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Title: Love You, Hyung~
Pairing: Sehun/Everyone
Word Count: 5116
Summary: Sehun loves each and every one of his hyungs and makes sure to show them just how much. (PWP almost)
A/N: inspired by thea's tweet (this is the bottom!sehun fic you be waiting for~)

Although sometimes viewed as a spoiled brat, Oh Sehun loved all of his hyungs dearly. He wouldn’t be where he was without their love and support and he made sure to show them his love and support back.

Sehun’s muscles were straining as he kept himself hovering right above Jongin’s dick. His legs were spread and bent, supporting all his weight, as he positioned himself. He reached down and gripped Jongin’s dick. He could feel it pulsing as he held it steady. He slowly lowered himself, his ass pressing into Jongin’s hips as he took Jongin’s dick to the hilt.
Twin groans filled the air, Jongin’s hands coming to rest on Sehun’s waist as Sehun breathed slowly, getting used to the feel of Jongin’s dick inside him. It hadn’t been that long since he last had sex but it was still a bit of a stretch.
His own dick stood proudly before him, slightly curved up. He paid no attention to it as he gently rotated his hips. The burn felt good, his hole stretched wide on Jongin’s dick.
“That’s it, baby. Ride me, show me how much you love me.”
Sehun braced his hands on Jongin’s chest and moved his hips up and down. It felt amazing, bouncing on Jongin’s dick. It was thick enough to fill him up and long enough to hit him right where he wanted. He spread his legs wider, falling deeper onto Jongin’s dick.
“Hyung…” Sehun bit his bottom lip as he continued to bounce on Jongin’s dick.
“That’s right.” Jongin grunted a bit as he pushed Sehun down onto his dick as he thrusted up. “Keep going. I can feel your love. I can really feel it.”
“Yes…yes…hyung…I’m almost –“
“That’s it, keep going.” Jongin forced Sehun down onto his dick harder.
Sehun moaned, nails digging into Jongin’s chest as he felt his orgasm nearing.
Jongin grinned and thrust his hips harder.
Sehun writhed above him before coming over Jongin’s chest.
Jongin continued to thrust through Sehun’s orgasm until he was coming inside.
Sehun collapsed on top of Jongin, all the strength leaving his tired muscles.
“Eww, get off.”
Sehun mumbled some words, waving a hand and burying closer to Jongin.
“Eww, Sehun. You’re making the mess worse.” Jongin pushed at Sehun but he just pressed closer, spreading his limbs all over the bed, trapping Jongin beneath.
Jongin pushed at his shoulder one more time before giving up, wrapping his arm around Sehun’s waist. “You brat.”
“Love you too, hyung.” Sehun gave Jongin a sleepy smile before passing out.

Tao clung to Sehun the moment he saw him. “Sehun-ah, Sehun-ah, Sehun-ah.”
“Hey, Tao-yah, what’s up?”
Tao pouted. “You haven’t spent any time with hyung lately.”
“Oh, I’m sorry. How about I come over to your hotel room later and we’ll play?”
“Great.” Tao gave Sehun a quick hug before he was moving on to another member.

Sehun knocked on Tao’s door, which quickly opened, and he was pulled inside. Tao dragged him over to the couch and sat down next to him, phone already out and open to his camera app.
“Smile, Sehun-ah.” Tao beamed at the camera, snapping a selca of the two. He glanced at it with a slight frown. “Nope, no good. Again!”
They spent the next hour taking selcas together. Tao always had a reason for why this picture or that picture wasn’t good.
“Hyung~ are we done yet?”
Tao looked up from his phone to find Sehun sprawled on the couch, pout on his face. “Almost.”
He held up his phone and snapped a quick photo of Sehun. “There, all done.”
Sehun pursed his lips in annoyance. “Hyung~”

