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Title: Labyrinth of Love
Pairing: Sehun/Luhan
Word Count: 2586
Summary: According to her father's wishes, Princess Lulu must stay in the tower until a worthy prince navigates the labyrinth to ask for her hand in marriage.

“Father, is this really absolutely necessary?” Lulu pouted at her father.
King Chen rubbed his chin, appearing to contemplate, before he gave an absolute “Yes."
Princess Lulu sighed, knowing nothing could change her father’s mind once it was made up. She followed her servant to the waiting carriage.
Her father had a giant labyrinth built for any prospective suitor. Those wishing to marry Princess Lulu must get through the labyrinth. Lulu was to live in the tower built in the center until a worthy suitor could be found. She was given full control of the labyrinth, a control panel containing any number of obstacles for potential suitors to get past.
While Lulu thought this whole thing was ridiculous and stupid, she knew her father was just trying to find the best husband for her. Ever since her mother had died when she was young, the king had doted on her further to make up for the loss.
"We're here, your highness." The carriage had stopped at the base of a tall tower.
Princess Lulu stepped out of the carriage and entered the tower. Each level was a different room. Her bedroom and bathroom were on the third level. The room above was the observatory that also held the control panel. The first floor was a sitting room/living room for Lulu to relax in and the kitchen/dining room was on the second floor.
The door shut with a loud thud, sending a chill down her spine. It was now officially husband hunting time.

The first prince to attempt the maze was a tall blonde prince from some distant realm. Lulu didn't pay attention to what her father was telling her as she watched the prince through her binoculars.

"Alright, good luck, Prince Kris. May you safe"Alright Prince Kris, if you wish to have the princess' hand in marriage, you must successfully navigate your way through this labyrinth to get to the princess in the tower, but beware the many obstacles you will face." King Chen kept the pleasant smile on his face as he watched Prince Kris check his reflection in his handheld mirror. the man seemed too vain for his daughter but he was quite wealthy and he would look wonderful next to his daughter. Besides, he might be a good husband and ruler once you got to know him better.
"Alright, Prince Kris. Good Luck. May you successfully navigate through the labyrinth."
Kris bowed before fixing his hair and walking straight into the labyrinth.
At first, he kept up a steady pace, walking forward, occasionally turning left or right. He always kept the tower in his sight, rising above the stone walls. But as the scenery never wavered, his steps began to falter until he completely stopped, exhausted.
He wasn't sure how long he had been walking in the maze but it felt like forever. He plopped down, back resting against a wall, as he dug into his pack. As he ate his food and drank some water, a sparkle up ahead caught his attention. Putting his things away, he walked towards the sparkling object.
Standing before him was a full length mirror.His eyes widened as he took in his appearance. thanks to his continuous walking, he had begun to sweat, his hair sticking to his forehead. His clothes had begun to cling to him as well. There was some streaks of dirt on his pants and his shoes had gotten dirty. Frowning to himself, he set to fixing his appearance.
Lulu snorted from her observatory. Prince Kris was a lost cause. She enclosed him in the mirror room and sent a note to her servant to lead Prince Kris out of the labyrinth when he was done. She didn't want a husband who was more concerned about his appearance than her. That just meant he would be very high-maintenance and she couldn't abide that.

The second prince to attempt the labyrinth was a prince from a nearby realm. Lulu remembered playing with him once upon a time, at some royal functions, but it had been some time since they had last hung out together. She peered through her binoculars. It seemed as if he hadn't grown so much but he had been working out if the ripple of muscles beneath his clothes was any indication.

"Hello, Prince Minseok. Welcome to Princess Lulu's Labyrinth."
Prince Minseok bowed and smiled. "Thank you, King Chen. It's wonderful to see you again."
"My, how you've grown. It's been so long." Chen smiled as he clapped Minseok on the back. He noticed how solid he was when he barely moved after the impact. He knew Prince Minseok since he was a baby; his father, King Joonmyun, was a good friend of his. He would make an excellent husband for Princess Lulu if he could make it through the labyrinth.
"Well, Minseok, you know what to do. Make it through the labyrinth and you can have Princess Lulu's hand in marriage."
"Yes, your majesty."
"Alright then, Minseok. Off you go. May you be successful in navigating through the labyrinth." chen gave Minseok one last pat on the back and watched as he set off into the labyrinth.
Luhan smiled from her tower. Time to have some fun.
Only a few feet into the labyrinth, Minseok stopped and sniffed the air. A delicious aroma was wafting towards him from down the hall. He followed his nose, racing after the delicious scent. He stopped when he saw a nice round bun sitting on a floating plate. He reached out towards it but it floated away.
With an adorable pout on his face, he chased after the plate.
Luhan laughed as she watched Minseok chase after the food. She was leading him out of the maze but she'd give him a nice reward at the end. She liked him well enough; he was a good friend. But if she had wanted him for a husband, she would've made it apparent long ago. Besides, how good of a husband would he be if he allowed her to get away with things like this?
When all this was over, she'll treat him to a nice dinner while they catch up.

