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Title: Purr~leasing, Pleasing…
Pairing: Sehun/Luhan
Word Count: 4429
Summary: Luhan has a catboy named Sehun. Sehun wants Luhan but doesn't know how to get him. (ummm yeah that's pretty much all the fic is...just some nice fluff, mostly)
A/N: inspired by thea's tweet

"Happy Birthday, Lu Han." His parents smiled as they gently brought out a large wicker basket, plaid blanket thrown on top. Lu Han looked at his parents with large, questioning eyes.
"Go on, dear. Open up your present."
Lu Han reached out a hand and pulled the blanket away. Resting inside the wicker basket, fast asleep, was a small little catboy.
"Mommy, Daddy? Is this really my present?"
"Yes, dear. Your very own pet. Take good care of him, okay?" His dad reached down to gently ruffle his hair. Lu Han looked at the sleeping catboy.
Slowly, the catboy opened his eyes, blinking, before lifting his head up. His eyes peered around before locking onto Lu Han's. As a light flush infused his cheeks, he gave a small smile before ducking his head back down.
"Do you like him?"
Lu Han stared in awe. "He's beautiful. What's his name?"
His mom smiled. "That's for you to decide."
"I get to name him?" Lu Han looked at her with shining eyes.
"Yep, he's your responsibility now. You have to take care of him. Whatever he needs, you'll bring it, okay? We will help you when you need it."
"Okay. Thank you, Mommy and Daddy." Lu Han ran over on his short little legs to hug his parents. Then he ran back to his new pet, smiling at the little catboy. "Your name is Sehun, okay?"
Sehun peered up and gave a small nod, a hint of a smile on his lips. Lu Han's lips stretched into a wide smile. "We're going to be such good friends, right Sehunnie?"
Sehun bit his bottom lip and gave a tiny nod.

"Sehun-ah! Time for dinner." Sehun turned away from his computer, typing a quick message to his friend Jongin, before heading down the stairs to the kitchen. Lu Han was standing by the counter, bowls in hand. "Hungry?"
Sehun nodded his head.
"Good because I made a lot. So go on and eat up." Lu Han set the bowl down at the table, Sehun immediately taking a seat. He waited until Lu Han had sat down before digging into his bowl. Lu Han watched Sehun devour his meal before slowly eating his. In the time it took him to finish a bowl, Sehun had already eaten a second and was well on his way to finishing a third. Lu Han smiled, grabbing their bowls and heading towards the kitchen. "Satisfied?"
"Yes, Lu Han." Sehun came up behind Lu Han to watch him do the dishes. He wasn't a fan of water but liked to watch the bubbles in the sink.
Lu Han smiled to himself as he felt Sehun make himself comfortable behind him, his head resting on his shoulder. Sehun had grown so much since the little kitten when he had first gotten him. He had grown too but Sehun had grown more (he liked to think it was all the milk Sehun had drank as a kitten; the boy had loved milk so much, still does to this day). Lu Han finished washing the dishes before turning to look at Sehun. "So what did you want to do before bedtime?"
Sehun fidgeted with his tail. He was still shy around Lu Han, even though they've been attached at the hip since they were young. "Well uh…I was playing a game with Jongin before dinner."
"Did you want to go back to playing with him then?"
Sehun shook his head. "He'll understand."
"Then what did you want to do? I finished all my homework so I have some time to relax before bed." Lu Han smiled.
Sehun's tail flicked back and forth as he twiddled his fingers. "Could we watch a movie? There's one I've been wanting to watch with someone and well…"
"Sure, go set it up. Want some popcorn too?"
"Yes, Lu Han." Sehun walked away, heading towards the entertainment unit to pick out the movie and set it up. Lu Han began making the popcorn. He also grabbed a couple drinks for them. He came back out to find Sehun already comfortable on the couch, blanket thrown over himself. Lu Han smiled, setting the food on the side table and sitting next to Sehun. Sehun instantly pressed up against him, seeking his warmth.
The movie started and Lu Han recognized it as the latest movie in a popular series. He smiled to himself, looking at Sehun absorbed in the screen. His arm came around to gently bring Sehun closer to his side. He leaned down, gently breathing in the scent of his catboy, and smiled. Then he leaned back up to enjoy the movie.