Sehun found himself bent over the couch, ass high up in the air as Tao fucked him from behind. He moaned as Tao’s grip tightened and his hips sped up. “Hyung…”
Sehun tried to wiggle and seek friction on his aching dick but Tao was relentless, keeping Sehun pinned in place as he fucked him harder.
“Come on, baby…tell me what you want…” Tao’s hands were bruising, sure to leave marks.
“Hyung…I just wanna love you…so fuck me as you want. I’m yours to use.” Sehun moaned low as Tao shifted, aiming for Sehun’s prostate.
Tao grunted as he felt his orgasm nearing. “You’re so good to hyung, baby. You know how much I love you.”
“And I love you, hyung.” Sehun made a keening noise in the back of his throat as his orgasm came.
Tao came a few moments after, spilling inside Sehun. He collapsed on top of Sehun who whined a little.
Tao laughed and pressed a kiss to the back of Sehun’s neck. “Thanks for that, Sehun.”
Sehun gave a sleepy smile. “Thanks, hyung. Now carry me to bed.”
Tao scrunched his face up but did as Sehun wished. He lay Sehun down on the bed before climbing in next to him, Sehun already fast asleep.

Sehun climbed into Suho’s bed the next day, when he returned to their shared hotel room. “Hyung…sleep with me.”
“Sehun-ah, not now.” Suho shook his head, turning towards the closet as he took of his jacket.
“No hyung~ sleep with me.” Sehun waited for Suho to look at him before wiggling his eyebrows suggestively.
Suho’s eyes widened before a smirk crossed his face. “Is it time for baby to show hyung how much he loves him?”
Sehun eagerly nodded his head, sitting up and revealing his naked torso.
“Already naked for your hyung?”
“Yes, yes please. Hyung, let me love you.” Sehun sat up further, blanket falling away and displaying his naked body, eager for some love.
Suho’s eyes raked over Sehun’s body, noticing the already leaking dick. “Been waiting long?”
Sehun’s cheeks flushed. “A little…but it’s fine. I don’t mind waiting for hyung.”
“Well that’s good because you’re still going to have to wait a long while.” Suho’s eyes glinted with anticipation. He slowly began to undress, taking off his shirt, pants, and briefs until he stood before Sehun in all his naked glory.
Sehun’s eyes raked up and down his hyung’s body, looking at all the pale skin showcasing the wonderful muscles beneath. He licked his lips and settled back against the headboard. “Hyung…”
“Uh uh uh, not yet, baby.” Suho came over, tugging the blankets from Sehun’s body. Sehun shivered but did nothing, lying on the bed with his aching cock sticking straight up from his body.
“Spread your legs.” Sehun spread his legs as wide as they would go. Suho hummed, walking around, occasionally running a hand over Sehun’s body.
“Hyung is a bit tired tonight, so why don’t you play with yourself for me? I’ll just be over here watching. If it’s good enough, I give you what you want.” Suho pulled a chair over to the side of the bed, settling in, hand already gently gripping his cock.
Sehun licked his lips. He brought one hand up to tease his nipples as the other went down to begin stroking his cock.
“Remember, you can’t come until I say so.”
“Yes, hyung.” Sehun closed his eyes as he let instinct take over. His hands moved over his body, stroking his nipples as his hand moved up and down. He could feel his cock leaking. He swiped over his precum and brought the finger to his entrance, teasing himself by pressing against it. Bringing his hand up, Sehun sucked on three of his fingers, coating them in his saliva before bringing them down to his entrance.
Going slowly, he added one, then two, then three fingers, slowly pumping them in and out of his hole. His hand stroking his cock began to work in time with his fingers. He twisted his fingers, aiming for that spot inside of him. He choked out a gasp when his fingers grazed it.
“Nuh uh uh, none of that.” Sehun looked up to see Suho staring intently down at him, his wrist caught in Suho’s tight grasp. He bit his bottom lip as he waited for his hyung to tell him what to do.
“Continue what you were doing. I don’t think you’ve waited long enough. But none of that, okay?”
Sehun nodded his head. Suho smiled and went back to the chair. He lazily stroked his cock as Sehun continued to tease himself.
After several more minutes of them just playing with themselves, Suho stood up from his chair and walked around the bed to his bag. He grabbed a condom and walked back towards the bed. He slipped between Sehun’s legs, hands coming up to grab Sehun’s wrists. He pulled Sehun’s hands away and settled himself between Sehun’s spread legs. He slipped the condom on and placed his cock at Sehun’s entrance.
“Ready, baby?”
“Yes, hyung. Fuck me please.” Sehun’s hands gripped the bedsheets tightly as Suho slipped in.

