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Title: Miss Behavin'
Pairing: Sehun/Luhan
Word Count: 3974
Rating: NC-17
Summary: Sehun has never gone out drinking so she asks her unni, Luhan, to take her somewhere, but things don’t go as planned when someone makes the moves on Sehun. (almost PWP) [Prompt 42 from BBTH]
Warning: fem!Sehun, fem!Luhan, face sitting, cunnilingus

Sehun always looked towards Luhan for everything which is why, when she wanted to go drink for the first time, she went to her to take her somewhere nice.
The two had been friends forever and she was most comfortable with her. Plus she was deeply in love with her and why not have her first experience with the woman she loved?
Approaching Luhan about the issue was a bit tough, considering how busy Luhan was nowadays.
Sehun stood awkwardly on the side as Luhan happily chatted with her classmates. Things had changed between them when Sehun had hit her growth spurt during puberty, now towering over her unni. It had been a subtle change in their relationship with Luhan not responding to her messages as quickly but now Luhan always seemed busy whenever Sehun wanted to see her. Without her unni by her side, Sehun had withdrawn into herself, adopting a mask of indifference to hide her true feelings.
As Luhan’s classmates moved off to their next class, Sehun took the opportunity to approach her unni, hand reaching out to grab her wrist. “Unni, can I talk to you for a moment?”
Luhan looked up and gave Sehun a bright smile. “Sehunnie, long time no see. Do you think we can talk another time? I’m going to be late for class if I don’t leave now.”
“Uh…no I…it’s just a quick question.”
Luhan glanced at her watch and gave a little sigh. “Okay, what is it?”
Sehun looked down at her feet, gently scuffing them against the ground. “Would you take me out drinking this weekend?”
“What?!?!?!” Luhan gaped at Sehun.
Sehun’s cheeks were flushed a light pink. “I want you to take me out drinking. I’ve never been so I wanted you to take me since you’ve been out more than me and probably know the best places to go so will you take me?”
“Uh…let me get back to you on that. I’ll text you later, okay?” Luhan pulled free from Sehun’s grasp, smiling and waving as she headed off to class.
Sehun stood there, not sure if she’d even get a response but at least she had asked.


Luhan frowned down at her phone, her message thread to Sehun staring up at her. She gave a long sigh and placed her head down on the table.
"I know that sigh. Sehun troubles again?" Yixing smiled as she sat down in front of Luhan.
"She wants me to take her out drinking."
"And that's a problem because...?"
"I don't want to take her drinking."
Luhan glared at her friend. "You know why Xing."
"Spell it out for me."
"Just forget it." Luhan huffed and buried her head into her arms.
"You know there's nothing wrong with taking her out especially if it's her first time. At least she's smart and asking a friend she trusts to take care of her."
Luhan groaned. "Shut up Xing, you're not helping."
"You're making a big deal out of nothing. Just take her out and if you want, bring friends along so it's not just the two of you."
"Fine fine, fine." Luhan lifted her head to stick out her tongue. Yixing just smiled before turning to her assignments.


It took a whole week before Luhan finally responded to Sehun's question. "Alright, I'll take you next weekend okay?"
"Okay, thank you, unni :)" Sehun smiled, already anticipating her first drinking experience.
"Oh, I'm bringing some friends. Feel free to bring some too."
Sehun frowned, slightly unhappy about the unwanted guests but nothing she could do. She was just gonna accept any chance she got to spend time with her unni. "Okay, see you next weekend, unni :)"


Sehun frowned. "Is all this really necessary?"
"Of course. You're going out. You have to look your best if you wanna get any ass tonight."
"But I don't want any ass." Sehun pouted.
"Except for Luhan's, though she doesn't really have much of an ass." Jongin cried out from the living room.
"Shut up, Jongin."
"Don't worry. I'll make sure you get her attention and everyone else's. It's time to show the true you, that gorgeous girl I know you're hiding inside behind those frowny faces and baggy clothes. Now hold still." Tao gently gripped Sehun's chin, keeping her in place as he finished her eye makeup. He grabbed some lipstick and applied to her lips. "And done. Now you'll be getting everyone's attention. Come take a look, Jongin."
Jongin gave an appreciative whistle when Sehun walked out. "That's your best work yet. She's gonna be stealing everyone's attention off of me. I'm a bit jealous."
"Oh please, like you should even care when you have my attention on you all the time." Tao pursed his lips in displeasure.
"But it's nice to be admired by other people. It doesn't change how I feel about you." Jongin wrapped his arms around Tao's waist, placing a kiss on his cheek. "So are we ready to go then? Time to get our baby Sehun drunk and into Luhan's thong."
Sehun's eyes widened. "How do you know she's wearing a thong?"
"Just a guess but that got your heart racing, huh?"
Sehun smacked Jongin's arm as the trio left Sehun's apartment for the club where they were gonna meet at.


