird you’re dating a machine?"
“A machine?” Luhan arched a brow.
“A robot, whatever. Isn’t it weird that he has no change in facial expression whatsoever?"
“Not that it’s any of your business but no, it’s not. Now if you don’t mind, may I eat my lunch in peace and you girls can go back to gossiping about other people’s love lives since you have nothing going on in yours?"
The girls’ mouth dropped open, not used to being dismissed in such a manner.
Luhan beamed when she saw Sehun walking up to the table. She leaned her head up for his greeting kiss. Sehun glanced at the shell-shocked girls. “What’s with them?"
“Oh just being nosy about us. They wanted to know why I was dating a machine."
“A machine huh? Is that how you think of me?"
“No,” Luhan laughed. “But if I was, you’re my machine and only mine."
“So very true.” Sehun leaned over to whisper in her ear. “Would you like this machine to fuck you later?"
“Later.” Luhan’s hand squeezed Sehun’s thigh. “Gotta make sure everything is working properly in my machine."
Luhan laughed at the look in Sehun’s eyes. “I love you."
“Love you too.” Even though his mouth stayed in a frown, she could see the love and smile in his eyes.

A/N: so kinda got the title/idea a bit while listening to EXO's "Machine" but i don't think this fic is related to the actual song in any way (i'm not sure since idk the english translation :P) but yeah...also the idea changed a little as i was writing it but that's nothing too new to me :3
Tags: hunhan month, r/nc-17, sehun/luhan

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