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Title: Sheer Coverings
Pairing: Sehun/Luhan
Word Count: 2655
Summary: Sehun has a little secret he wants to keep hidden: he wears a bra. Too bad his bra has other plans. (lol what is this summary even :P)
A/N: inspired by this tweet which made me think of this fic so everything goes to these two people

Sehun touched his chest, feeling the lace lightly scratching. He had decided to go for the no-pad lacey bra w/ underwire. He had no idea why he had gotten one with an underwire when he didn't really have anything to fill it but he hadn't known about the difference until he looked up other types of bras. He already had two new bras on the way.
Gently touching his chest, he arranged the bra to sit more comfortable.
"Damn, I think I need to adjust the straps." He hadn't known how long to lengthen the straps and had kinda guessed. At first, it had seemed okay, but it had started to get uncomfortable so he had loosened it more but then, it had been too much. He thought he had found the right length, but it was hard to tell, especially since he had no real breasts to fit the cups, he had no clue where it was suppose to fit on his long torso.
His finger slid under the band to try and pull the bra down and adjust it to the right spot.
"What are you doing?"
Sehun glanced up, frozen in shock when he saw Luhan leaning against the doorjamb. His finger slid away from his bra down his torso before resting at his side. Rolling his shoulders, he walked over to his desk, plopping down into the chair. "Nothing."
Luhan raised a skeptic eyebrow, not moving from his position by the door.
"Did you want something?"
HIs eyes narrowed, wondering if it had been a trick of the light that made him see a shadow beneath Sehun's clothes, outlining something he wasn't sure should be there. He straightened up from the doorjamb and walked into the room, sitting down on Sehun's bed. "I was wondering if you wanted to go watch a movie in the common room."
"What movie?"
"Some action flick." Luhan waved his hand. "I didn't catch the name. I tuned out when Chanyeol starting rambling about how amazing it was and how it should've won some award."
"Oh..." Sehun frowned. "Uh, I'm kind of not in the mood to watch some action flick."
"Alright, then let's just watch something here." Luhan crawled beneath the blankets, making himself right at home.
Sehun just stared as Luhan also grabbed his laptop, quickly logged on, and pulled up a movie to watch.
Luhan looked up with wide eyes.
"Well? Aren't you going to join me?" He patted the spot next to him on the bed.
The bra felt more uncomfortable and itching as Sehun slowly walked over and took the spot next to Luhan. He kept himself a bit stiff as Luhan wiggled a bit, scooting just that bit closer, as he pressed the play button. Sehun just hoped Luhan wasn't feeling cuddly today.

Two new bras and a month later, Sehun was starting to feel comfortable in his bra. The no underwire was a huge improvement. Now he just had an elastic band around his torso, which wasn't that uncomfortable. He'd also found the right length for the straps; it had helped to wear it for a while to wear them in a bit. Now he could go a whole day wearing his bra without having to stop and adjust every so often.
Occasionally, he liked to touch his chest to make sure he was wearing one. The press of the silky material against his chest was pleasant.
"Uh, Sehun?"
Sehun looked up to see Luhan giving him a weird look. He dropped his hands to the side. "Yes?"
"Why were you touching your chest?"
"I had an itch." Sehun shrugged his shoulders and turned away, heading off to class.
Luhan stared at his retreating figure. For sure, his eyes were good but that could not have been the outline of a bra beneath Sehun’s shirt, could it?

The straps were starting to become an annoyance. After he had put his bras in the wash, the straps seemed to have gotten looser and would slip down his arm at the most inopportune time. He had to be quick to push the straps up before anyone noticed.
As he headed to his next class, the strap began to fall and he instantly slid his hand up his arm to push the strap back up onto his shoulder.
Sehun stopped and turned around, hand still holding on to his bra strap.
Luhan's eyes widened when he noticed what was in Sehun's hand.
Sehun adjusted the strap and let his hand fall away. Adjusting his bag, he hurried off to class.
Luhan stayed frozen in his place until someone bumped into him. Jolting, he rushed off to class, cheeks a bit flushed, unsure why the knowledge of Sehun wearing a bra was turning him on.

Luhan couldn't get the image of Sehun and that light blue strap out of his head. He had seen the color against Sehun's pale shoulder and it had aroused him, the contrast making Sehun's skin seemed even more delectable.
He had always been attracted to the younger man, but had never done anything aboutit. Now with this secret in hand, Luhan might be able to get what he wanted, though he hoped it might be what Sehun wanted as well.

Luhan let himself into Sehun's room, having borrowed the key from the front desk. He set the key aside to remember to return later. Keeping the lights off, Luhan walked over to Sehun's bed and smiled, feeling the messy covers. Slipping underneath the blankets, he lay down and waited for Sehun to return.