Luhan's eyes widened a fraction before she schooled her features into a pleasant smile.
Sehun was dressed in skin tight jeans that sat low on her hips and a simple blach tee with some metallic geometric design on it. The shirt wasn't cropped but was short enough that Sehun's slim tummy kept playing peekaboo. The sight of her pale slim tummy was doing things to her, making Luhan harden her face into a small frown. Sehun was also wearing red kill heels, making her already impressive height more imposing. The heels emphasized Sehun’s long shapely legs. Luhan felt her frown deepened and quickly fixed her expression when she noticed Yixing looking at her. She saw Sehun’s questioning gaze and gave her a small smile.
Sehun looked at her a moment longer before shyly turning away.
“So introductions?” Yixing quirked a brow at Luhan.
“Oh yes, this is Yixing and Joonmyun.” Luhan gestured to the two females beside her. They nodded their heads in greeting.
Sehun gestured to the two males beside her. “This is Tao and Jongin.”
The two men waved.
“So is everyone ready?” Yixing smiled serenely at everyone, gesturing to the club behind them. “Joonmyun has a private table reserved for us so if we’re done talking out here, let’s go inside.”
She grabbed Joonmyun’s wrist and lead the group inside. Upon telling them Joonmyun’s name, the group was escorted to a private table in the back, away from the crowded dance floor.
“So, what would everyone like to drink?”
“Unni,” Sehun leaned down to whisper into Luhan’s ear, “I don’t know what I should have for my first drink.”
Luhan bit her lip, thinking over the many drink choices.
“Hey Sehun, since it’s your first time, why don’t we go for something light? Want to try a cocktail?” Yixing smiled at Sehun.
“Oh uh…”
“What’s your taste? Do you like something sweet? Something a little sour?” Joonmyun smiled at Sehun from her spot across the table.
“Oh well…I do have a slight weakness for chocolate.” Sehun’s cheeks flushed a little at all the attention placed on her.
“Oh, then I have the perfect drink for you. It tastes just like chocolate…with a hint of alcohol in it.” Yixing got up from the table. “I’ll be right back.”
“Let me go with you.” Jongin got up from the table and followed Yixing to the bar.
“So Sehun, what do you think of the club?”
Sehun looked around, taking in the noise and people. “It’s-It’s not bad. I haven’t really gone out so not sure what to expect.”
“Well,” Joonmyun smiled. “Just enjoy yourself. That’s all you really need to worry about.”
“Yeah, we’re here to watch your back while you go have fun.” Tao patted Sehun’s shoulder.
“We’re back.” Yixing beamed as she and Jongin came back to the table with drinks in their hands. They set down one in front of everyone. Yixing placed a small glass with what looked like a chocolate shake in front of Sehun.
“Drink up.”
Sehun stared dubiously at her glass. It looked tasty but there was alcohol in it.
“Don’t worry. It tastes great.” Yixing winked at Sehun before she downed her own glass.
Sehun looked at it one more time before picking up the glass and taking a sip. She scrunched her face up at the lingering taste of the alcohol.
“Just drink it all at once.”
“Yeah, Sehun. It’s really not that bad, though I will admit that alcohol is an acquired taste.” Jongin smiled over the rim of his glass.
Sehun stuck out her bottom lip in a small pout before draining the rest of the glass. She could taste the chocolate part mixed with whatever alcohol was in the drink. “Hmm…not bad.”
Yixing beamed. “Ready to try another one?”


Luhan watched as Sehun was plied with drink after drink from everyone at the table. It might’ve been more than a beginner should take but Sehun was handling it all very well from the looks of it. Her flushed face and relaxed smile were the only sign that she had imbibed alcohol.
“I’m gonna go dance. Anyone else want to join?” Jongin got up from the table.
“Come on, Sehun.” Yixing grabbed Sehun’s wrist, along with Luhan’s. They all headed for the crowded dance floor, melding into the crowd. Jongin had already disappeared with Yixing following soon after. Luhan stayed close by Sehun as she began to move her body along to the beat.

