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HunHan Month Archive

Day 1
Title: Miss Behavin'
Word Count: 3974
Summary: Sehun has never gone out drinking so she asks her unni, Luhan, to take her somewhere, but things don’t go as planned when someone makes the moves on Sehun. (almost PWP) [Prompt 42 from BBTH]
Warning: fem!Sehun, fem!Luhan, face sitting, cunnilingus

Day 2
Title: Sheer Coverings
Word Count: 2655
Summary: Sehun has a little secret he wants to keep hidden: he wears a bra. Too bad his bra has other plans. (lol what is this summary even :P)
A/N: inspired by this tweet which made me think of this fic so everything goes to these two people

Day 3
Title: Purr~leasing, Pleasing…
Word Count: 4429
Summary: Luhan has a catboy named Sehun. Sehun wants Luhan but doesn't know how to get him. (ummm yeah that's pretty much all the fic is...just some nice fluff, mostly)
A/N: inspired by thea's tweet

Day 4
Title: Please Wear My Shirt
Word Count: 1175
Summary: A shared shirt is just the beginning (or the slow, sweet development of Sehun and Luhan's relationship over a shared shirt)

Day 5
Title: Love You, Hyung~
Word Count: 5116
Summary: Sehun loves each and every one of his hyungs and makes sure to show them just how much. (PWP almost)
A/N: inspired by thea's tweet (this is the bottom!sehun fic you be waiting for~)

Day 6
Title: Labyrinth of Love
Word Count: 2586
Summary: According to her father's wishes, Princess Lulu must stay in the tower until a worthy prince navigates the labyrinth to ask for her hand in marriage.

Day 7
Title: Meow (I Love You)
Word Count: 3785
Summary: Sehun's in love with Luhan but he has a slight problem: he's a cat. How can he tell Luhan he loves him when he's a cat? Except...
A/N: inspired by this tweet

Day 8
Title: Noona
Word Count: 984
Summary: Sehun wants to confess to Luhan noona but something Baekhyun said makes it more difficult.

Day 9
Title: Lacey Threads
Word Count: 1179
Summary: Sehun makes good use of Luhan's gift. (Sequel to Sheer Coverings)

Day 10
Title: You're a Machine, M-M-M-My Machine
Word Count: 4244
Summary: Sehun is a little too robotic for people's tastes. But maybe there is someone to crack that mask.

Day 11
Title: Thirsty
Word Count: 3118
Summary: Luhan is an omega that doesn't like his status as an omega because he attracts all sorts of alphas and betas when he goes out. He can normally deter them but there's one alpha in particular that really messes with his system. (A/B/O verse)
A/N: inspired by this tweet
+ Extra Outtake

Day 12
Title: Dicks a Plenty
Word Count: 2252
Warning: double penetration, use of sex toys
Summary: Chanyeol, Tao, and Luhan love to dote on Sehun with his love for dicks and for his birthday, they've come up with the best way to dote on their boy.

Day 13
Title: My Wonderful Noodle
Word Count: 3969
Summary: Luhan thinks of Sehun as a noodle to the confusion of Sehun's twin brother Kai and his friend Tao.
A/N: inspiration from Lauren calling Sehun a noodle (been writing so much hunhan i almost typed "Luhan" instead of "Lauren")

Day 14
Title: Blanket Blob
Word Count: 1186
Summary: Sehun's confused why the new kid is wrapped up in a blanket and is determined to find out. (kid!au)

Day 15
Title: Mascot Love
Word Count: 919
Summary: Luhan falls in love with cartoon Sehun.

Day 16
Title: Three Little Bears
Word Count: 174
Summary: Sehun cheers up a little boy when his ice cream dropped to the floor.

Day 17
Title: Scent of Love
Word Count: 3110
Warning: inappropriate sniffing of clothes and armpits, talk of consent
Summary: Sehun has always enjoyed the smell of a man but he may have found the ultimate man scent in his roommate.

Day 18
Title: A Cup of Coffee
Word Count: 1486
Summary: Day after day, Sehun comes to the same cafe, ordering the same thing, just to see the barista even though he himself doesn't like coffee at all.

Day 19
Title: Be the Mitsukuni to my Takashi
Word Count: 1886
Summary: Sehun has found the perfect Mitsukuni to go with his Takashi but it's going to take some convincing to get his Mitsukuni.

Day 20
Title: My Little Princess
Word Count: 956
Summary: It's Luhan's birthday and a special event has been prepared.

Day 21
Title: Smell Like a Man
Word Count: 778
Summary: Sehun loves when his boyfriend smells just like a man. (Smut sequel to Scent of Love)

Day 22
Title: Eclipse of the Heart
Word Count: 4076
Summary: Luhan lives only during the day whereas Sehun lives only during the night. If they want to live all day and night, they'll have to meet and become one.

Day 23
Title: The Beast Within
Word Count: 3700
Summary: Warned against wandering in the woods, Luhan does just that and ends up losing his way and stumbling upon an old, seemingly abandoned manor. Yet this manor has one lone occupant with a deadly secret.

Day 24
Title: Only You
Word Count: 175
Summary: My dream or reality?

Day 25
Title: Report to My Office, I Need You
Word Count: 3006
Summary: Sehun, an intern at Mr. Lu’s office, has to deal with his boss’ whims, being called into his office at will. This includes some not appropriate office behavior from his boss, something he thinks is wrong but something he secretly enjoys.

Day 26
Title: Made with Love
Word Count: 952
Summary: Luhan cooks dinner for his boyfriend every night but the problem is he's not a very good cook.

Day 27
Title: Amongst the Flowers
Word Count: 215
Summary: Little fairies Sehun and Luhan have fun amongst the flowers.

Day 28
Title: Gingerbread House
Word Count: 845
Summary: It's time to make gingerbread houses.

Day 29
Title: Sleep With Me
Word Count: 280
Summary: Luhan just wants to go to sleep but Sehun doesn't want to.

Day 30
Title: "Feed Me"
Word Count: 324
Summary: Luhan's got cravings Sehun must satisfy.
Warning: mpreg

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