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Title: Full of Passion
Pairing: Chen/Lay
Word Count: 587
Summary: Jongdae gives it her all when practicing with Yixing on their upcoming performance for their queen.

As part of the special celebration coming up, Jongdae and Yixing had been paired together for a performance. But Jongdae's specialty was singing, not dancing, so the two took to using their spare time practicing, or more, Jongdae used her spare time for practicing. She just had trouble getting her body to move the way the routine called for. It didn't help she was very easily distracted at their joint practices.

"You know, if you want him, just show him."
"How?" Jongdae frowned. "I'm just a singer. I have no experience with sex and all that stuff."
"Which is why you have me." Baekhyun smiled as she sat up on the cushions she had previously been lounging on. "So you mentioned in the routine you touch your chest?"
Jongdae nodded her head.
"Well, just accidentally remove part of your top, give him a little nudity and maybe it'll get other things moving. Though not sure why he'd be so slow, he's normally quick if you show him some interest, a touch here, a kiss there."
“Well sorry, I'm not you. I can't be that forward."
“Well, practice and try. I seriously think you need to get laid."
"But I've never had sex."
"Exactly." Baekhyum grinned as she lay back down. "Now if that's all, leave me to my beauty nap."
Jongdae went back to her room and started to practice what Baekhyun told her to do.

At the next joint practice, Jongdae finally showed off all her hard work. As the moment came up, Jongdae carefully grabbed the edge of her shirt and with some force, pulled it aside, exposing her breast.
Jongdae did her best to will the blush away but it was hard with Yixing staring at her with those steady eyes. She knew she was supposed to seem confident but unlike Baekhyun, a pleasure slave, Jongdae was uncomfortable with her own nudity even if it was accidentally-on-purpose like now. She pulled her top back over her chest, rearranging it like before.
"So," Jongdae cleared her throat, "how was that?"
Yixing took a moment to answer, waiting for the tell-tale jiggle of Jongdae's nervousness to peek through. Unlike Jongdae, Yixing was completely at ease with his own nudity, saved for the sash tied strategically over his lower half. If he was meeting with anyone but Jongdae, that part wouldn't be covered but ever since their first meeting, with Jongdae stumbling over her words and unable to look at Yixing, he covered himself just for her. "Well, I have to give you credit for enthusiasm but maybe try it again without ripping your clothes open."
Jongdae blushed at Yixing's sweet smile. "Yes, Yixing."
She started back at the beginning and ran through the dance routine again. The two were going to be performing for the queen and her guests. Everything had to be perfect. It didn't help that Jongdae was totally attracted to her partner and had to fight against just staring and watching, or worse, throwing herself at him, instead of practicing.
"Come on, Jongdae. Concentrate." Yixing smiled an encouraging smile as he gently tapped her head.
Jongdae gave an embarrassed smile as a light flush coated her cheeks. The two ran through the routine a few more times before they decided to call it a day.
"That was a good job." Yixing leaned over, placing a kiss on Jongdae's cheek. "I'll see you for next practice, okay?"
He left the room, unaware of Jongdae's adoring gaze with a hand pressed to her cheek.

A/N: okay so this is another one without smut but it's alright because there's minor nudity. i'm sorry orz i was thinking about this and so this fic happened
Tags: chen/lay, sex harem

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