Sehun laid curl on the bed, arms wrapped around Suho. “That was great, hyung. I love you.”
“Love you too. Now get some rest. We have to wake up early.” Suho covered the two of them with the blankets, curling up tight to conserve warmth.

Kyungsoo was busy in the kitchen, fixing up a snack for Jongin who was wrapped around his back. Jongin saw Sehun come in. They stared at each other for a moment before Jongin slipped away. “Uh I’ll be back for the food later, hyung.”
“What? Oh, okay.” Kyungsoo looked at Jongin confused until he spotted Sehun in the doorway. “Oh hi, Sehun. Did you want something?”
Sehun walked in and took Jongin’s spot. “Nope, just wanted to tell hyung how much I love him.”
Sehun felt Kyungsoo freeze in his arms. “Oh, is that right?”
“Uh huh. I love hyung so much.” Sehun nuzzled his nose into the back of Kyungsoo’s neck.
“Sehunnie, let me finish making Jongin’s food and then you can show me how much you love me.”
“Okay, hyung.” Sehun stayed glue to Kyungsoo’s back as he continued cooking.

Sehun had Kyungsoo pressed up against his bedroom door, lips attached to Kyungsoo’s neck. “Hyung, do you know how much I love you?”
“How much, Sehunnie?”
Sehun pulled away and grinned down at Kyungsoo. “This much.”

Sehun was on his hands and knees as Kyungsoo fucked him from behind. “Yes, yes, hyung.”
“Tell me how much you love me, Sehunnie.”
“So much, hyung. I love you so much.” Sehun’s hands dug into the sheets. He raised his ass a bit higher as Kyungsoo pounded into him. Kyungsoo’s hands were bruising on his hips as he held Sehun in place. Sehun turned his head into the mattress to muffle his screams as he got pounded from behind. Kyungsoo knew just how much force to put in to make Sehun come untouched.
White filled his vision as he came on the bed. He heard Kyungsoo grunt behind him and knew he had come as well. He would’ve collapsed on the bed but Kyungsoo’s strong grip held him in place. He was rolled to the side, flat on his back. Kyungsoo got off the bed and grabbed tissues, cleaning the bed and him, before tucking him in.
“Good night, hyung. I love you.” Sehun gave a sleepy smile.
“Love you too, Sehun-ah. Rest well.” Kyungsoo leaned down, kissing Sehun’s forehead. He quietly shut the door as he left Sehun to rest.

Sehun was bent over the counter, searching for a pot to make ramen in. He felt a hand come out and smack his butt. He glanced over his shoulder and saw Baekhyun’s grin. He wiggled his butt and felt another smack. “Yes, hyung? Did you want something?”
“Maybe…” Baekhyun ran an appreciative glance down Sehun’s body. Taking a quick peek at the clock, Sehun thought he had time for a quickie. With a slow grin, he straightened up and sashayed down the hallway towards Baekhyun’s room, knowing it was empty.
Baekhyun’s grin widened as he followed closely behind, his hand coming out to touch Sehun’s butt whenever he could.
The two didn’t waste time, both dropping their pants and underwear. Baekhyun pressed a hand against Sehun’s lower back, bending him over.
Sehun wiggled his butt, earning a light slap. “Hurry up, hyung.”
Baekhyun slapped Sehun’s ass again. “You should be nicer to your hyung, especially when he’s about to fuck this nice ass of yours.”
“I’m sorry, hyung.” Sehun looked over his shoulder with a pout on his lips. “Please hurry up and fuck me.”
“Well since you asked so nicely.” Baekhyun already had the lube in his hands. He quickly coated his fingers and slipped them inside.
Baekhyun was quite talented with his fingers and had Sehun writhing with pleasure and prepped in no time. Slipping on a condom, he slipped inside Sehun.

The two lay collapsed on the bed, heavy breathing filling the room. Sehun gave a contented smile. “That was great, hyung. Can you make me some ramen now?”
“Brat,” Baekhyun said affectionately as he patted Sehun’s butt. “Alright, but don’t fall asleep on me or you’re not going to get any.”
Sehun dragged his body from Baekhyun’s bed, throwing some clothes on, as he followed Baekhyun back to the kitchen for some food.