Sehun closed her eyes as she let the music drift over her. Having taken dance lessons for most of her life, it was natural for her to dance whenever she heard music. Her body moved on its own as the music guided her along.
Hands slipped around her waist, pulling her back against another body swaying along to the music. For a moment, Sehun allowed herself to imagine it was Luhan that was dancing with her but the body pressed against hers was most definitely male. Turning around, Sehun got a momentary glimpse of her partner before she was being pulled away.
Sehun stared in shock at the back of Luhan’s head as she was dragged off of the dance floor. “Unni?”

Luhan had seen the guy come up behind Sehun and before she could even process what was happening, she had already stepped forward and pulled Sehun away. She ignored Sehun's calls and her friends as she led them out of the club.
"Unni! Unni! Luhan, stop!" Sehun pulled back hard, getting Luhan to stop and turn around. "You're hurting me."
Sehun rubbed at her aching wrist. "Why did you do that?"
"I-I..." Luhan ran a hand through her hair, the moment finally catching up to her.
"Just-" Luhan gave a groan and dragged Sehun to her, leaning up and bringing Sehun's mouth to hers.
Sehun's eyes widened as she felt Luhan press her lips insistently against hers. With a moan of surrender, Sehun wrapped her arms around Luhan and opened her mouth.
Luhan pulled away, breathing shaky, as she looked at Sehun. The look of dazed pleasure had Luhan making a noise.
"Come on." She grabbed Sehun's wrist and dragged her back to her place.
Sehun followed along, still too dazed to know what was happening. But the sound of Luhan's door closing shut woke her up.
"Wait a minute, did you really just kiss me?"
"Yes, and you weren't protesting then." Luhan frowned as she crossed her arms over her chest.
" kissed me."
"Yeah, what do you mean by that?" Luhan arched a brow.
"Why? I mean...why?" Sehun looked at Luhan a bit helpless. "I mean...I liked it, I've been wanting to kiss you forever but why now?"
Luhan looked away. "Jealousy," she mumbled.
"Just..." Luhan ran a hand through her hair in frustration. She grabbed Sehun and pulled her head down for another kiss. Her mouth devoured Sehun, trying to convey what she couldn't say at the moment.
Sehun dragged her lips away. "Luhan, unni, wait, we should talk."
Sehun's hands settled on Luhan's hips, trying to ease her away but Luhan had a death grip around her neck.
"Talk later." Luhan groaned, lips pressing kisses along Sehun’s neck. “Do you know how often I’ve dreamed of you? Of having your long legs wrapped around my head? You’ve been driving me crazy ever since you hit puberty and really blossomed. You were no longer my cute, adorable dongsaeng but someone…someone I wanted and I just…”
Luhan pulled back to stare into Sehun’s dazed, glazed eyes. “Sehun-ah, let me have you..”
“Luhan unni…please…” Sehun weakly clung to Luhan, the feelings at Luhan’s abrupt confession overwhelming. She figured they'd have time to talk after but for now, the desire was raging through her. Having been pent up so long, it ached to be released.
Luhan pulled back with a smile. She gently placed a kiss on Sehun's lips. "Let's move to the bedroom."
The two slowly made their way over, pausing for kisses and touches along the way.
She had been in Luhan’s bedroom many times before but tonight, it felt different. Maybe it was the fact that she was going to be intimate with Luhan in her own room. Maybe it was the fact that everything she had ever hoped for was finally coming true. Sehun stood awkwardly at the foot of the bed as Luhan went to turn the covers down.
"Come on the bed, Sehun-ah."
Sehun turned and stared. Luhan was lying on the bed in only her bra and underwear. Her eyes widened when she realized Luhan was indeed wearing a thong. "When did you-?"
Luhan gave a low chuckle. She got up on her knees and came over to the end of the bed. Using her fingers to hook into Sehun's belt loops, she pulled her forward for a kiss. Her hands grabbed the bottom of Sehun's shirt and lifted it off. Her hands made quick work of Sehun's pants as well, though it took a bit more effort since they did fit almost like a second skin. "God, you're even more gorgeous naked."
Luhan's eyes took in all the exposed skin. Sehun's slender arms. Her pale slim legs. That lean stomach that had been teasing her all night. Luhan leaned in to nuzzle against Sehun's stomach.
Sehun giggled and eased back. "That tickles, Lu."
Luhan just smiled, her hands on Sehun's hips, guiding her back. "I like this set you have on. Very nice, very sexy."
