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trying to fix what's damaged

Title: Noona
Pairing: Sehun/Luhan
Word Count: 984
Summary: Sehun wants to confess to Luhan noona but something Baekhyun said makes it more difficult.

"Noona, noona, noona!" Sehun shouted as he turned the corner. He came up short when he noticed Luhan standing amongst her friends. He blushed bright red and quickly turned around, going back the way he came.
He felt his phone buzz in his pocket but wasn't going to answer it as he raced for an empty classroom. He shut the door, placing his back against it, as he willed his heart to stop racing. It had taken him weeks to pick up the courage to be able to go to Luhan noona, calling her noona as well. Now that had all deserted him when he had seen her surrounded by her many friends, who were probably laughing at him now.
Sehun sighed, burying his head into his hands. He ran his hands through his hair in frustration. Why was it so hard to confess? He placed all the blame on his friend Baekhyun, that busybody.
He had been fine before Baekhyun asked why he never called Luhan noona. Sehun had never really thought about it. They had known each other since young and Luhan had never insisted that he call her noona when he found out she was actually older. It was a habit that had stuck and he never questioned it til Baekhyun had to point it out.
"Isn't it disrespectful not to call her noona? You guys have known each other forever. I would think you'd have some respect for her. Respect your elders you know." Baekhyun took a large bite of his sandwich.
"She said it was okay if I didn't call her noona. I did at first but she told me to just drop itm"
"Yeah, well I think you should be calling her noona."
Sehun had scoffed and finished his meal in silence. But Baekhyun's comment stuck with him. Why didn't he call her noona? He had called her noona a few times at the beginning when he had found out but she kept telling him to drop it. Wanting to respect her wishes, he had. But now he wondered if Baekhyun was right. Was he being disrespectful? Is that what people thought about him?
And in the midst of this dilemma was his secret crush on Luhan. He wasn't sure when, but he had fallen for his beautiful noona. He was already trying to figure out how best to confess when Baekhyun's comment added to his worries. Would Luhan not want to date him because he didn't respect her enough to call her noona?
He had spent a week or two in agony before using another week to summon up the courage to call her noona. But now it was all ruined. He hadn't expected an audience.
Sehun leaned his head back and banged it against the door. "Shit!"
"Sehun? Is that you?"
Sehub's eyes widened. He froze as he heard footsteps moving down the hall, closer to where he was. He held his breath.
His phone buzzed. Sehun noticed "Luhan ♥ " pop up onto the screen.
"Sehun?" There was a knock on the door behind him. "Sehun~ I know you're in there. Open up."
Sehun sighed. He stood up and opened the door to get an armful of Luhan.
"Sehun! Don't run away like that again." Luhan clung to him, burying her head into his chest. He had grown so much, beginning to tower over her. "Why did you call me noona? I told you didn't have to."
Sehun fidgeted in place. He realized his arms had naturally come around Luhan and pulled away. Luhan clung a moment longer before letting him go. "I...I have something I want to say, noona."
Luhan frowned. "Tell me but drop the noona. I don't want you calling me that."
Sehun frowned in return but listened to her. "I-I want to tell you...that I like you. As more than a friend."
Luhan arched a brow. He took it as a signal to keep going.
"Will you go out with me?"
Luhan beamed up at Sehun. "I thought you'd never ask."
Sehun's eyes popped out of his head when Luhan kissed him. "Wait, what? You've been waiting?"
"Yes, I didn't want to just snatch you up." Luhan shrugged her shoulders. "I decided to wait until after you went through some puberty and see if you'd want only me."
Luhan's eyes twinkled. "I've noticed your adoration with me and wanted to see what would happen when you grew up a little."
"Luhan!" Sehun pouted as Luhan laughed at him. She dropped a kiss on his nose.
"So tell me why you suddenly decided to call me noona today."
"Well Baekhyun said something that got me worried about how you may feel about me."
"Which was?"
"Well he said he thought I was being disrespectful to you by not calling you noona."
Luhan scoffed. "That can be true but I gave you permission not to and isn't more respectful to heed to someone's wishes?"
Sehun nodded his head. "That's what I thought but I wasn't sure when he brought that up."
"Well let me tell you something that will get rid of all the doubts," Luhan leaned up and pressed a kiss to his cheek. "To me, the use of no honorifics between people show a high level of intimacy and respect since you're on equal ground."
Sehun bit the inside of his bottom lip. "Hmmm...I never thought about it that way."
"Uh huh, it varies between cultures but I always thought it showed a certain level of intimacy when you dropped those manners of formalities like honorifics."
Luhan watched as understanding began to form in Sehun's eyes. She laughed and pressed a kiss to Sehun's lips. "Come on, we can talk about it later but let's head to class. We already missed one period. Can't skip the rest today."
Sehun smiled as Luhan linked their hands and dragged him from the room.

A/N: just something cute and sweet :3 wasn't sure where i was going when i first started this but eh, fics tend not to stay the same when i start writing them :P
Tags: hunhan month, sehun/luhan

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