As the credits rolled on the screen, Lu Han smiled, seeing Sehun already fast asleep. He turned off the TV and slipped out of the blankets. He gently rewrapped Sehun and picked him up, carrying him towards their room. He placed Sehun gently on the bed, pulling the covers over him and making sure he was nice and warm. He headed to the bathroom to wash up, brush his teeth, and change before slipping beneath the covers to sleep.

Sehun woke up with a start. He noticed the sun shining through the closed curtains and cursed. He got out of bed and wandered out into the living room but he was too late. Lu Han had already left for class.
He sighed and headed towards his personal room. Lu Han had allowed him to decorate it to his taste. His owner was so nice, giving him his own personal space. Sehun knew of some catboys that had to share everything with their owner or another hybrid. He went over to his bed, curling up in the pile of blankets. He wiggled over to his desk and turned on the computer.
Once it was booted up, he went to his instant messaging service and saw Jongin had left him a message. He also noticed his online friend Tao was on. He sent a quick response to the two.

catnapper01: Hey, so did you get to surprise him this morning?
grumpyk494: :( no, I overslept and completely missed him
grumpyk494: he's going to be gone for most of the day…
catnapper01: then now is your chance
catnapper01: get going!
grumpyk494: but it's too late now

fiestycool93: so how did it go?
grumpyk494: I didn't get to surprise him
grumpyk494: I overslept and now he's gone
fiestycool93: there's always next time
grumpyk494: yeah…but what if it doesn't work?
grumpyk494: how do I know he's going to like it?
grumpyk494: I can't just blurt it out
grumpyk494: it needs to be done right
grumpyk494: that's why I wanted to get up early and make him breakfast and get him to fall for my charms a bit before I tell him

catnapper01: it's never too late
catnapper01: just make him dinner and dessert then tell him after
catnapper01: you've been in love with him forever.
catnapper01: I think it's time you told him

Sehun scrunched his face.

catnapper01: I mean I told Kyungsoo I loved him not too long after
grumpyk494: and how did that work out for you?
catnapper01: he didn't believe me at first but I wore him down
catnapper01: now we're all happy together and he helps me with my heat
catnapper01: how long have you been dealing with your heat by yourself?
grumpyk494: years but my heats are easy
grumpyk494: I don't need help
catnapper01: but it makes it more enjoyable
catnapper01: you need to experience what it's like to fuck someone you love
catnapper01: or for them to fuck you
catnapper01: now that's an experience you don't want to miss
catnapper01: I'm so glad to be a hybrid to be able to experience that
catnapper01: idk how real male cats are
catnapper01: but I guess since they
grumpyk494: please just shut up now
grumpyk494: you're going into territory neither of us know anything about
grumpyk494 just stop talking
catnapper01: fine but you need to go confess to him soon
grumpyk494: I will, I will
grumpyk494: I just need to find the right time
catnapper01: don't wait so long
catnapper01: you've waited long enough

fiestycool93: I think he's fallen for your charms if you've been together so long
grumpyk494: you don't know that
fiestycool93: I'm sure he has

Sehun rolled his eyes, not that his friend could see.

fiestycool93: so what are you going to do now?
grumpyk494: idk because that was for the morning
grumpyk494: but since I missed it, idk what to do
fiestycool93: you could just make him dinner instead
fiestycool93: what's the difference between cooking dinner and cooking breakfast?
grumpyk494: cooking breakfast is easier
grumpyk494: dinner is too hard
fiestycool93: no it's not
fiestycool93: just cover yourself in food and that's it
fiestycool93: oh wait, that's for dessert
fiestycool93: idk what you'd do for dinner
fiestycool93: maybe look it up?

