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Title: Meow (I Love You)
Pairing: Sehun/Luhan, Chen/Lay
Word Count: 3785
Summary: Sehun's in love with Luhan but he has a slight problem: he's a cat. How can he tell Luhan he loves him when he's a cat? Except...
A/N: inspired by this tweet

People thought Luhan was a bit sadistic for dressing his cat up but he claimed Sehun enjoyed it. He never put up a fuss when Luhan dressed him up in some new clothes.

Luhan preened to Sehun as he adjusted his own bowtie. "Now don't we make a handsome pair?"
He beamed, looking at their reflection in the mirror. They had on matching suits and bowties. "If I could, I'd bring you as my date, Sehunnie, but unfortunately pets aren't allowed."
He pouted.
"I'll see you after, okay?" Luhan dropped a kiss to the top of Sehun's head and walked out the door.
Unknownst to Luhan, his cat Sehun had a secret.

Luhan arrived at the party just a bit late, enough to be considered fashionably late.
"Well look who made it." Minseok raised his glass in greeting.
Luhan smiled as he grabbed a glass from a passing waiter. "Like I'd miss the party. How's Yixing doing?"
"Glowing just like a bride." Minseok tilted his head in the direction of the hosts.
Yixing really was glowing with the help of the spotlight as his arm was wrapped around his fiance while they chatted with Joonmyun. Luhan patted Minseok on the back as he left to go greet the hosts. He smiled and waved when Yixing saw him.
"Hi Luhan. How are you?"
"Good. And you?"
"Hi Jongdae."
Jongdae nodded, snuggling closer to Yixing. He was still a bit shy around people but was getting better according to Yixing.
"So...getting married, huh?"
Yixing laughed, gently hitting Luhan on the arm. "You need to go find someone so you're not alone."
"I do have someone. I have Sehunnie."
"A cat doesn't count, Luhan. You need a person that can handle you and your crazy."
Luhan rolled his eyes and smiled. "And that's why I'm not going to get a person. No one can deal with fabulous me except for my cat. That's all I need: my cat."
Yixing shared a look with Jongdae. Jongdae leaned up a tiny bit to whisper something in his ear. With a nod, Jongdae eased away.
As Luhan chatted with Yixing and Joonmyun, Jongdae followed his nose to sniff out the unfamiliar yet vaguely familiar scent. He walked around the ballroom until he came to a corner in the back. Standing behind a plant, eyes locked on a familiar backside, stood a tall, lean gentleman
"Sehun?" Jongdae peered at the gentleman, eyes narrowed in speculation.
The gentleman turned with wide eyes. He immediately bowed his head. "H-Hi Jongdae."
"What are you doing here?" Jongdae frowned, arms crossed in front of his chest.
"I-I know I wasn't invited but I just...I promise not to intrude. I just wanted to..." Sehun trailed off as his gaze returned to the figure he was staring longingly at.
Jongdae huffed, not allowing the smile to cross his face. "I guess I can allow you to crash my party this one time. But next time, I won't be so lenient."
"Thank you, Jongdae." Sehun bowed his head and returned to staring at his quarry.
"You know...if you want his attention, it would be more effective if you actually went over to talk to him." Jongdae looked at his nails, pretending to be indifferent as he felt Sehun's gaze on him.
Sehun frowned and turned back to stare.
"Seriously, Sehun, you're not going to accomplish anything by just staring at him."
"But it works at home." Sehun had a little pout on his face.
"Yes, but at home, you're a cat." Jongdae deadpanned. "You can't speak so can only stare or do something else to get his attention. Now that you're a human temporarily, you can actually go talk to him. This is actually a lot more effective at getting someone's attention and eventually getting them to fall in love with you. That is your goal right?"
Sehun blushed. "Yes, but I don't know how to do any of that."
"Haven't you been paying attention at home when Luhan has people over?"
"No," Sehun frowned, "because at home he'll cuddle and pet me and that's the best feeling in the world, why would I care about anything else when I'm being petted?"
Jongdae sighed. "Next time, pay attention."
He glanced over and saw Yixing trying to get his attention. "I have to go but I'll let you get back to your staring."
"Thank you, Jongdae, and congratulations on finding your true love."
Jongdae beamed at Sehun, his first genuine smile to the boy. "Thank you. Good luck with yours."
Sehun sighed, lips pursed in a tiny pout, as he watched Jongdae happily reunite with Yixing as the festivities continued. He turned away to look at Luhan seated next to Minseok and enjoying himself.

