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Title: Bend to My Will
Pairing: Chanyeol/Tao
Word Count: 3829
Summary: Tao only looked to the opposite sex for fashion advice but something about Chanyeol drew him in. (based on g_odalisque13's tweet "attempting straight tao! except i cheated and it's usually-prefers-men-but-damn-girl!yeol-is-hot tao. sue me.")
Warning: fem!Chanyeol, pegging

At first, he had admired her clothes. (“I wonder if they have them in my size.” “I think we’re similar enough I can get it.” “Those are so cute.”)
But as his eyes continued to admire her clothes and the body they were on, it soon became him noticing something else, something he had previously dismissed on others. And that freaked him out.

“Oh my gawd, Baekhyun, what do I do? What do I do?”
“What?” Baekhyun looked up from his phone to see Tao looking a bit hysteric.
“You think Chanyeol’s hot? Dude, finally. Everyone knows that. I’m surprised it took you so long.” He rolled his eyes as his fingers tapped away on his phone.
Tao huffed. “I don’t notice girls the same way I notice guys.”
“Uh, I beg to differ. Remember Sehun? Or Jongin? You definitely noticed them and their long legs.” Baekhyun smiled, licking his lips.
“Eww, gross. I don’t even want to know your preference. Besides, those girls were all taller than you. How would sex even work?”
“Easily, my dick would slide into her pussy as her legs just wrap around my body.”
Tao shuddered. “I did not need to know that.”
“You do if you wanna sleep with Chanyeol.”
Tao gaped. “I don’t want to sleep with her. I just think she has a nice body with incredibly long legs.”
Baekhyun arched a brow. “I just think you’re in denial.”
“No, I’m not.”
“Yes, you are, but I’m not going to argue this further.”
“Yeah, well if I’m in denial, so are you. When’s the last time you even slept with a girl?”
Baekhyun waved his hand. “I’m taking a break right now. Letting the ladies get a rest.”
Tao rolled his eyes. “Right, like your dick is that impressive you need to give the ladies a break.”
Baekhyun scoffed. “If I wanted to, I could have you begging for my dick.”
Tao waved his hand. “I’ve already seen it, and it ain’t that impressive.”
“Excuse you, I have a beautiful dick.”
“I’ve seen better.” Tao called over his shoulder as he headed to class. Baekhyun made a gesture at him that just had Tao smiling back and blowing a kiss.
Tao headed towards his class, steps light, until he reached the doorway and peered inside. Taking a steadying breath, he casually walked inside.
Chanyeol was already seated at her desk, long legs stretched out in front of her.
Steeling himself, he lifted his leg and climbed over hers to get to his seat on the opposite side.
Too preoccupied with making sure his interest went by unnoticed, he didn’t see the look Chanyeol threw his way.

“So I’ve been noticing you looking at my legs. Like what you see?”
Tao froze before slowly turning his head to the side. Chanyeol stood there, her eyes surveying him.
Tao gulped. “Oh, well, they’re very nice, well muscled…”
“That’s not what I meant.” Chanyeol placed a finger under Tao’s chin, directing him to look at her. A corner of her lips lifted into a small smile. “Come over to my place today and I’ll show you.”
Chanyeol gave him another once over before turning and slowly walking away.
Tao stared at her legs as she moved down the hall. He swore under his breath as he stalked off to his next class.

Tao found Chanyeol waiting by the front gate for him. As soon as he walked up to her, she laced their fingers together and led him back to her house. He could only follow helplessly, Chanyeol’s easy confidence making him a willing follower.
She bypassed the living room and kitchen, taking Tao straight to her bedroom.
“Make yourself comfortable. I’m gonna go change so I’ll just be a moment.” She dropped her bag by the door and walked into the bathroom, shutting the door.
Tao stood awkwardly in the middle of the room. He gingerly set his bag down by hers near the door and glanced around the room. It was moderately sized with simple furnishings and various little knick-knacks around. He couldn’t help noticing the line of Rilakkuma dolls set along the side of the bed.