“Sehun-ah!” Chanyeol walked into the room, arms spread wide as he looked for his favorite dongsaeng. Sehun was lying on his bed, absorbed in his phone.
“Yes, Chanyeol?”
“Where’s the hyung?” Chanyeol plopped down next to Sehun on the bed. His hand came out to sit on Sehun’s lower back as he leaned over to see what Sehun was playing.
“Not here right now.”
“That’s not what I meant, Sehun-ah.”
Sehun paused his game to look at Chanyeol. He recognized the look. “Oh, sorry, hyung, but can I finish this game first?”
“I don’t see why not.” Chanyeol’s hand moved lower, gently massaging Sehun’s ass.
“Thanks, hyung.” Sehun turned back to his game.
Chanyeol continued to massage Sehun’s ass, occasionally skimming between his legs.
“Okay, all done,” Sehun set his phone aside and flipped over, “and all yours, hyung.”

Sehun was gripping Chanyeol’s biceps as Chanyeol fucked him into the mattress. Chanyeol’s hips didn’t have a steady rhythm but he made up for it with enthusiasm as he pounded into Sehun’s ass. His cock was pressed between their bodies, ignored, as Chanyeol searched for that spot to make Sehun see white.
“Hyung…hyung…” Sehun wiggled beneath Chanyeol. “Hurry up.”
“Don’t rush me.” Chanyeol leaned down and nipped at Sehun’s bottom lip.
“Shh…” Chanyeol grinned when he felt the tell-tale stiffening of Sehun’s body. He continued to hit that spot until Sehun was spilling between them. Chanyeol came a few moments later, collapsing on top of Sehun.
“Hyung…get off. You’re heavy.”
“Nope, we’re gonna sleep just like this.” And Chanyeol promptly conked out, trapping Sehun beneath him.

Sehun had checked to make sure no one was around as he slipped into the practice room Chen was using.
Chen was busy warming up but stopped when he noticed Sehun standing by the doorway. “Hi Sehun-ah. What are you doing here?”
“Hi hyung…what are you doing?”
Chen arched a brow. “I was gonna start vocal practice but it seems like you have something else in mind.”
Sehun smiled. “You know me so well, hyung.”
He sauntered over to stand before Chen. Chen tugged on his wrist and had Sehun tumbling onto his lap.

Sehun was on his hands and kness, their clothes beneath him as a make-shift cushion as Chen fucked him from behind. Chen’s grip tightened as he got closer and closer to his climax.
Chen’s hand reached down to stroke Sehun’s cock in time to his thrusts. Within moments, the two were coming together, Sehun spilling onto their clothes, Chen spilling inside Sehun.
Chen pulled out and leaned back on his heels. “Well, our clothes are ruined. I hope you have some spares.”
Sehun lifted a hand, pointing to the bag by the door.
Chen chuckled and walked over, finding new outfits for them to wear. Cleaning Sehun up, Chen dressed Sehun in his clothes and left him to nap on the floor as he dressed and then started his practice.

Sehun leaned against the wall as he watched Lay continue to run through the routine. They were the only ones left in the practice room as everyone else had gone home. Lay had wanted to stay to practice some more and Sehun had volunteered to stay with him. He grabbed his bottle of water and took a long gulp of water.
His eyes ran over Lay’s body, lingering over his hips. Unconsciously, he licked his lips, something Lay noticed.
Lay walked over to the stereo and turn the music off. “Hey, Sehun, can I have some of that water?”
Sehun handed over the bottle and watched Lay take a deep gulp. Some water spilled down the side of his mouth. His eyes followed the path, wanting to lick that drop of water.
“Sehun…” Lay placed a hand on Sehun’s thigh. “Why did you really stay behind?”
“Hyung…” Sehun pouted.
“Spell it out for me, Sehun-ah. I’m not sure I know what you’re asking for.”
“I’m asking for you to let me show you how much I love you.” Sehun got on his hands and knees, turning around to present Lay his ass. “Please fuck me, hyung.”
Lay ran an appreciative hand down Sehun’s ass. “Of course, Sehun-ah.”