Her hands moved over it, gently touch the lace in front. A light entered her eyes when she noticed Sehun had on a thong. As her hands gently explored Sehun's ass, she leaned forward and pressed a kiss to, first the right, then the left mound of her breast above the lacy bra.
“Luhan,” Sehun murmured as her hands came up to thread through Luhan’s hair.
Luhan kept her attention focused on Sehun’s breasts, lavishing them with kisses. She gently eased one cup down and pressed a light kiss to one nipple before giving the same treatment to the other.
“Luhan,” Sehun moaned, arching into Luhan’s touch.
Reaching behind, she unhooked Sehun’s bra and let her full breasts fill her hands as she gently cupped them. Her fingers teased the little buds until her nipples were fully hard. Leaning down, she flicked her tongue over Sehun’s nipple before latching on and gently sucking.
Sehun whimpered and moaned, pressing Luhan closer to her breast, as Luhan’s tongue did things to her. “Luhan…Luhan…I can’t.”
Luhan pulled back and saw the small tremor to Sehun’s legs. Slowly, she pulled Sehun forward. She moved Sehun towards the head of the bed, her back resting against the headboard as she eased between Sehun’s legs.
With a teasing light in her eyes, Luhan placed a hand on the inside of Sehun’s thighs and slowly pushed them out. She kept pushing until Sehun was fully spread open to her.
“Luhan!” Sehun had a light blush to her cheeks, a bit embarrassed to be in such a compromising position where nothing was hidden.
Luhan smiled as she bent down, placing her face just inches from Sehun’s opening.
Sehun shivered in anticipation. She could feel Luhan’s breath on her and waited to see what would happen next. She let out a squeak when Luhan leaned forward, pressing her tongue flat against her. Even with the thong in the way, it was hardly a barrier to Luhan’s warm, wet tongue.
Luhan reached up and gently eased the thong aside to get to the heart of Sehun. Her tongue gently licked up the length before circling around that tiny nub.
“Luhan…” Sehun’s hands clutched at the bedspread as Luhan explored Sehun with her tongue. Her tongue circled the nub and licked along her folds. She tentatively eased her tongue inside and felt Sehun’s gasp.
Rearranging herself, Luhan settled down to enjoy Sehun, her tongue and mouth working Sehun into a frenzy. Latching her lips around that nub, Luhan gently sucked until she felt Sehun tense beneath her.
With a moan of Luhan’s name, Sehun came. Luhan quickly lapped up her juices, smiling at Sehun’s sensitivity. She sat up and took her first glimpse of Sehun’s blissed out expression. Her eyes were half closed and a satisfied smile was on her lips. Luhan leaned down to gently peck Sehun’s lips.
Sehun wrinkled her nose, caught off guard by tasting herself on Luhan’s lips. She slowly opened her eyes to see Luhan’s smug face. Her hand reached down to gently pressed against Luhan. Her eyes widened, feeling how wet she was. “C-c-can I return the favor?”
“Go ahead.” Luhan eased her thong off, tossing it to the side. “How do you want to do this?”
“Um…if you could..” Sehun indicated towards her head.
Luhan arched a brow but complied, moving to straddle Sehun’s head.
Sehun placed a hand on Luhan’s inner thigh and gently pushed her legs further apart so that she sank down further onto Sehun’s face. Luhan made a small noise when she felt Sehun pressed right up against her.
Sehun’s tongue came out slowly, gently exploring. She moved slowly, licking over every inch. One hand came up to gently part Luhan’s folds so she could find that spot. When she found it, she latched her lips around it. Sehun’s hands came up and around to grab Luhan’s ass, holding her in place as she ate her out.
“Sehun-ah, Sehun-ah, I’m coming…” Luhan’s hands grabbed at her breasts, playing with the nipples as she came all over Sehun. Breathing heavily, she slowly eased off of Sehun to lie down next to her. She turned to see Sehun with a waiting smile.
“How was it?”
“Really good, Sehun-ah. Really good.” Luhan leaned over to gently kiss Sehun, not caring about the mess on her face.
Sehun smiled and shyly wrapped her arms around Luhan. She made quick work of Luhan’s bra, tossing it to the side. Her hands came up to play with them, gently squeezing them. “You know…I neglected these earlier.”
“Yeah?” Luhan looked down to see Sehun’s hands on her breasts and felt a little thrill of excitement run up her spine. She liked the look of Sehun’s long slender fingers gently holding her breasts. “Well, I seem to recall wanting your legs wrapped around my head.”
Sehun nodded as she traced a finger around Luhan’s nipple.
“Are you ready for another round?”
A bright smile crossed Sehun’s face. “Yes.”