The sound of a door opening had Tao turning in surprise. His eyes widened, jaw dropping, when Chanyeol appeared in the doorway, dressed in black lingerie.
Chanyeol gave a slow smile, running her hand down her body, over her lacy black bra and matching panties. Her breasts looked like they were about to spill out from the cups, looking so soft and inviting.
Before he was aware of what he was doing, Tao had walked over to Chanyeol, hand already gently cupping her breast. They were just as soft as they looked. He leaned his head down and gently laid his head across them. He turned his head and pressed a gentle kiss to them.
Chanyeol gave a quiet moan, arms wrapping around Tao’s neck.
Tao froze, suddenly aware of what he was doing. He tried to pull back but Chanyeol held him tighter. “Chanyeol…Chanyeol…let me go.”
Chanyeol relented and stared as Tao breathed deeply. He turned to look at her and blushed fiercely. “What’s the matter, Tao?”
Her bottom lip jutted out in a pout as she took a step towards Tao. In self-defense, he took a step back. Chanyeol kept walking forward, Tao stepping back, until his knees hit the bed and he tumbled back onto it.
The line of Rilakkumas came crashing around him.
Chanyeol chuckled as she leaned over and grabbed them, tossing them into some random corner of the room.
Tao tried to keep his breathing even as he watched Chanyeol move. Her breasts were hanging before him, looking like they were about to burst out of her bra at this angle. His hands came up, gently cupping them, before he could process what he was doing.
Chanyeol froze above him and looked down to see Tao’s hands on her breasts again. “Tao…”
She arched her chest, pushing them further into his hand.
Tao froze again. “Oh my gawd, I’m so sorry. I don’t know what came over me. I don’t normally…I mean I wouldn’t…I’m sorry.”
Chanyeol gave a quiet chuckle as she settled herself on Tao’s lap, legs folded on either side as she straddled his legs. She gently rested a hand against Tao’s cheek. “Hey, hey, it’s alright, Tao. Do you think I would dress like this if I didn’t want you to touch me? I’m actually very glad you did as I wasn’t sure you would since well your preferences seem to go towards the other gender.”
Chanyeol looked away a bit shyly. Tao stared at her, noticing the light dusting of pink across her cheeks.
“Wait a minute…you mean you like me?”
Chanyeol rolled her eyes as she looked back down at him. “Uh obviously, or else why would I invite you over? Though I wasn’t sure if you’d accept or reject since your preference goes towards the other gender but I must say I’m happy to note you’re attracted to me.”
She gently pushed her hips down, fitting her core over his bulge.
Tao gasped, hands automatically coming up to grip her hips. Even through the fabric, he could sense how wet Chanyeol was and that was turning him on more. “Ch-Ch-Chanyeol…”
“Tao, please…can you…would you be willing to…?” Chanyeol bit her bottom lip, still a bit unsure about the whole situation.
“Oh uh…um well I mean, I well you know I’m attracted to you but this is all a bit too fast and well I’ve never actually done it with a girl…so yeah…”
“Oh uh…well…” Chanyeol turned a bright red as she slipped off of Tao. Tao tried not to frown at the loss of Chanyeol’s warmth. She walked over to her dresser, rummaging around in the bottom drawer.
“Can you close your eyes for a moment?”
Tao tilted his head, confused, but did as she asked. He heard her walk back over, climbing back onto the bed.
“You can open your eyes.”
Tao opened them to find Chanyeol holding a small bottle of lube and a strap-on. His eyes widened. “Wh-wh-what are you planning on doing with that?”
“Well…I just kind of had this thought that well, if you were willing, since I know you don’t really date girls or do anything sexual with them, I was thinking, if you were willing of course, that I could uh…fuck you instead?”