The next prince that came for the labyrinth was a lean brunette. He looked cute with the dimple in his cheeks. Lulu was enchanted by his sweet smile.

"Welcome. And who may you be?" King chen smiled at the man.
"I am Prince Yixing, your majesty." Yixing bowed.
"Well young man, are you ready to challenge the labyrinth for the princess' hand?"
"Yes. Can you tell me what I can expect in there?" Yixing beamed.
"Oh, anything can happen to you in there." King Chen grinned. "So you best be on your guard."
"Yes, your majesty." Yixing bowed once more before setting off into the labyrinth.

Lulu watched from her perch as Yixing slowly made his way through the labyrinth. He seemed to have a good sense of direction, missing all the turns with dead-ends.So far, Lulu hadn't attempted to add anything to the labyrinth and that may have been a mistake. She wasn't sure if she wanted this Prince Yixing to make it to the end of the maze. She barely knew him.
Lulu walked over to the control console and started off simple with the distractions. She moved pathways to direct Yixing to each of her distractions. First she tried food, he took a taste and then moved on. Second, she tried musical instruments, having seen the guitar strapped to his horse back at the front. He had played with the instruments a bit but continued on. Lulu racked her brain for all types of things guys would be interested, leading Yixing into each of them but he gave them only a bit of attention before moving on.
Getting frustrated, Lulu decided to go for the ultimate distraction but before she could press that button, she accidentally pressed a different button, releasing a unicorn into the maze.
With a delighted noise, Yixing raced after it to Lulu’s amazement.
“Well, that was unexpected.” She shrugged her shoulders and waited for the next prince to challenge the maze.

After weeks of waiting around in her tower, another prince from a distant land came to challenge the labyrinth. He was tall and tanned. She could see his muscles beneath his clothes and figured he liked to spend time out in the sun. Lulu kept her binoculars trained on him as her father talked to him.
“Welcome to Princess Lulu’s labyrinth. Have you come here to challenge it?"
“Yes, my name is Prince Kai.” Kai bowed low.
“Welcome, Prince Kai. Good luck navigating the labyrinth.” King Chen patted Kai on the back.
Kai bowed once more before entering the labyrinth.
Lulu watched as Prince Kai walked into every dead-end his way. She didn’t even need to put up any roadblocks or distractions as it seemed Prince Kai had terrible luck with the way he kept turning into dead-ends. After too many dead-ends, Prince Kai sat down and went to sleep.
Princess Lulu giggled to herself before sending a signal to her servant to have Prince Kai carried out of the labyrinth.

Sehun huffed as he watched another prince attempt the labyrinth before ending back up at the entrance. He was frustrated at the various failed attempts when he knew he could make it through the labyrinth easily. As Princess Lulu’s servant, he had intimate knowledge of the labyrinth. Plus he loved Princess Lulu unlike these princes from different realms. Having admired her from afar, he had somehow become her personal servant and bodyguard where his crush had developed into love. He had wanted to marry Princess Lulu but it seemed as only King Chen would allow a prince to marry her. He sighed before heading back to his room.
“Hey Sehun, any prince make it today?” Kyungsoo glanced up as Sehun walked through the door.
“No, and it’s so frustrating.” Sehun flopped down on his bed.
“Well, why don’t you attempt it?"
“Because it’s only for princes."
“Then look like a prince and you can challenge it.” Tao sat up on his bed.
Tao smiled. “Don’t worry. We’ve got you covered."