Sehun glanced at the mirror and moaned, the sight of Lay fucking him from behind too much for him to handle. Lay had such smooth hips, fucking him so well. Sehun pressed his hips back against Lay to get him to go deeper.
Lay caught the hip and increased the power behind his thrusts.
Sehun moaned and looked towards the mirror again. His eyes caught Lay’s through the reflection and stayed on his as he came. Lay came a few moments later.
He slowly slipped out and being the nice, considerate guy he was, Lay made sure Sehun was all clean before he passed out. Lay chuckled, running a hand through Sehun’s hair. He pulled out his phone and called Suho to come pick them up.

Sehun knocked on the door, five times in a row. The door opened, allowing Sehun just enough space to get in. He made it past without damaging himself or his many bags.
“Maybe next time you could actually open the door more?”
Kris gave a sheepish smile. “Sorry, but you can never be too careful. You never know who might be watching. So how have you been?”
“Alright, but what about you? Do you like being alone, hyung?”
Kris sighed. “Not really, but it can’t be helped.”
“Well I’m sorry for that, but everyone sends their love.” Sehun began digging into his many bags, pulling out various packages and letters.
“Suho sends you his love and some medicine. Uh Tao misses you like crazy even if he won’t say it.” He tossed a small packed envelope to Kris.
“The others send you their love and I’m sure it’s mentioned in their letters and packages. As for me,” Sehun stood up and took off his clothes, “I give you myself, hyung.”

Sehun moaned, Kris’ long fingers moving inside of him. It had been so long since he’d last had those fingers inside him. Kris knew what to do with his fingers, stroking, stretching, and always staying just out of reach. “Hyung…”
“Shh…” Kris continued moving his fingers.
White covered Sehun’s vision as he came.
Kris slipped inside, pushing through Sehun’s orgasm. A few hard thrusts and Kris was spilling inside.
Sehun gave a sleepy smile. “That was great, hyung. I miss you.”
“Miss you too. I’ll be nice and drive you back this time.”
“And you’re come in for a moment to say hi to everyone?”
“We’ll see.” Kris gently ran a hand over Sehun’s tousled hair. “Now sleep.”
Sehun curled close and went to sleep.

“Hyung!” Sehun ran through the dorms and skidded to a halt in front of Baekhyun on the couch.
“What is it, Sehun-ah?”
“I need you to leave right now.”
Baekhyun arched a brow. “Can’t you see I’m relaxing here?”
“Yes,” Sehun stamped an impatient foot, “but this is where I planned on spending some time with Xiumin hyung.”
“Can’t you do this somewhere else?”
Chen passed by on his way to the kitchen. “Don’t be an ass, Baek. You know why he wants the couch tonight. Just come to my room. I was planning a Disney movie marathon and I know you want to join me in singing along.”
Baekhyun frowned but conceded the couch to the maknae. Sehun beamed, giving his hyung a peck on the cheek and a small squeeze to his ass. Baekhyun grinned, reciprocating the touch. “Have fun, Sehun-ah, and please don’t make a mess or Suho will have our heads.”
“Don’t worry.” Sehun smiled as he settled down on the couch, stretching out his legs and covering the entire length of the couch. It was only a few more minutes before Xiumin was walking through the front door, arms laden with several shopping bags.
“Welcome home, hyung.”
Xiumin took off his shoes and set down his bags. He had recognized the tone and his body had instantly reacted, but always calm, he made sure his shoes were put away and the bags set out of the way before he walked into the living room. He caught Sehun’s bright smile as he lounged lazily on the couch. “Are you going to make room for hyung?”
Slowly bringing his legs up to curl up to his chest, Sehun made space for Xiumin to sit down.
Xiumin placed a hand on Sehun’s thigh, gently rubbing it as he turned towards the TV. He watched with the minimalist of attention as his hand moved up to rub at Sehun’s ass. Dipping a hand beneath the waistband of Sehun’s sweats, he found bare skin. “Someone’s prepared.”
Sehun turned to beam at Xiumin. “In more ways than one.”
“Oh, I can feel that.” Xiumin’s fingers could feel the familiar handle of a butt plug.
“So hyung…” Sehun bit his bottom lip. “Are you going to let all this preparation go to waste?”
A slow smirk crossed Xiumin’s face. “Of course not.”