Sehun opened up a chaatroom with his two friends.

catnapper01: what are you talking about?
catnapper01: I gave you some good advice
fiestycool93: so have i
fiestycool93: it's not our fault if you don't want to listen to it
grumpyk494: how does making him dinner and dessert count as help?
catnapper01: you originally wanted to make him breakfast
catnapper01: so how was making dinner and dessert any different?
fiestycool93: he said making breakfast was easier
catnapper01: like it makes that much of a difference
catnapper01: the plan is the same
catnapper01: unless you don't like that plan anymore
catnapper01: then you're stuck coming up with a new one

Sehun sighed, head resting in his hands.

grumpyk494: WHAT DO I DO?!?!?!?
catnapper01: stop being a grumpy cat and listen to our advice
fiestycool93: we gave you lots of great suggestions but you just don't want to listen to us
fiestycool93: so if you're not going to listen to some great advice, I'm going to leave
fiestycool93: it's almost time for my owner to get home and he promised me a treat
fiestycool93 has left the room.
catnapper01: i'm gonna leave too. almost time for my nap.
catnapper01 has left the room.
grumpyk494: you guys suck.

After a nice cat nap, Sehun decided his two friends were right. Making dinner was no different than making breakfast but the better option would be to just talk it out. It had worked for Jongin so maybe it would work for him too. Like Jongin had said, he’s waited long enough. He had adored Lu Han as a young kitten and that adoration had grown to love as the years went by. It was better to just confess instead of go through the effort of making a meal but Sehun had wanted it to be romantic. He just didn’t have the time or ingredients to make Lu Han a nice dinner. He had all the ingredients for breakfast but hadn’t planned on making a romantic dinner.
Sehun sighed to himself, looking at all the breakfast ingredients. Maybe after Lu Han accepted his confession, he could make him a congratulatory breakfast. If not, he would just console himself with all the food. He turned away, wanting to shake away any negativity. Gathering his confidence, Sehun gave himself a pep talk as he waited for Lu Han to return. Talking about it would be way easier than cooking, that is what he repeated to himself.

Sehun was waiting by the door when Lu Han came through. He would've pounced on him but the last time that happened, Lu Han hadn't been very happy. The groceries he had been carrying had dropped to the floor and many had gotten crush by their bodies. Lu Han had to go back out and buy the groceries again and Sehun had been punished with no personal contact with his owner. As he remembered that time without being able to cuddle with his owner, he stood frozen as Lu Han gently closed the door behind him and turned with a smile. His smile faded when he realized Sehun wasn't moving.
Sehun blinked, unaware he had been lost in his thoughts. He looked down at Lu Han's confused face and blushed. All his confidence vanished. He quickly turned around and retreated back into his room.
Lu Han blinked a few times. "That was weird…"
It had been a while since Lu Han had seen such behavior from Sehun, waiting for him at the front door, saying nothing, and then running away. He thought they had moved past all that. He shook his head. Fifteen years together and his little catboy still puzzled him.

Throughout the week, Lu Han experienced the same incident of Sehun waiting for him but then running away right afterwards. Nothing else in their relationship changed; Sehun liked to spend time with him during the nights Lu Han wasn’t busy with schoolwork, other times he would be occupied in his room as Lu Han finished up his work.
There was one morning when Lu Han woke up to find Sehun cooking in the kitchen. That surprised him since one) Sehun usually never woke up before Lu Han, two) he was cooking, and three) he was cooking for both him and Lu Han. Lu Han had watched as Sehun made them a simple breakfast of scrambled eggs and toast. Lu Han’s place was already set with a cup of coffee and a small daisy had been set on his plate.
Lu Han had smiled, smelling the flower, while he waited for Sehun to serve him. “Thank you, Sehunnie.”
Sehun had flushed a little and smiled. Lu Han noticed a few times while they were eating, Sehun would open his mouth like he was about to say something but then closed it again.
“Yes?” Lu Han tilted his head. “Was there something you wanted to say?”
“Oh uh well…I…how do you like your food?” Sehun lost his nerve and switched to a safer topic.
“It’s nice. Thank you for cooking breakfast.” Lu Han leaned over to ruffle the top of Sehun’s head.
Sehun ducked his head and poked at his food. “You’re welcome.”

