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Title: Messages
Pairing: Kangin/Ryeowook, Leeteuk/Ryeowook, Yewook
Word Count: 2068
Theme: 089. “I like your face.” Kangin/Ryeowook (028. Choking Eeteuk/Ryeowook)
Summary: Ryeowook's been getting messages from a crazy creepy stalker.

A/N: i originally have a different idea planned but then somehow it changed as i was writing it...
i was going to use this for the 100 Suju Fanfic Challenge but then i realized i couldn't combine will probably have to write a separate story for the second theme...

I like your face.
For weeks now, Ryeowook has been getting the same message from an unknown stranger. He has no idea who or why. He would just find a random note in his desk, in his locker, in his book bag, in his lunch, etc. He thought it was harmless at the beginning but when they started popping up everywhere he went, he started to get a little scared.
“Kangin hyung! Leeteuk hyung!”
“Yes Ryeowook-ah?” Leeteuk turned around in time to catch Ryeowook who had thrown himself at him. Leeteuk caught the tears in his eyes. “Aww, Wookie-ah, what’s wrong?”
“*sniff**sniff* I…I…got another note. *sniff**sniff* and this time it was in my room…on my bed…” Ryeowook burst into tears. “And…and…he left something else too…” Ryeowook pulled out a small gift from his book bag. Kangin instantly grabbed it and opened it up. Inside was a small bottle of lotion and another note. “Here’s a bottle of lotion for you. Take good care of that pretty face of yours.
Kangin looked at Leeteuk and Ryeowook. “What do you think we should do?”
“C-c-can I stay over at your house tonight, Leeteuk hyung?”
“Sure.” Leeteuk hugged Ryeowook and looked over at Kangin. His eyes seemed to say “We need to do something about this before it gets out of hand.”
The three didn’t noticed someone watching them from the shadows.


The next day, Ryeowook came crying to Leeteuk and Kangin again.
“LEETEUK HYUNG!!!!” He collapsed into Leeteuk’s arms. “I’m so scared.” He openly sobbed. Leeteuk hugged Ryeowook, letting him cry and ruin his shirt. Kangin looked quite helpless, watching Leeteuk comfort the sobbing Ryeowook. “He-he-he left another note in my locker. And it-it-it…” Ryeowook hid his face in Leeteuk’s chest, sobbing again. Leeteuk motioned to Kangin to get the note in his bag. He pulled out a note with a little gift attached.
You haven’t used the lotion I gave you. You should take good care of your face. Why did you stay over at Leeteuk hyung’s? It was a school night. You usually don’t do that unless you’re upset. Is something bothering you? Here’s a little something to make you feel better.” Kangin unwrapped the gift to find a music note necklace inside. “I know how much you love music. I hope you wear this and think of me.” The three of them stared at the necklace. Ryeowook tentatively reached out a hand. Kangin placed the necklace in his hand. Ryeowook just stared at it. It looked so pretty.
“What are you going to do now, Wookie-ah?”
“I don’t know. He knows too much about me. I don’t feel safe.” Ryeowook clung onto Leeteuk. Leeteuk glanced at Kangin who just shrugged at him.
“Would you feel better if Kangin was your bodyguard?”
“BODYGUARD?!?! Why would he need a bodyguard?”
“*sniff**sniff* Uh huh.” Ryeowook nodded his head cutely. “I’d feel better and safer. The last couple of days, I’ve gotten the feeling that someone’s been watching me. It’s creepy and scares me.”
“WHAT? SOMEONE’S ACTUALLY STALKING YOU NOW!?!?!?!” Leeteuk blew up. “When I get my hands on that person, I am going to-” Kangin grabbed a hold of Leeteuk.
“Calm down. Don’t get so worked up. We need to worry about Ryeowook right now first before we start chasing down anybody.”
“Alright. You watch over Ryeowook while I try and figure this out.”