After several more orgasms and a quick nap, the two were cuddling naked on Luhan’s couch, some TV program on. Sehun had wanted to put some clothes on but Luhan had vetoed that notion, claiming it would just be a waste of effort putting them back on when she was just going to be removing it later. Luhan seemed to have a fascination with Sehun’s naked body, liking to touch, kiss, or lick any part she could get ahold of.
Sehun had a nice little line of hickies along her neck, courtesy of Luhan’s long exploration of her neck. But Sehun had reciprocated the favor when it was her turn to explore Luhan’s body.
Luhan was nestled comfortably in Sehun’s arms as the two watched TV.
“So…Luhan unni, does this mean we’re dating now?”
Luhan turned around to see Sehun shyly looking away. “Do you want to be?”
Sehun glanced at Luhan from under her lashes. “Yes, but only if you want to.”
Luhan smiled brightly. “Of course, I do. Why wouldn’t I? You’re beautiful, adorable, and perfect for me.”
Color infused Sehun’s cheeks as Luhan’s compliments.
“Are you sure you want to date me?”
Sehun looked Luhan in the eye, expression serious. “Of course, I do. Why wouldn’t I?”
A teasing light lit her eyes. “You’re beautiful, adorable, and perfect for me.”
Luhan mock gaped and gently hit Sehun’s arms. Sehun just giggled and enveloped Luhan into a tight hug. “I’m so glad I have my unni back. You’ve been avoiding me.”
“Yeah about that…” Luhan looked sheepishly at Sehun. “Sorry about that but it was a defense mechanism.”
“And being mean to me?” Sehun pouted.
Luhan arched a brow. “When was I ever mean to you?”
“When you were avoiding me. You were ignoring me which is mean.” Sehun’s pout deepened.
“Aww, I’m sorry, baby,” Luhan leaned back to peck Sehun’s lips, “but yes, that was another defense mechanism. I couldn’t be the one to defile my baby.”
“But you did.” Sehun beamed. “And you’ll keep doing it, right?”
Luhan gave an exasperated sigh. “Yes, of course. Now that I’ve had a taste of you, I can’t very well give you up. In fact, I think I’m having another craving for a taste.”
Luhan’s hands ran up Sehun’s body underneath the blanket. “Care to move back into the bedroom?”
“Sure.” Sehun let the blanket fall from her body as she stood up and walked to Luhan’s bedroom. She threw a look over her shoulder, causing Luhan to chase after her.


The next time Sehun went drinking, Luhan was stuck to her side, arm possessively around her waist.
Their friends kept giving them glances that Luhan chose to ignore in favor of carefully monitoring what Sehun drank. She would occasionally give Sehun a sip of her drink, holding the drink up to her mouth.
Sehun would smile brightly before taking a sip and then sometimes pecking Luhan on the lips. Luhan would give a small smile, pulling Sehun closer to her as she buried her face in the crook of Sehun’s neck.
“So Luhan,” Yixing had a gleam in her eyes. Luhan recognized it and knew nothing good would come of it.
“Let’s dance.” Luhan grabbed Sehun’s wrist and dragged her to the dance floor, followed by Yixing’s knowing laugh.
“Unni,” Sehun bowed her head shyly as her arms came around Luhan’s waist.
“We’ll dance for a bit and then head home.” Luhan frowned when she spotted someone making eyes at Sehun.
“Unni,” Sehun whined, wiggling a bit in front of Luhan.
Luhan took her attention off the crowd long enough to see Sehun pouting at her. With a soft smile, she leaned up to press a kiss to Sehun’s lips. “I love you, Sehun-ah.”
Sehun’s eyes brightened as her arms tightened. “I love you too, Luhan unni.”
Luhan’s hand moved from around Sehun’s neck down to her hands, twining their fingers together. “Let’s go home.”
Sehun beamed at Luhan, willingly following as Luhan led them out of the club.

A/N: so i hope this was okay but totally facepalming at the basically blatant PWP because seriously what plot is even in this fic? >.<
and i tried my best to put all the wants in there but i don't think it happened :( i'm sorry
Tags: hunhan month, r/nc-17, sehun/luhan

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