"Sehun, I'm home." Luhan walked through the door, arms apread wide with a goofy smile on his face. The sun was just peeking through the curtains, signalling the early morning. The party had last well into the wee hours of the night and Luhan had gone out with Minseok to catch up with him before coming home. He may have imbibed a few too many drinks when toasting Yixing and Jongdae several times during the night and a few more with Minseok afterwards but he was still pretty sober in his opinion. He had managed to get home all by himself with only a few little stumbles along the way.
He smiled when he saw the little black kitten, still in his little tuxedo, come out from his bedroom. With a soft meow, Sehun sat before Luhan, head tilted to the side.
"Sehunnie!" Luhan cooed as he came over and picked up the kitten. He rubbed his face all over his fur, feeling the little kitten purring. "I missed you so much. The party was fun - I'm so glad Yixing is marrying someone he loves - but I missed you and wished you could've been there. Maybe next time, if the place allows pets, I'll bring you in. Everyone can coo over you and your lovely little outfits. They can see how gorgeous we look together."
Luhan walked to his bedroom, kitten snuggled in his arms. Setting Sehun on his bed, Luhan undressed and plopped face down on the bed. He was knocked out in a few seconds.
Sehun gave a little whine and gently touched Luhan's head with his paw. When he received no response, he walked to Luhan's pillow and curled up, falling asleep.

Luhan smiled and waved. He slipped into the vacant seat by Kyungsoo. "So how's everyone doing?"
"Good. Work is the same as always." Luhan shrugged.
"I just got a promotion at work." Kyungsoo accepted everyone's congratulatory hugs.
"You know what this means?" Luhan grinned. "Time to drink!"
As wine was poured around the table, Joonmyun turned to Yixing and Jongdae. "So how are the wedding plans coming along?"
"Great. That friend you recommended, Kris, has been a big help. His partner, Zitao, has been a great help to Jongdae even though some of his suggestions are a bit...not our style." Yixing smiled, arm wrapped around Jongdae's waist. Jongdae started fidgeting in his seat. He turned to whisper in Yixing's ear before slipping out of his seat.
"So let's congratulate Kyungsoo on his promotion." Luhan smiled as he raised his glass.
Jongdae found Sehun sitting a few tables away, alone in a corner booth with a direct view of their table. "Hi Sehun."
"Jongdae." Sehun looked up with wide eyes as Jongdae slipped into the seat across from him. "Uh...a pleasure to see you. Can I help you with anything?"
"Why yes, if you don't mind, can you come with me?" Jongdae got up, taking a firm grip of Sehun's wrist and dragging him over to their table. Sehun tried to resist but he couldn't fight against Jongdae's surprisingly strong grip.
Luhan glanced up when Jongdae came back, towing Sehun behind him. He took one glance at the soft black hair, strong jaw line, wide eyes, pale skin, and felt his heart thud. "Wh-wh-who's your friend?"
Yixing's brow lifted, surprised to hear his friend, always sure of himself, stuttering.
"This is -" Sehun pulled hard on Jongdae's lax grip and scurried away. Jongdae frowned at Sehun's retreating figure. He huffed and sat back down next to Yixing. "Eh I'll introduce you later."
"Are you sure he was a friend, Jongdae?" Kyungsoo gave him a skeptical look, glancing to where Sehun was seated, head buried behind a menu.
"Yeah," Jongdae smiled, "he's a friend. Just a bit shy."
Luhan stared at Sehun a bit longer before turning back to his friends.