Sehun unlocked the door and walked into his room. Today had been especially tiring between classes and keeping his bra from showing. He set his bag by his desk and stretched his arms above his head. He leaned his body from side to side, feeling loose and limber. His hand came up to adjust the bra strap falling down his arm and set down at his desk, hunched over.
"AH HA! I knew you were wearing a bra."
Sehun jumped in his seat before turning around to see Luhan smiling triumphantly from his bed, arm pointed in his direction.
"Luhan...what are you..."
Luhan got up from the bed and walked over, hand coming to Sehun's shoulder and feeling the bra strap. He gave it a little snap. "So when did you start wearing this little piece of clothing, hmmm?"
Sehun's face was flushed a bright red. He opened his mouth to speak but then closed it again. He wasn't entirely sure what to do in this situation. He had never thought his friend (and secret crush) would find out and it was messing with his brain, especially with the way Luhan had revealed himself. "I just..."
Luhan grinned, amused to see Sehun so flustered. He brought his face up close to Sehun's. "So can I see?"
"Wait, what?!?!? You-you want to see my bra?"
"Yeah." Luhan's eye twinkled with mischief as he waited for Sehun's response. He saw surprise, embarrassment, and a hint of something else cross over Sehun's face.
"Oh uh...well...I don't know."
"Oh come on, I found out you were wearing a bra. The least you could do is let me see it." Luhan tugged at Sehun's shirt now, hands already at the hem and ready to pull it off.
"No, wait, Luhan." Sehun placed his hands on top of Luhan's to stop him. He didn't know when they had gotten so close with Luhan practically sitting in his lap.
"Come on, Sehun...pretty please." Luhan's bottom lip came out into a pout.
"Luhan," Sehun whined. Before he was aware of what he was doing, he had leaned forward to kiss the pout off Luhan's lips.
Sehun pulled away in shock, unsure of how Luhan would react to that. He saw the surprise all over Luhan's face, mouth agape as he stared at him.
"Oh my god, I'm so sorry. I don't know what came over me and -" Luhan placed a finger over Sehun's mouth.
"How about we try that again?" Luhan slipped onto Sehun's lap. His hands came up to gently cup Sehun's cheeks as he leaned in for another kiss.
Sehun's eyes closed as he felt Luhan softly press his lips to his. It was a sweet and gentle kiss until he felt hands trailing up his side.
"Hey!" Sehun frowned at Luhan. "You just kissed me to distract me."
"Yes and no. I kissed you because I wanted to and it had the added bonus of distracting you for a bit. Now come on and let me see your bra."
"No." Sehun kept a firm grip on Luhan's hands as he tried to tug them to reach for Sehun's shirt.
Luhan frowned. "You're going to show me soon. Now that we're dating," Sehun gaped at Luhan, "I'm going to take every chance to strip you. You'll be standing before me in your bra in no time."
Sehun grabbed a hold of Luhan's wandering hands, unaware that he had loosened his grip during Luhan's little speech. "We'll see about that."