For the next week, Kangin stayed by Ryeowook’s side. He still kept getting notes everyday but with each note came a gift. The gifts kept getting bigger and bigger.
“This has got to stop.”
“I’m starting to get used to it.” Ryeowook blushed when Kangin and Leeteuk glanced his way. “I like the things he sends me. Some of them I need and some I really wanted but couldn’t get.”
“But isn’t this all a little strange and weird to you? You don’t even know this person. He’s some creepy stalker guy and you’re accepting any gift he gives you.”
“I’m sorry, Kangin hyung. I can return the gifts if you want.”
“Do you even know where to return them?”
“Yes because he leaves me the receipt saying if I don’t want it, I am allowed to return it.” Ryeowook blushed. Kangin and Leeteuk stared.
“You’re starting to develop some feelings for this person, aren’t you?”
“I-I…well he gives me gifts. He knows exactly what I want.”
“Well DUH!! He’s your freakin’ stalker!” Ryeowook cowered and hid behind Leeteuk. Leeteuk looked at Kangin and sighed before wrapping his arm around Ryeowook.
“Kangin, don’t yell at Ryeowook. Now Ryeowook, about this stalker guy, you really shouldn’t get attached to him. You only like him because of the gifts. And you should return those gifts as well.”
Ryeowook sighed. “Alright umma. I’ll return them.”
Kangin laughed. “He called you umma.” Kangin fell to the ground laughing. Leeteuk just glared at him, hands on hips. That only made Kangin laugh harder. Leeteuk just shook his head and ignored him.
“So will you still be needing Kangin as a bodyguard or do you feel comfortable by yourself?”
“Can hyung stay with me still? I like having him around. He’s a giant teddy bear. Besides he keeps me safe. I haven’t gotten the feeling someone’s been watching me for a while now.”
“Alright. I’ll see you two tomorrow. It’s your birthday, so let’s do something special.”
“Alright hyung.” Ryeowook waved to Leeteuk before looking at Kangin on the ground. “Come on hyung. Let’s go.”
The two never noticed someone silently watching them. He smiled to himself, happy that his plan was working. He couldn’t wait until tomorrow.


Ryeowook came to school with Kangin following behind. He saw his friends Sungmin, Donghae, Eunhyuk, Hankyung, and Leeteuk waiting by his locker. Leeteuk held a cake while the others held gifts for him.
“Happy Birthday Wookie!”
Ryeowook smiled. “Thank you so much.”
“Here you go Wookie.” Leeteuk handed him the cake.
“Here are your presents from all of us.”
“Thank you. Can you hold this for a moment? I need to open my locker.” As soon as Ryeowook opened up his locker, a rose fell out with a small note attached. Everyone just stared at the rose on the ground then back at Ryeowook.
“What’s going on?”
“Ooo…Ryeowook’s got a secret admirer.” Ryeowook blushed and picked up the rose and note.
Look inside your bag.” Ryeowook opened his bag. Inside was a rose with another note.
“WHOA! How did that get in there? Didn’t you just get here?”
“It must’ve been aliens.” Everyone looked at Donghae. “What?” They disregarded him and turned back to Ryeowook.
Follow the trail.” Ryeowook looked around and spotted a trail of roses not too far from where they were.
“WHOA! When did that get there? Seriously is this person some kind of ninja?” Eunhyuk and Donghae were freaking out.
“Wow…this guy is romantic.” Sungmin just smiled and started to daydream. “I wish my boyfriend could be like that.”
“You don’t even have a boyfriend.”
“Not yet but I will.” Sungmin looked at Ryeowook who was frozen there. “Well? What are you waiting for? Follow it dummy. You know you want to.”
“I-I-I don’t know…”
“Well…because…” Ryeowook handed the note over to Leeteuk. His eyes widened as he recognized the handwriting. He showed it to Kangin.
“Because it’s from his crazy creepy stalker.” Everyone stared at Kangin then at Ryeowook who had hid behind Leeteuk.
“Since when did you have a crazy creepy stalker?”
“Uh…for a while now…about 2 months maybe…” Ryeowook gave a sheepish smile.
“WHAT?!?!?!? AND YOU NEVER TOLD ME ABOUT THIS!?!?!?!” Ryeowook cowered behind Kangin and Leeteuk.
“Sungmin, you’re scaring poor Ryeowook.” Sungmin calmed down a little.
“Sorry, Wookie-ah but why didn’t you tell me? I thought we were best friends.”
“I’m sorry but I thought Leeteuk hyung would be able to help.”
“Oh, okay that’s alright then. So what are you going to do now?” Sungmin stared at Ryeowook.
“I-I-I don’t know…”
Sungmin sighed. “Just follow the trail. See what it leads to. It can’t hurt. Besides, you might find out the identity of your crazy creepy stalker. Once you do, you can either accept him or get a restraining order.” Everyone stared at Sungmin. “What?”
“Alright fine, I’ll go. There’s no harm right? He wouldn’t try to do something on my birthday, would he?” Everyone shook their heads. Ryeowook took one last look before following the trail of roses, picking each one up and adding to the bouquet in his hands.