Luhan opened the door to his apartment to find Sehun asleep, curled up by the front door. Giving a quiet chuckle, he petted the kitten before heading to his room.
Luhan woke up and smiled, finding Sehun awake and sitting on his dresser. "Hi Sehun."
Sehun gave a little meow.
Luhan smiled, leaning up to touch his nose against Sehun's. "I met a wonderful man last night. Well okay, I didn't really meet him since he ran away before Jongdae could introduce him but oh Sehun, he was so handsome."
Luhan gave a dreamy sigh. "I wouldn't mind seeing him again. He was so handsome."

Luhan spent most of the day at home, occasionally going out with Sehun to buy him some new outfits. He picked up a new shirt and some cute bow ties for his little kitten.
He doted on Sehun so much. His kitten had his own bedroom he could use if he pleased but Luhan liked it when Sehun slept in his bed instead of the pet bed he'd gotten him. The closet in Sehun's bedroom was filled with so many accessories and clothes and yet Luhan kept adding to the pile.
"There, don't you look so handsome, Sehunnie?" Luhan smiled, seeing Sehun wearing one of his new bow ties. He snapped a picture with his phone and set it as his background. Noticing the time, he swore and rushed to his bedroom.
"I'm sorry Sehunnie, but I have to go. I forgot I was meeting with Yixing and Jongdae today. They wanted to talk to me about the wedding, I'm not sure why." Giving a quick pat to Sehun's head, Luhan left the apartment.

Yixing and Jongdae were already seated at a little table at a nearby coffee shop.
"Hey, sorry I'm late. I was busy with Sehun."
Yixing and Jongdae shared a look. "Oh, that's fine. So we wanted some second opinions since you'll be acting as my best man."
Yixing pulled some papers out of his bag. "So we wanted a second opinion on the menu choices for our wedding. Jongdae is all for just fish but I would like a few other choices."
Luhan looked at the papers, noticing several different entree options. "Well, I mean at weddings, there are tends to be beef, chicken, and fish entrees and some veggie entrees for those people that don't really eat meat. That's if you just do a simple three course meal: salad/soup, entree, and dessert. Then there's the seven course meal with family style set-up, which is what we typically deal with at family events."
Yixing sighed. "That option feels like too much food to me but the three course seems so little. Isn't there one in between or buffet style?"
Luhan looked at Yixing in horror. "You can't have buffet style at your own wedding."
"It's just the reception." Yixing shrugged his shoulders. "It would be the better option, letting people go up and get their own food when they want. It'll be good for any children at the reception."
"As long as I get fish, I'm fine with whatever." Jongdae smiled, snuggling closer to Yixing.
Luhan rubbed his temples. "Now I see why you wanted a second opinion."
Yixing smiled. "So care to help?"
"What else are you guys having trouble on? I'd like to know how much help I'll need to provide."
Yixing grabbed some more papers from his bag. "A lot."
Luhan groaned. "Get me a large Americano and we'll get started."
Jongdae half listened to what Yixing and Luhan were talking about. Human life was still pretty new to him so he left most of the details to Yixing but Yixing wanted to make sure he was included and happy but Jongdae was happy as long as he had Yixing. They sometimes had roundabout discussions which made it hard to make decisions.
A hint of something familiar drifted towards his nose. He turned his head to search and found Sehun sitting a few tables away, staring intently at Luhan as he drank some milk. Jongdae decided to leave him alone for now as wedding plans took precedent over finally getting Sehun to talk to Luhan while in human form.
Jongdae leaned his head on Yixing's shoulder, hand rubbing up and down Yixing's arm. He decided he should pay attention to Luhan and Yixing's talk but he kept an eye on Sehun too.

"Sehunnie~ I wish you could be my date but the place doesn't allow pets." Luhan frowned as he straightened his tie. His work was having some formal function where his presence was required or else he would stay at home with Sehun. He ignored his friends' comments of how he should just date his cat since no one else could beat his love for his cat.
Luhan glanced down at Sehun in his matching suit. "You're so handsome."
Luhan sighed. "If only..."

