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Title: Happiness Delight
Pairing: Chanyeol/D.O.
Word Count: 1419
Summary: Chanyeol thought his new tattoo would attract more action but no luck. Cue his best friend Kyungsoo to the rescue. - PWP (inspired by tracy's tweet)

Chanyeol thought that getting a tramp stamp would've gotten him laid more but alas, no one ever took him up on his offer. He'd spent a week parading around his tattoo, hoping someone would take the offer, but no one ever did. He had gotten his fair share of comments but no one wanted to see if it was true and it was frustrating him.

"How come no one wants to sleep with me, Soo? I thought getting a tattoo would attract more people."
"A tattoo can't hide the fact that you're a skinny little bean pole."
"Hey! I've got muscles. Look." Chanyeol flexed his arms, showing off his biceps.
Kyungsoo spared a glance, ignoring the little shiver of interest running down his spine. "Still a beanpole."
"You're so mean." Chanyeol buried his head in his arms with a dramatic sigh.
"If you're really so desperate, I can try to find the 'happiness delight' down there."
"What?" Chanyeol looked up at his best friend with wide eyes. "Are you serious?"
Kyungsoo gave him a deadpan stare. "Does it look like I'm joking?"
"I don't know. Half the time it seems like you want to kill me-"
"Which is true," Kyungsoo mumbled under his breath.
"-so how should I know if you actually want my ass or not?"
Kyungsoo rolled his eyes and grabbed Chanyeol's hand and pulled it under the table.
"What are you-" Chanyeol's eyes widened as he felt the presence of a hard cock.
"Satisfied? Now be a good boy and go home. I'll be right behind you."
Chanyeol didn't need any other urging. He got up and headed straight home. Sure enough, Kyungsoo was right behind him. They entered Chanyeol's apartment, locking the door behind them. "Take off your clothes."
Chanyeol quickly stripped, standing naked before Kyungsoo. Kyungsoo ran his gaze down Chanyeol's naked body. He took in the defined pecs and abs and the half hard cock. He reached out and gently gripped Chanyeol's cock, giving it an experimental squeeze and stroke. It pleased him to feel it jump and harden further.
"Turn around."
Chanyeol turned around and Kyungsoo got his first glimpse of Chanyeol's tattoo in all its glory. In a cursive font, "Happiness Delight" was written across Chanyeol’s lower back. There was a little sun hiding behind the “H" in “Happiness". His eyebrow rose when he saw the large arrow pointing to Chanyeol’s asscrack.
“Well, that is an impressive tattoo but I can see why no one took you up on the offer."
“What?” Channel turned around to stare at Kyungsoo in disbelief. “I’ll have you know the tattoo artist assured me this tattoo would get me more action."
Kyungsoo snorted. “He just said that so you’d get the tattoo and he could get some money."
“Zitao would never lie to me."
Kyungsoo shrugged his shoulders as he started to strip. Chanyeol watched, appreciating all the pale skin being unveiled before his eyes. His eyes widened when he noticed the defined abs, wondering when his best friend had gotten them. He’d always thought his best friend was soft and squishy, which held its own appeal, but finding the hidden muscles was a turn-on. He started to reach out a hand towards Kyungsoo but was stopped with a look.
“Go over to the couch.”
Chanyeol walked over the couch. A hand pressing on his lower back had him bending over, hands finding purchase on the back. Another hand gently spread his legs apart. “Kyungsoo…?"
“Quiet, Chanyeol.” Kyungsoo smiled as he traced a finger along Chanyeol’s tattoo. His finger dipped into Chanyeol’s crack, causing said boy to shiver. He teased around Chanyeol’s hole, delighting in Chanyeol’s reactions.
Getting to his knees, he spread Chanyeol’s cheeks apart and flicked out his tongue.
“Kyungsoo!” Chanyeol’s grip tightened on the back of his couch as Kyungsoo flicked his tongue out again. “What are you doing?"
Kyungsoo pulled back, licking his lips. “Taking you up on your offer. Isn’t this what you had in mind?"
Chanyeol cleared his suddenly dry throat. “Uh not really, I mean…I didn’t think anyone would want to do that."
Kyungsoo smirked. “So this is your first time?"
Pink stained Chanyeol’s cheeks.
“Aww,” Kyungsoo squeezed Chanyeol’s ass, “that’s cute."