Sehun was bent over the couch as Xiumin pounded into him. His knuckles were turning white with how hard he gripped the back of the couch. He had to keep his body up off the couch so as not to stain it with his sweat or cum, but it was hard to keep his legs steady with the way Xiumin was fucking into him. His hyung knew how to use his hips well.
“Hyung…hyung…” Sehun bit his bottom lip as he pushed back against Xiumin’s driving hips. He could feel his impending orgasm coming.
Xiumin caught the cue and pulled out. Gently turning Sehun over, he waited for Sehun to brace his elbows back on the couch as he held onto Sehun’s hips. Slipping back inside, Xiumin fucked Sehun until he was coming over their stomachs. Xiumin was quick to make sure not a drop fell onto the couch, though a bit of Sehun’s sweat dripped onto it.
Giving a quiet chuckle, Xiumin pulled out and grabbed the butt plug to stick it back up into Sehun’s ass. “We wouldn’t want to make a mess right?”
He gently eased Sehun down onto the floor before wandering into the kitchen to grab a washcloth to wipe the couch and clean them up.

Sehun kept a journal tracking when he showed each hyung his love and support. He made sure to shower them with love as often as he could, some required more love than others but he had a lot of love for his hyungs he was willing to share. He checked his records and saw all was well except for one.
It had been a while since he’d shown Luhan his love but he hadn’t been able to find the time. His love for Luhan was greater than all the rest and he needed a lot of time to properly show Luhan how much he loved his hyung. But between practices and individual activities, there hadn’t been much time.
Sehun frowned, not happy that Luhan was messing up his schedule. He needed to love all his hyungs equally but Luhan hadn’t been receiving his weekly dosage of Sehun’s love. He was going to fix that, no matter what it took.

It took a few weeks but Sehun was finally able to get a whole day to just him and Luhan.
“Hyung~ Hyung~ are you ready?”
“Hmmm?” Luhan rubbed his eyes, blinking sleepily at the maknae. Sehun was up bright and early, already dressed for the day, while Luhan was still in bed in his night shirt.
“Come on hyung~ get up and get ready. We’re gonna go out and have some fun.” Sehun beamed as he bounced into the room.
Luhan sat up slowly, not sure how to handle Sehun’s happy mood. “Alright, just give me a few moments.”
“Hurry up, hyung. I have a whole day planned for us.” Sehun stood at the foot of the bed, tapping his foot impatiently.
“Alright, alright. You’re way too happy this morning.” Luhan dragged himself from the bed and into the bathroom.

Sehun was in the kitchen when Luhan came out all showered and dressed. His eyes widened when he noticed the food on the table. “Sehun…?”
“Hi hyung. I thought you’d like some breakfast before we headed out.”
Luhan sat down at the table. “Did you cook this yourself?”
“Mostly, but I did ask for some help with some of them.” Sehun smiled as he sat down and dug into the food.