Sehun walked straight over to Jongdae when he stepped into the ballroom.
"Sehun! What are you doing here?"
"Introduce me to Luhan."
Jongdae's eyes widened. “Sure, but this is a change in attitude. What happened?"
"Introduce us." Sehun started to fidget, his nerves starting to catch up with him.
Jongdae grabbed Sehun's hand and walked over to where Luhan was. "Hey, Luhan. I want to introduce you to someone."
Luhan's eyes widened as he took in the same handsome stranger from before. He barely heard the introductions, only knew that the handsome stranger was holding his hand. His hand was larger than his and so warm. It made his heart feel warm as well.
"Would you care to dance?"
Luhan nodded and followed him onto the dance floor. Luckily it was a slow song, something where they didn't have to move much and he could stand as close as he dared. Luhan lifted his arms and wrapped them arouns his neck. His arms came around him, pulling him close. His head came down to rest on his forehead.
Luhan didn't know how long they were on the dance floor, he just remembered his eyes. The way he stared unwavering at him had kept Luhan entranced and his heart beating fast.
A tap on his shoulder made him pull away to see Yixing tapping his watch. "It's getting late."
"Oh...okay, just let me..." Luhan turned around to spot the stranger already by the entrance. He frowned, which stayed on his face when he got home.
Luhan collapsed on the couch, Sehun climbing up to curl next to him. He picked him up and set him on his lap, hand stroking his back. "Sehunnie, I met a man tonight that I think may be the one. But I don't even know his name or if I'll see him again."
Luhan sighed. "I didn't even get to say goodbye."
Sehun gave a little meow.
Luhan sighed again and continued stroking Sehun, seeking comfort from his little kitten.

At the next company event, Luhan kept his eyes peeled for that man again and sprinted towards his side when he saw him slip inside. "Hi."
Sehun froze, eyes wide when he saw Luhan smiling up at him. "Hi."
"Want to dance?"
Luhan grabbed his hand and pulled him out onto the dance floor.
Ignoring the beat of the music, Luhan wrapped his arms around him and just swayed along to the music. Luhan rested his head against his chest, feeling content to be so close to him. Nothing had to be said as they took comfort in each other's presence.
All too soon, someone was tapping on Luhan's shoulder.
"What?" He turned with a frown on his face.
"Time to go home."
“Already?” Luhan turned to say goodbye but the stranger had already disappeared. He groaned in frustration. “Not again. Thanks a lot, Yixing. If you weren’t my friend, I’d be so angry at you right now."
Yixing glanced at Jongdae who quickly shook his head.

“Sehunnie~” Luhan whined as he cuddled his kitten close to him. “I keep seeing him all the time now but I never get the chance to say anything to him. It’s just that all seems right with the world when I’m around him that I just forget about everything else."
Sehun meowed, little paw coming to rest on the back of his hand.
"I love him but I don’t even know his name,” Luhan wailed. “I didn’t know love could be torture. Why can’t my love for him be easy like my love for you, Sehunnie?"
Sehun gave a little meow, his paw patting the back of Luhan’s hand. Luhan sniffled a bit and buried his face in Sehun’s fur.
“I promise myself that next time I see him, I will finally learn his name and confess my love. I feel too much to keep it in."