“Hang on to the couch, Chanyeol. I’m about to find out if I really can find the 'Happiness Delight’ down here.” Kyungsoo stuck his face back between Chanyeol’s ass and set out to destroy his best friend with pleasure. His tongue licked around the hole several times before gently slipping inside. He kept a firm grip on Chanyeol’s hips to keep him from moving as he worked his tongue. He could feel Chanyeol’s shivers and hear his moans as he did his best to wreck his best friend.
“Kyung…Kyungsoo…I-I…” Chanyeol bit his bottom lip as he tried to stay standing but his legs were beginning to fail him. He never realized how good rimming could be or how talented his best friend was with his tongue.
Kyungsoo pulled back to look at his best friend. “Close?"
Chanyeol nodded his head. Kyungsoo stood up as Chanyeol’s legs finally gave way and he sprawled half on and half off the couch.
“You know that’s not the end of it, right?” Kyungsoo leaned over Chanyeol with a grin. He placed a quick kiss on Chanyeol’s lips, catching him by surprise. Then he rearranged Chanyeol on the couch, slipping between his legs.
“You ready?"
Chanyeol could only lay there, eyes glazed, body pliant as a doll to whatever Kyungsoo wanted. Kyungsoo chuckled, placing another kiss on Chanyeol’s lips.
He got up from the couch for a moment to grab some lube and a condom before resettling between Chanyeol’s legs. He quickly lubed up his fingers and slipped them inside, noting how easy it was. Chanyeol barely made a sound of protest as Kyungsoo thrust one, two, then three fingers inside. When he felt Chanyeol was prepped enough, he slipped his fingers out, slipped on the condom, and slipped inside.
Chanyeol made a tiny noise as his hands came up to grip Kyungsoo’s arms.
“Been a while, Channie? You’re so tight even with all that prep."
Chanyeol blushed and lightly hit Kyungsoo’s chest.
“Aww, is my Chanyeol embarrassed?” Chanyeol felt his heart stir a little when he heard Kyungsoo call him his. "Well no matter, he’s about to fucked out of his little mind. Hold on tight."
Kyungsoo gripped Chanyeol’s hips as he slowly slipped out then pushed back in. He kept a slow and steady pace, not wanting to accidentally slip off the couch. Occasionally, he would thrust in hard and watch the pleasure run over Chanyeol’s face. He reached a hand between them and began to slowly stroke Chanyeol’s cock in time with his thrust.
“Kyungsoo…harder…faster…please.” Channel bit his bottom lip as he tried to lever himself to thrust back when Kyungsoo thrust forward.
A glint entered Kyungsoo’s eyes. He pulled out and gently grabbed Chanyeol’s legs, pushing them forward so that Chanyeol was practically bent in half. “Is this okay?"
Chanyeol took several breaths. “Yeah."
“Good.” Kyungsoo pushed back in, knocking Chanyeol’s head against the armrest of the couch. Allowed free reign, Kyungsoo fucked Chanyeol into the couch until the two were coming together.
Bracing his arms, Kyungsoo stopped himself from collapsing on top of Chanyeol. He pulled away, slipping out of Chanyeol, and gently put Chanyeol’s legs back down. He took off the condom, tying it and tossing it in the trash. He came back over to the couch where Chanyeol was just out of his mind with pleasure. He slipped beneath Chanyeol’s legs and began massaging whatever he could. “So how was that?"
“That was…why didn’t we do this sooner?"
Kyungsoo looked at Chanyeol. “Because we’re best friends and normally best friends don’t sleep with each other."
“But if I knew you were interested in me like that, we could’ve been doing this sooner."
“Back at you. You never showed any interest in me like that."
“Well neither did you."
Kyungsoo rolled his eyes. “Well now that we established we like each other like that and want to keep doing this, consider this: your ass is now mine and everything else attached to it, okay?"
“Sure.” Channel gave a sleepy, happy grin.
Kyungsoo shook his head. “Go to sleep, Channie. You’re going to need your rest. I’m gonna keep you trapped in bed for the rest of the day…and week if possible."
A grin flashed across Kyungsoo’s face. “I’m finally going to kill you…with pleasure."

A/N: orz please don't even ask me about this. idk what i even did :P this is just another PWP
Tags: chanyeol/d.o., one shot, r/nc-17

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