Sehun huffed. Not even a week after they had officially begun dating, Sehun was standing half naked in his room, his bra on display for Luhan's hungry eyes. He felt very exposed and would've moved to cover his chest but Luhan had slapped his hands the last time he had tried to do that a few minutes ago.
Luhan got up from the chair to stand before Sehun. His hand came up and gently traced the top of the bra, lighting skimming the lacey material and Sehun's chest.
Sehun shivered, biting his lip as he waited for Luhan to make the next move. He had found out how demanding Luhan was as a boyfriend when he was being pulled in for kisses and having Luhan cling to him tightly instead of the soft cuddles from before. There were now the constant touches whenever they were together, like Luhan was trying to confirm that this was all real (and Sehun had to admit he would touch for the same reasons).
Luhan smiled as he continued tracing the outline of the bra over Sehun's skin. "You know, this looks very pretty on you."
Sehun cleared his dry throat. "Th-thank you. It-it's actually quite comfortable. Maybe you would like to try it some day?"
Luhan gave a low chuckle. "Maybe, but I might need to get you to convince me to wear one."
His hands reached for the button on Sehun's pants. Very slowly, he undid the zipper and pulled down his pants and boxers. Sehun's erection sprang free, standing proud and hard.
Luhan pressed a quick kiss to the tip before standing up with a grin. "And here I was hoping you might be wearing the matching panties."
Sehun scrunched his face. "I haven't delved into ladies' underwear yet. Mainly 'cause I'm more into getting into your underwear."
Luhan arched a brow. "Well...I stand corrected...I think. Get on the bed."
Sehun turned to climb onto his bed, Luhan climbing on after him. He straddled Sehun's waist and smiled down at the boy beneath him. Leaning over, Luhan moved the bra aside to lick at his nipple.
Sehun groaned, hands fisting into his sheets.
Luhan grinned and continued his assault on Sehun's nipples. At the same time, his hips were pressing down against Sehun's, mindful that he was still dressed as he slowly and gently rutted against him.
"Luhan...get...un...dressed...please..." Sehun's hands gripped Luhan's hips tightly as Luhan gave attention to his collarbones, nipping and sucking.
Luhan pulled away with a grin. "Only if you finger yourself for me."
Sehun narrowed his eyes as he looked at Luhan's grinning face. "Just this once."
Luhan's grin widened, leaning down to gently kiss Sehun. "We'll see about that."
He scrambled off the bed and hurriedly undressed as Sehun grabbed the lube from his drawer. Spreading his legs wide, he lubed up his fingers and quickly fingered himself. He was impatient to get Luhan inside him and wasn't concerned with putting on a show. Besides, Luhan hadn't given him a show when he undressed so he only figured it was fair he didn't do the same.
Luhan frowned as he slipped on a condom. "Okay, maybe next time I'll finger you. You didn't show me anything."
"You didn't either, so it's only fair."
"It's not the same." Luhan slipped between Sehun's legs. "I was just undressing. You were prepping yourself."
"You still could've put on a show when undressing. It's called stripping."
"Maybe next time." Luhan's hands grabbed for Sehun's hips, bringing him closer to him. He pushed Sehun's legs further apart. Gripping the base of his cock, he gently pushed in.
Sehun groaned, his nails digging into Luhan's arms. Luhan paused for a moment, letting Sehun adjust.When Sehun wiggled his hips, Luhan smiled, leaning forward to kiss Sehun, as his hips pulled out and pushed back in.
Their hips move in tandem, pushing back and forth as Luhan fucked Sehun. Luhan kept his eyes locked on Sehun, watching the pleasure wash over his face as he did this or that with his hips.
"Luhan..." Sehun moaned as he felt his orgasm slowly building. His erection ached and the bra scratched as he moved up and down on the bed. He sneaked a hand between them to grab at his dick but Luhan caught his hand, linking their fingers together, and pinning it to the side.
"I want you to come untouched, Sehun. Think you can do that for me?"
Sehun's bottom lip shook. "Isn't that a bit too much to ask for a first time?"
"I have faith in you," Luhan smiled, "and my skills."
Sehun rolled his eyes. "So cocky."
Luhan's grin just widened.
"Oh my god, can you please?" Sehun playfully hit Luhan's chest. Luhan retaliated by changing the angle and thrusting in.
Sehun stiffened, signaling that Luhan had found something of importance. Relentlessly, Luhan used his knowledge and made Sehun come untouched. Luhan came a few moments later, holding himself up on shaking arms.
Slowly, as the aftershocks wore off, he slipped out and curled next to Sehun.
"Hey," Sehun poked at Luhan's side, "come clean me up."
"Later," Luhan sleepily mumbled as he snuggled closer.
"Luhan," Sehun whined, shaking the boy next to him.
"Later." Luhan placed a possessive arm around Sehun's waist, not caring of the cum now on his arm.
Sehun sighed and shook his head. With a contented smile, he snuggled close and went to sleep.

"Luhan, what is this?" Sehun stared at the box in his hands.
"Oh," Luhan smiled, "just a little present from me."
Sehun cast a skeptical glance at Luhan's face. Slowly opening the lid, tissue paper spilled out. Pushing that aside, he found a matching set of lingerie: a sheer gray bra and sheer gray panties.
"I was thinking..." Luhan's finger trailed up Sehun's thigh, "with a special celebration coming up soon, I thought maybe you'd be willing to wear it."
Sehun sighed. Luhan kept surprising Sehun with little gifts of bras for the last few months, hoping to get him to wear it, which he would but it tended to get ruined not too long after. This was the first time Luhan had gotten him a matching set, something Sehun hadn't even bought for himself.
He reached into the box and pulled out the garments, letting them run through his fingers. "Alright, since you bought it for me, I guess I can wear it."
Luhan beamed, kissing Sehun enthusiastically. "Great. Now wear this now so I can ravage you."
Luhan pulled out another small box, placing it in Sehun's lap.
Sehun groaned, head bowed at his ridiculous, adorably sweet, and horny boyfriend. His ass was still aching from before but he couldn't deny he loved how Luhan loved him. With a resigned groan, he accepted his fate as he opened the gift.

A/N: i hope this is okay. seriously the idea came from that tweet and that fic. sehun w/ a bra goes back to her character in that fic...please don't hang me for using that idea >.< (i have issues regarding plagiarism and will give credit for whatever inspired me)
Tags: hunhan month, r/nc-17, sehun/luhan

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