Jongdae waited outside and grabbed Sehun before he could walk inside. “Sehun!"
“Yes, Jongdae?"
“You need to talk to him this time. Actually talk to him instead of just holding him. How are you going to stay human if you don’t do anything? You know you need to both confess and share a kiss for this to be permanent."
Sehun sighed. “Yes, I know…I just…wanted to be sure."
“Yeah well, I’m not sure how much more sure you need to be. He’s so miserable and frustrated, he’s trying to drink it all away right now. I have Yixing watching over him but there’s only so much he can do."
“Okay, okay. I’ll go to him now.” Sehun followed Jongdae into the building and found Luhan by the bar, Yixing soothingly rubbing his back, as Luhan downed another shot.
Yixing tapped his shoulder. Luhan turned around and blinked blurry eyes until the man standing next to him came into focus.
“You came!” Luhan smiled as he threw himself into his arms.
Sehun looked a little lost but Jongdae gave him a reassuring smile. Keeping a firm grip around Luhan’s waist, he maneuvered them towards a table in the back away from everyone else.
“Call me crazy but I love you.” Luhan clung to the man’s shirt. "I love you but I don’t even know your name."
Sehun saw Luhan’s bottom lip begin to tremble. His hand came up to gently wipe the stray tear that fell. “My name is Sehun."
“Sehun, what a nice name. I have a cat named Sehun."
“Luhan,” Sehun stared into Luhan’s eyes, “I am your cat Sehun."
Luhan started to smile, to make a joke, when he noticed the serious expression on Sehun’s face. “You can’t be serious."
“I am, Luhan, I’m very serious when I say I’m your cat,” a small smile lifted one corner of Sehun’s lips, “and that I’m very much in love with you."
“I don’t…I can’t…I don’t understand…” Luhan looked at Sehun confused. While he was unsure, he didn’t want to leave the warmth he found in Sehun’s arms. This handsome man couldn’t be his cat. It just didn’t seem possible, and yet, this feeling he felt with this man was similar to how he felt with his cat. But how was it possible that his cat was now this man?
“It’s true, Luhan."
Luhan turned his head to find Yixing and Jongdae standing next to them. “What are you talking about?"
Yixing smiled. “You forget I can read you easily as your best friend. Sehun really is your cat. There’s some spell that allows your pets to turn human during the night time hours -"
“Wait, that myth we learned about in school?"
“Turns out it’s not a myth and actually very common but people don’t really talk about it.” Yixing shrugged his shoulders.
“I don’t…” Luhan narrowed his eyes. “Wait, does this mean that Jongdae was your pet cat?"
Yixing just smiled.
“How do you…isn’t it weird?"
“No, not at all.” Yixing smiled as he wrapped his arms around Jongdae’s waist, Jongdae resting his head against Yixing’s shoulder. “He’s still my Jongdae, whether as a cat or a human, though I will admit him as a human is a bit more satisfying."
Luhan scrunched his face, not wanting that visual in his mind.
“The only question you need to ask yourself now, Luhan, is do you love Sehun, all of Sehun?"
Luhan looked at Sehun. He was still comfortable resting in his arms, no wish to move. He looked into Sehun’s eyes and could see the little kitten he loved and tried to reconcile that with the handsome man in front of him. It was strange for him to fall in love with someone so easily and yet that had only happened the day he got Sehun. “I…I guess I do love Sehun, all of him."
Yixing and Jongdae smiled. “Then give him a kiss."
Luhan turned and looked at Sehun. Sehun hadn’t moved during the whole conversation, arms still wrapped around Luhan. A blush rushed to his cheeks when he realized Sehun had never stopped looking at him. Looking up at him through his lashes, Luhan gently brought Sehun’s head down to press their lips together.
An electric shock coursed through his body as a bond formed between the two of them, tying them together. Luhan could hear their heartbeats beating as one and smiled. He pulled back and smiled into Sehun’s shining eyes. “I love you, Sehun."
“And I love you, Luhan.” Sehun smiled and pressed his forehead against Luhan, content with how things turned out.

Two months later

Luhan was standing at the altar, listening as the priest recited those familiar words.
“Do you take this man to be your lawfully wedded husband, in sickness and in health, for as long as you both shall live?"
Luhan looked to his left and caught Sehun’s eyes.
“I do."
Cheers and well-wishes filled his ears as Yixing and Jongdae were officially made husband and husband. Hugging the newlyweds, Luhan saw the smile on Sehun’s face. His heart beat, feeling that all too familiar feeling of love.
As the wedding party moved to the reception hall, Luhan fingered the box he had taken to carrying around his pocket for the last week.

A/N: i hope this turned out okay :3 not sure where this came from or how it happened...i think the idea changed while writing it? idk...i'm just rambling here now, just ignore this whole a/n
Tags: chen/lay, hunhan month, sehun/luhan

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