Lu Han found his friends having a heated discussion as he walked up to their table.
“Hey Lu Han, can you help us with something?”
“Sure.” Lu Han set down his bag and accepted the menu from Kyungsoo.
“Joonmyun here just got a catboy and he’s going into his heat and he doesn’t know how to handle it.” Kyungsoo took a sip of his coffee. “I just told him to help him out. As his owner, he’s your responsibility. You don’t have to fuck him or let him fuck you but you could give him a hand or something. That’s what I did with Jongin’s first heat with me. I gave him a handjob. Only later did I handle his heats differently ‘cause we’re dating.”
“I did the same thing with Chen. I just took it nice and easy.”
“But I’ve only had Minseok for a few weeks. When did yours get their heat?”
“Well I got Jongin when he was a kitten so it came maybe around middle/high school years when he was hitting puberty. We were both horny adolescent boys and open to experimentation.”
“Some months after I got Chen. He tried to hide them from me at first but when I found out, he still refused my help. I had to gently convince him that it was okay.” Yixing gave a dreamy smile. “And it’s been great ever since.”
“But I just…it feels too soon for me to be that intimate with my catboy so soon.”
Kyungsoo thought for a moment. “True. Even with previous relationships, you always took a while before getting intimate with someone.”
“Hey, Lu Han, how come you’re not saying anything?” Yixing nudged Lu Han’s side.
“Oh, uh well…” Luhan pursed his lips, “I actually haven’t experienced any of Sehun’s heats.”
Everyone looked at Lu Han in shock. “But you’ve had Sehun forever. How could you not have experienced any one of his heats? Don’t they last for a while?”
Lu Han frowned. “I’m not sure. I guess he’s just good at hiding it from me. It’s not a big deal really.”
He shrugged his shoulders.
“But that still feels really strange. I would’ve thought you would’ve seen him having a heat at least once.”
“It’s just never happened.” Lu Han gave a sheepish smile. “But Joonmyun, I didn’t know you got a catboy.”
Joonmyun flushed. “Yeah, just recently. I was walking by and he just looked at me and somehow I was taking him home.”
Lu Han smiled. “That’s good.”
The conversation steered towards Joonmyun’s new catboy, setting up potential play dates and parties, and school. But Lu Han couldn’t shake the nagging notion of not seeing Sehun in heat throughout their years together. It was definitely odd.

Classes had ended early for the day so Lu Han decided to pick up a treat for Sehun. He stopped by Sehun’s favorite store to grab him a drink and snack. Stopping by a florist, Lu Han followed impulse and bought a single carnation for his catboy. Holding the flower to his nose, Lu Han let himself into his apartment.
The sight that greeted him almost had him dropping everything.
Sehun was sprawled naked on the floor, legs spread wide, a sheen of sweat over his skin, as his hand worked furiously over his hard cock. He must’ve been absorbed in what he was doing to have not heard the door opening.
Lu Han swallowed the lump in his throat as he watched Sehun quicken his pace. He heard the needy whine and felt his own cock stirring.
“Lu Han…” Sehun breathed as he spilled onto his stomach.
Lu Han gulped, confused at the spread of emotions filling him at that one word. As quietly as possible, he made his way to the kitchen to drop off his things. Luckily Sehun was still preoccupied so he wouldn’t be caught in an embarrassing situation.