The roses led Ryeowook outside to the garden. There in the middle was a vase and another note attached.
Use this vase to hold all your roses and bring them and yourself up to the roof.” Ryeowook placed his roses in the vase, grabbed it, and headed for the roof, oblivious to the several pairs of eyes watching him.


The first thing Ryeowook sees when he gets to the roof is a table set for two. He walked over and saw a note on the plate.
Place the vase in the center and take a seat. Lunch will be served in a few minutes.” Ryeowook looked around. He was confused but complied. A few minutes later, someone came out bearing food and another note.
I hope you enjoy it. It’s your favorite. :)” Ryeowook looked down and smiled. The food was arranged to make a heart but he felt a little sad, eating alone.
“Are you ever going to show yourself to me?” He had no idea who he was speaking to. Just then someone came out bearing a giant gift. The present blocked the upper half of the person. Ryeowook just stared at him. He took another bite of food just as the person laid down his gift. Ryeowook choked.
“Omo, are you okay?” He immediately ran over and started to hit him on the back. Ryeowook eventually got the food out. He was coughing while the person ran his hand up and down his back in a soothing motion.
“Y-y-you? You’re the one who’s been stalking me?”
“I wouldn’t call it stalking, just total adoration.” Ryeowook just stared at him. This guy was his stalker? “Please, open your gift.” He pointed to the giant gift he himself had brought. Ryeowook glanced at him before getting up to unwrap the gift. Inside was another wrapped box. He unwrapped it to find another wrapped box inside. Several times he unwrapped the box to be met with another wrapped box. He finally reduced the present to a tenth of it’s original size. The box was now about the size of a jewelry box. Ryeowook glanced at him before opening the box. It was empty. Ryeowook looked over at him who was now kneeling in front of him.
“Kim Ryeowook, would you do me the honor of becoming my boyfriend?” He pulled out a ring from his pocket. Ryeowook stood there speechless.
“Y-y-yes…yes. Of course.” Ryeowook smiled. He smiled and placed the ring on Ryeowook’s finger. Tears of joy were forming in his eyes.
“Why are you crying?”
“I can’t believe it. I can’t believe it.”
“Believe what?”
“That the guy I’ve been secretly crushing on would actually like me back, let along be my crazy creepy stalker.”
“Crazy creepy stalker?” He pouted. “I am not creepy.”
Ryeowook smiled. “I love you, Yesung.” Ryeowook threw his arms around Yesung and gave him a kiss. This was the best birthday ever.


Over in the corner of the rooftop, 6 people were watching the new couple.
“Aww that’s so sweet.”
“Finally, he’s got a boyfriend.”
“Yeah, that took forever. Why couldn’t he just come out and confess? Why go through all this trouble? It’s bad enough we got dragged into this.”
“Yeah. Oh by the way, I was wondering something.” Eunhyuk looked at Leeteuk and Kangin. “How did you two manage to keep this a secret from him for so long? Normally you two would be the first ones to spill the news.”
“Hey! We can keep secrets if it’s for a good cause and this qualified.”
“Fine, whatever.” Eunhyuk turned away, effectively ignoring his hyungs, along with everyone else.
“Hey, don’t just ignore us. We’re your hyungs. Hey! HEY!”
“Shhh be quiet. They don’t know we’re up here.” Sungmin shushed them and turned back to watch the happy couple.
They never realized another group of people were watching them…
Tags: 100 suju fanfic, kangin/ryeowook, leeteuk/ryeowook, yewook

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