Sehun tugged at the collar of his shirt. He wasn’t sure how but Tao and Kyungsoo had made him look like a prince. He checked his reflection once more before heading to the entrance of the labyrinth. He could feel his palms sweaty a bit, unsure if this disguise would work. He saw King Chen already waiting at the entrance. Taking a deep breath and wiping his sweaty palms on his pants, he walked forward.
“Hello, are you here to challenge the labyrinth?"
“Yes, your majesty. I am Prince Sehun."
“Welcome, Prince Sehun and I wish you well on your quest.” King Chen smiled.
“Thank you, your majesty.” Sehun bowed deeply and headed into the labyrinth.
Familiar with the maze, Sehun slowly and steadily made his way through it. He noticed the deviating paths leading to dead-ends and avoided them. No matter how Princess Lulu changed the maze, he never fell for the trap.

Princess Lulu frowned from her tower. This new prince making his way through the labyrinth was way too good. He didn’t fall for anything she did and she had almost exhausted all of her obstacles and distractions. There was no way to stop him from reaching her tower and she could only brace herself as he got closer and closer.

Sehun knocked on the door at the bottom of the tower. When no one came forth, he tried the door and found it unlocked. He started the climb up the stairs to the very top where Princess Lulu was perched on her chair. He saw her eyes widened.
“Princess Lulu,” Sehun stepped forward. He knelt down on one knee before her. “I have traversed the labyrinth, getting past all the obstacles and distractions thrown my way, to be able to ask for your hand in marriage. So Princess Lulu, the love of my life, will you please do me the honor of becoming my wife?"
Lulu stared at her servant, now dressed as a prince. It would be a lie saying she hadn’t harbored some interest in her handsome servant. She had actually pulled some strings to make him her personal servant, wanting to keep him close to her. But she knew her father would not allow her to marry a servant. But Sehun had completed the challenge he had set forth for potential suitors and there was no one else she wanted to marry so now it would just take some convincing, especially since Sehun tricked the king to take the challenge. She slowly got up from her seat to stand before Sehun. She placed her hand in Sehun’s outstretched one. “Yes, Sehun. I will marry you."
A smile bloomed across his face. “Would it be okay if I kissed you?"
“Yes.” Luhan cupped Sehun’s face, bringing it down to hers for a kiss.

Sehun fidgeted in his spot. He wasn’t looking forward to this meeting but it had to be done. Lulu squeezed his hand and he caught her quick smile before the throne room doors were being opened and the two stepped inside.
King Chen was seated on his throne, looking dark and imposing. They walked and stopped right in front of him.
“Your majesty, my name is Sehun and I would like your permission to marry Princess Lulu."
“Sehun, huh?” King Chen stroked his chin as he looked the man over. “Not a prince, are you?"
“No, your majesty, and I apologize for my deception, but you see, I love Princess Lulu and will do everything in my power to make her happy.” Sehun looked at the king with determination in his eyes.
“Father, the princes that challenged the labyrinth, none of them held my interest. Sehun has. He’s the only one I wish to marry.” Lulu linked her arms with Sehun’s. “So please, father. I know you want me to be happy and you want the best for me and that is Sehun. Sehun makes me happy and he is what is best for me. Just take some time to get to know him and you’ll see."
Chen’s eyebrows bunched together as he studied the couple in front of him. He stared for so long Sehun started to fidget. Then his mouth stretched into a wide smile. “Of course, you may marry Sehun. We’ll have the wedding in the garden in a month."
The king took great joy in seeing the shock on Sehun and his daughter’s face. “Now run along, you two. You have a wedding to plan and I have a kingdom to run."
Lulu regained her composure first and went up to kiss her father on the cheek. “Thank you so much, daddy."
“Thank you, your majesty."
“Oh, no need to be so formal, Sehun. I am going to be your father-in-law. Please feel free to call me Dad.” Chen grinned.
Sehun gave a nervous smile. “Thank you, your majesty but uh…maybe later."
“Alright, son. Now go on, you two lovebirds.” King Chen made a little shooing motion. The two raced from the throne room and out into the gardens.
“Well…that didn’t go as expected."
“You can never tell with my father, but I’m so glad to be marry you, Sehun. I love you.” Lulu threw her arms around Sehun, pressing a kiss to his lips.
“And I love you too."

A/N: so not related to the fic but totally posted this while inebriated so hopefully summary and title makes sense b/c idk and yeah this was an idea from a year or two ago hence why certain parts are the way they are (aka cliche like)
Tags: hunhan month, sehun/luhan

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