Sehun had appeared normal when Lu Han had presented his little treats, eyes alight with pleasure at Lu Han being home early but also at the unexpected surprise. He had immediately wrapped himself around Lu Han, rubbing his head into the crook of his neck, tickling Lu Han.
Lu Han had pushed away, a bit too roughly, causing Sehun to look at him confused before his eyes widened with understanding. He had felt horrible for making Sehun feel an ounce of sadness but he was still reeling from the scene earlier. He’d made it up to Sehun by ordering from his favorite restaurant and allowing him to eat in front of the TV. Lu Han had been distracted but tried not to let it show to his catboy when Sehun cuddled with him.
Lu Han laid awake that night, Sehun curled in his side and his mind filled with pictures of him and Sehun in compromising positions.

“Kyungsoo, I have a problem.”
Kyungsoo looked up from his project at his friend worriedly biting his lower lip. “What’s the problem?”
“I walked in on Sehun doing something I hadn’t seen before.”
Kyungsoo arched a brow. “So you caught him during his heat?”
Lu Han plopped down across from him , head slumping on the table. “I don’t know. I’m not sure but he was…doing stuff to himself.”
“And that’s a problem because?”
“It turned me on and I don’t know what I’m supposed to do about it.” Lu Han dragged a hand through his hair.
“And that’s a problem because?”
“Kyungsoo!” Lu Han looked at his friend pleadingly.
“Oh come on, Lu Han. Like this is really an issue. You just go talk to him about it. I’m surprised you didn’t talk about it sooner with the boner you have for you catboy.”
“Kyungsoo!” Lu Han looked at his friend scandalized. “Sehun is my precious catboy, my friend since I was little. How could I think of him that way?”
Kyungsoo rolled his eyes. “Easily, since he loves you.”
“Well, duh. I am his owner.”
Kyungsoo sighed. “Not like that but I leave it to your talk later. Now is that it?”
“No. How do I discuss this with him?”
Kyungsoo shrugged his shoulders. “You’ll find a way. You know your catboy best. You’ll find the least painful way to talk about your sexual feelings for each other. Now shoo, I need to finish this project in the next hour.”
“Some friend you are.”
“We’ll all go out for dinner when you and Sehun finally get together. My treat.”

Lu Han thought it would be best to put Sehun at ease before their talk, so he stopped by to pick up Sehun’s absolute favorite meal and dessert. Slipping quietly into his apartment, he wasn’t surprised to see Sehun already waiting for him.
Sehun’s eyes widened when he noticed the familiar box. “Is that dinner?”
Lu Han smiled. “Yes, care to set the table?”
Sehun hurried to do as Lu Han asked. He knew something special must be happening for Lu Han to have brought home food from that place. A ball of tension and apprehension was beginning to set in Sehun’s stomach. Little did he know, his owner was feeling the same thing.
Dinner was a relatively quiet affair, the two eating carefully so as not to disturb the other. Tension was in the air, something was about to happen tonight.
“So Sehun…”
Sehun’s ears pricked up, body tensing at Lu Han’s voice. “Yes, Lu Han?”
“Can I ask you about your heats?” Lu Han noticed a flush to Sehun’s cheeks. “You do have them, don’t you?”
Sehun nodded his head.
“Wh-what do you usually do when that happens?”
“Oh uh…just the normal stuff,” Sehun shrugged his shoulders, “just what you do whenever you wake up all stiff.”
Lu Han blushed. “You know about that?”
Sehun flushed even brighter. “Well…yes. I mean we do share a bed so it does stick out but ugh yeah…I don’t watch or anything, I just…hear you.”
Sehun looked away as Lu Han flushed brighter.
Lu Han cleared his throat, trying to ease a bit of the embarrassed tension in the room. “So you…you don’t need help during your heats?”
Sehun quickly shook his head. “Not really. Why?”
Lu Han swallowed the lump in his throat. “Well…’cause if-if you wanted help, I uh would be willing to help.”
Sehun turned to Lu Han with wide eyes. “Willing to help?”
Lu Han coughed. “Uh yeah…and well…I-I walked in on you a few days ago when you were…occupied in the living room.”
Sehun’s eyes widened as he remembered what had happened. “So-so you…you heard me?”
Lu Han nodded his head. Sehun turned even redder. “So uh…what does this mean?”
“Well, tell me. Why did you say my name when you came?” Lu Han kept his gaze steady on Sehun who was shuffling in his seat. His tail was swishing behind him as his ears twitched. He could see the tell-tale signs of nervousness and waited, knowing he shouldn’t push Sehun more than he was comfortable with.
Sehun cleared his throat. “Uh well…it-it might be because…I like you.”
“You…like me?”
“Love you,” Sehun looked away, embarrassed, “I-I love you and…yeah…”
Lu Han smiled, looking at his endearing catboy. “Sehun, look at me.”
Sehun petulantly shook his head, too embarrassed at having been made to confess.
“Sehun…” Lu Han’s hand gently gripped Sehun’s chin, bringing his face up to his. He leaned down, pressing a light kiss to Sehun’s lips. “I love you too.”
Sehun’s mouth dropped open. “But..but you didn’t…how do you…what?”
Lu Han chuckled, dropping another kiss to Sehun’s lips. “I won’t claim to have loved you as long as it seems you love me but I do love you. It just might have taken a while to realize it since you’re my precious Sehunnie.”
“Do you really love me, Lu Han?” Sehun stared at Lu Han with imploring eyes.
“Yes, I do, my little Sehunnie.” Lu Han smiled, heart thumping at the beaming expression on Sehun’s face.
“I love you so much.” Sehun buried his head into Lu Han’s chest. “I’ve been wanting to tell you but I wasn’t sure if you’d feel the same way.”
Lu Han chuckled, tilting Sehun’s face back up to his. “Well, I just needed something to open my eyes.”
He leaned down and gently kissed Sehun. Sehun responded back enthusiastically, hands clinging to Lu Han’s shirt.