When they were finished, Sehun cleared the table, quickly doing the dishes. Luhan raised a brow but said nothing, waiting for Sehun to finish. When Sehun was done, he reached down, lacing their fingers together and led Luhan from the apartment.
The two headed towards the local shopping center, wandering around for a bit, Sehun buying a few little items for Luhan along the way, though the elder protested. They bought drinks and snacks to munch on as they wandered. When they got tired, they headed home.
Luhan collapsed on the couch as Sehun set the bags in Luhan’s room.
Sehun came back out and sat down on the couch. His hands came out to start massaging Luhan’s back.
“Mmm…that’s nice, Sehun-ah, but you know you don’t have to.”
“But hyung, I want to.”
Luhan sighed and allowed Sehun to do as he wanted. He froze when he felt Sehun press his lips against the back of his neck. “Sehun…what are you doing?”
“Hyung…relax. Let me make you feel good.” Sehun pressed kisses on the back on Luhan’s neck as his hands slipped beneath his shirt. His fingers skimmed along the side of Luhan’s body and felt his little shiver.
“Hyung…” Sehun pressed a kiss to the back of Luhan’s ear, “just let me love you.”
“Sehun…” The meaning of what Sehun was saying sunk in. Luhan gasped. “So this whole day was –“
“Yes, hyung. Me showing you how much I love you, but I’m not done yet.” Sehun gently turned Luhan over and pressed their lips together. His tongue gently slipped inside Luhan’s mouth, lazily tracing the inside.
Luhan clung to Sehun as the kiss stole the breath from his lungs. He allowed Sehun to undress him, leaving him naked on the couch. He watched through lidded eyes as Sehun took off his clothes.
Sehun lay on top of Luhan, hands gently cupping his face as he kissed Luhan. The feel of their skin rubbing together sent a pleasant tingle down his spine. Sehun moved his lips from Luhan’s face and down his body. He slowly licked Luhan’s length before engulfing the tip in his mouth. His head bobbed up and down, coating Luhan’s length in his saliva.
Rising up, Sehun straddled Luhan’s waist. “Hyung, look at me.”
Luhan hadn’t realized his eyes had shut closed and opened them to find Sehun staring down at him.
“Look at me. Watch as I show you just how much I love you, hyung.”
Luhan’s eyes widened as he realized what Sehun was about to do. “Sehun-ah, don’t –“
He moaned as Sehun pushed himself down onto Luhan’s cock with almost no preparation.
Sehun stiffened; it had been a while since he had fucked with no preparations and it hurt but he didn’t want Luhan to worry. He stayed still, breathing deeply, as he waited for his body to adjust. When he tested the waters by moving his hips, he felt he was ready for more. Bracing his hands on either side of Luhan, he slowly moved up and moved back down.
Luhan moaned, hands settling on Sehun’s hips, as he let the younger ride him. He could only lay there, taking in everything that was happening. “Sehun-ah…”
“Hyung, hyung…I love you so much.” Sehun moaned as he fucked himself on Luhan’s cock. He kept a slow and steady pace, wanting to last as long as possible. He leaned down and peppered Luhan’s face with kisses as his hips continued to move.
“Hyung…” Sehun leaned up and reached down to grab his cock in his hand. He stroked himself in tandem with his thrusts. He could feel his orgasm nearing but staying just out of reach. He jolted when he felt another hand join his on his cock. He looked down to see Luhan’s hand stroking his cock.
“Hyung…” Sehun leaned into the touch, trying to urge Luhan along. He stopped thrusting as he concentrated on Luhan’s handjob.
“Sehun-ah…aren’t you forgetting something?” Luhan’s eyes twinkled as his other hand wrapped around Sehun’s waist to get him moving again. With Luhan’s guidance, Sehun reached his climax.
Luhan groaned as he spilled inside Sehun. Sehun smiled, pressing a gentle kiss to Luhan’s lips. “I love you, hyung, so much.”
Luhan gave a sleepy smile. “I love you too, Sehun-ah.”
“Rest, hyung. I’ll take care of you.” Sehun smiled, gently caressing Luhan’s sleeping face. He slowly got up and went off to clean the two up. He made sure to cover Luhan’s naked body, slipping him into his night shirt, before he carried him to Luhan’s bed to let him sleep peacefully. He pressed a kiss to Luhan’s forehead before quietly slipping out of the room.

Sehun slipped back into his room and grabbed his journal. He turned to his calendar and marked off Luhan on his list. He smiled seeing his completed list. Finally everyone had gotten their dosage of love. And soon it would be time to start all over again.

A/N: so many different smut scenes though it's true i skipped on a few details but hey, i was writing all 11 members ;-; but much smut basically :P
and yes, the time frame was started way back in aug before luhan left exo hence why kris is not around but luhan is. not sure what else i can say on that note :3 but yeah :T
Tags: chanyeol/sehun, chen/sehun, hunhan month, kris/sehun, r/nc-17, sehun/baekhyun, sehun/d.o., sehun/kai, sehun/lay, sehun/luhan, suho/sehun, tao/sehun, xiumin/sehun

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