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Title: Lacey Threads
Pairing: Sehun/Luhan
Word Count: 1179
Summary: Sehun makes good use of Luhan's gift. (Sequel to Sheer Coverings)

The sheer gray panties fit as well as they could. Sehun didn’t even want to know how Luhan had gotten the right size. But since panties were designed for women, there was no extra space in the front so his dick and balls got squished. He had done his best to tuck them in but the panties had no extra fabric, hence the squished dick and balls. The feeling wasn’t that unpleasant as the sheer material felt nice against his skin.
He turned around to look at his ass in the mirror, giving a low whistle. The panties did an excellent job of hugging his ass and the gray color really helped to highlight his pale skin. He knew why Luhan had picked out this set and he couldn’t wait to show him.

Luhan opened the door to Sehun's room and froze.
"Shut and lock the door, Luhan. Wouldn't want anyone else seeing, right?" Sehun smiled from his bed.
Luhan shut and locked the door but stayed by the door. He wasn't sure his legs were steady enough to move yet. Being assaulted with Sehun lounging on his bed in the lingerie set he had bought him had made his knees weak.
"Luhan~" Sehun's eyes twinkled as he crooked his fingers.
Taking a deep breath, Luhan slowly walked forward. His knees wobbled a bit but he made it to Sehun without stumbling.
Slowly sliding up into a sitting position, Sehun smiled as his fingers slipped into the belt loops of Luhan's pants. He licked his lips. "Aren't you going to kiss me hello?"
Luhan leaned down. Sehun pressed his lips insistently against his until Luhan was opening his mouth to allow Sehun's tongue access.
Sehun's tongue licked everywhere, like he couldn't get enough of Luhan's mouth.
Luhan shivered, placing unsteady hands on Sehun's shoulders. His fingers teased the straps, lightly snapping them against Sehun's skin.
Sehun moaned and wrapped his arms around Luhan's waist, pulling him on top of him. They fell back, Luhan straddling Sehun's waist, as Sehun pressed his lips against Luhan's neck.
Luhan's fingers began to explore the bra, tracing its shape. He could feel Sehun shiver beneath him. Shifting up, he watched Sehun's face as his fingers wandered. They roamed down Sehun's body and traced the waistband on the panties.
"Luhan..." Sehun's hands were gripping tight to Luhan's hips. "Undress please."
Luhan smiled and pressed a kiss to Sehun's chest. "Not yet."
Scooting back, he hovered over Sehun's bulge. His hand gently cupped it through the panties. He could feel the wet spot at the front.
Sehun moaned as Luhan rubbed him through the fabric. "Luhan..."
Luhan pressed his mouth against the bulge through the fabric and felt Sehun's length twitch. The fabric felt a bit scratchy in his mouth but he could taste a slight hint of Sehun.
Pulling the panties down, he instantly took the tip into his mouth and sucked.
Sehun moaned, writhing against the bed, as Luhan licked and sucked.
Luhan's hand came up to slip beneath the bra and tease Sehun's nipple. He flicked his tongue over the slit as his fingers pinched Sehun's nipple.
Sehun cried out and shook when Luhan denied him his orgasm.
Luhan leaned up with a smirk. "Nuh uh uh, not yet. I'm not done with you yet."
Keeping a firm grip on Sehun's dick, Luhan used his other hand to drag the panties down and off. He would've liked to keep it on but it would have been tough to fuck Sehun through the panties.
Leaning down, Luhan licked a stripe from Sehun's crack to his balls. "So...up for fingering yourself or...?"
Sehun bit his bottom lip. "I wanna feel your fingers."
"Alright." Luhan grabbed the lube already set on the nightstand. Generously coating his fingers, he slipped in two, knowing Sehun liked the burn of the stretch. A bit impatient himself, he quickly stretched Sehun open.
Sehun moaned and gripped hard at the bedsheets. "Please, please, Luhan, I'm ready, just fuck me, fuck me, please..."
He wiggled on the bed, urging Luhan to hurry up.
After a couple more thrusts of his fingers, Luhan pulled out and quickly stripped. He was in too much of a rush and just undid his pants enough to get his dick out. Coating it with lube, he pulled Sehun towards him and slipped inside.
They moaned, Sehun gripping Luhan's forearms. Pressing a gentle kiss to Sehun's mouth, Luhan pulled back to check for any signs of discomfort. When he saw none, he pulled back and slowly pushed back in. When Sehun just moaned, Luhan took that as acceptance to go faster.
Sehun's mouth fell open as Luhan fucked him hard. The scratch of Luhan's pants against his ass added to the scratch of the bra heightened Sehun's pleasure. He tried to press down whenever Luhan pushed up but it was hard when he was relying on Luhan to hold his bottom half up. His legs wrapped around Luhan but unsatisfied, he tried to stretch them up.
Luhan caught Sehun's movement and pulling out, he helped bring Sehun's legs up towards his head so he was bent in half. Luhan pushed back in and heard Sehun groan deeply. "Feels good?"
"Yes, yes, please...just fuck me hard, fuck me good, Luhan, Please, just please." Sehun was babbling as Luhan just waited it out.
When Sehun had quieted, Luhan blew him a kiss before doing as he wished. His hips pistoned in and out, causing Sehun's head to hit the wall a few times.
"Luhan...Luhan...I'm going to come."
"Come, baby, come for me." Luhan watched as the pleasure rushed over Sehun's face as he spilled on himself. Luhan pulled out and quickly stroked himself, coming all over Sehun's stomach. Gently easing Sehun's legs down, he gave them a quick squeeze and smiled at Sehun's pleased face.
"Well...that was a pleasant surprise."
Sehun gave a breathy laugh. "Pleasant, huh? I made your knees weak with my prettiness. I saw them shake."
He pulled Luhan down for a quick kiss. "Now clean me up so we can snuggle naked and watch some porn."
"Porn?" Luhan arched a brow. "You want to watch porn after what we just did?"
Sehun beamed. "Yes, because I think you'll be surprised by this video."
"Sehun..." Luhan's eyes narrowed. "What did you do?"
Sehun let his fingers walk up Luhan's arm. "Well you know how you mentioned - in passing - about how it would be nice if you had a video of me."
"Sehun..." Luhan's eyes widened. "Tell me you didn't."
"I can't because I did." Sehun's smile widened as he looked at Luhan's shocked face. "Care to watch it now?"
"No, because if you start playing it now, I'd rather be playing with you than watching it. So no."
"Alright," Sehun shrugged his shoulders, "we'll just watch something else."
Sehun grabbed his laptop and turned it on.
When the familiar background of Sehun's room appeared on screen, Luhan turned to his boyfriend exasperated. "Sehun!"
"Hey, it's not me." Sehun grinned. "It's both of us."

A/N: well i wrote the sequel :3 i do hope it's okay...
Tags: hunhan month, r/nc-17, sehun/luhan

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