Kyungsoo had kept his promise and taken Lu Han and Sehun out to dinner, along with their friends to celebrate the happy couple finally getting together. Sehun had stuck close to Lu Han’s side, happy to finally be with him. He endured Jongin’s teasing, with occasional pokes at his side for revenge. Lu Han had it worse, having been too dense to know what everyone else had.
When Lu Han had called his parents to tell them the news, they had laughed and smiled, congratulating their dense son on finally accepting their gift. When Lu Han had looked at them confused, they told them they had specifically picked Sehun out for him when he was a child because of the look Sehun had given Lu Han back then.
When Lu Han had been out shopping with his parents one day, they had walked past the window of a catboy shop. In the window was one small catboy who had looked at Lu Han with such adoring eyes, Lu Han’s parents knew this would Lu Han his birthday present. And now that Lu Han could fully appreciate his gift, his parents felt like they had done a good job.
“Just make sure to be safe when you have sex for the first time. Bye Lu Han, Sehun. We love you both.” Lu Han’s parents ended the call, leaving the two speechless and blushing intensely.
Lu Han cleared his throat. “Well…glad we seem to have everyone’s approval.”
Sehun just buried his head into Lu Han’s shoulder, too embarrassed and happy to say anything.
“You’re so cute, Sehunnie. Come on, let’s go cuddle on the couch and maybe I can tempt you into something else.”
“Lu Han~!” Sehun whined as he wiggled his body.
Lu Han laughed. “Oh, don’t worry. I’m not going to do anything to you that you don’t want me to do but we are taking it slow right now.”
He pressed a kiss to Sehun’s lips. “Come on, before you become a bright red fluff ball.”
He pulled Sehun into the living room where they spent the rest of the night watching a movie and sharing kisses.

A/N: sorry if some of the catboy type stuff is odd. This is my first catboy!au and well I hope I get some leeway on how I made things :3
also i put the r/nc-17 warning just for that little scene, other than that, no other smut but i may write it at some point...later this month i think :3
Tags: hunhan month, r/nc-17, sehun/luhan

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