Tao’s eyes widened. It was true he had once entertained the thought amongst his many different fantasies involving Chanyeol but he had never thought she would want to. If anything, the thought made him grow harder, causing him to twitch in his pants.
Chanyeol’s eyes lit up, having felt that. She leaned down, putting her mouth by Tao’s ear. “So how about it, Tao? Will you let me fuck you?”
“I-I…” He knew he was fighting a losing battle. With a groan of surrender, he grabbed her head and mashed their lips together.
Chanyeol gave a low moan and pushed herself closer to Tao. Her tongue came out to lick at the seams. Tao opened his mouth and let her tongue come inside. Their tongues slide together before Chanyeol pulled back to look down at Tao. He noticed her chest heaving up and down and reached up to cup her breasts again.
Chanyeol closed her eyes and smiled, tipping her head back and pushing her breasts further into his hands. Tao’s fingers gently brushed against the top of the cups before slipping a finger inside to brush against her erect nipple. She made a small noise and reached behind her, unhooking her bra and letting it slip down. She took it off, tossing it to the side.
Tao laid there, just staring at Chanyeol’s white, creamy breasts. Propping himself up on his elbows, he urged Chanyeol to lean forward so he could swipe his tongue over her nipple. Chanyeol moaned, hand coming out to press Tao close to her chest. Her legs were threatening to give way and she pressed herself down onto Tao’s bulge. Her hips moved on their own as Tao sucked at her breast.
Chanyeol took a deep breath. “For someone that hasn’t really done this with a girl before, you seem to know what you’re doing.”
Tao pulled back with a small grin. “Let’s just say I’ve been fantasizing about this for a while.”
“Good ‘cause I have too. Now we don’t have to suffer alone anymore.” Chanyeol grinned, leaning down and pecking Tao’s lips. “Now let’s get you naked. I want to see what you’ve been teasing about under these clothes of yours.”
Chanyeol’s hands reached for the hem of Tao’s shirt, making quick work of it. She made an appreciative noise as her hands traced over his abs. Before Tao could say anything, she had already undone the button on his pants and pulled out his hard cock.
She kept her eyes on Tao as she spread the bead of precum around the tip and slowly stroked his cock.
Tao bite his bottom lip but kept watching as Chanyeol gave him a handjob. He wanted to buck up his hips, urging her to move faster, but allowed her to do as she wished as he wanted to remember everything from this experience.
Chanyeol slowly lowered her head, seeing if Tao would protest. When he didn’t, she opened her mouth and sucked on his cock.
Tao gasped, hands fisting the sheets, as he kept his hips from moving. Chanyeol’s tongue was a lot more talented than he had imagined and it took all he had not to finish so early. Everything with Chanyeol was a hundred times better than any experience he had before and it wasn’t even all of it yet.
“Chanyeol…Chanyeol…” Tao didn’t know when his hand had crept into her hair but he now used it to gently pull Chanyeol away. “Chanyeol…can you please…can we…?”
Chanyeol licked her lips before smiling at Tao. “Sure but uh…I’ve actually never done this before so if you could um…”
Tao gave her a gentle smile, pulling her down to softly kiss her lips. “Sure, but you should watch so maybe next time if you want to…”
Chanyeol smiled. “Sure.”
She handed him the bottle of lube. Tao scooted out from beneath her and turned around, pushing his ass up into the air. Coating three of his fingers, he gently circled his rim before slowly pushing one inside. He muffled his groan as that finger slowly moved in and out. It wasn’t long before he pushed in a second finger. He moved his fingers in and out, scissoring them to stretch his hole further. Then he pushed in his third finger.
Chanyeol watched, fascinated. She could just make out Tao’s face, all flushed as he worked himself open. She couldn’t help herself and gently brushed a finger against Tao’s rim.
Tao gasped, turning his head to look at Chanyeol. He gave a small whimper.
“Tao…can-can I…”
He gently nudged the bottle of lube towards her. After sufficiently coating her fingers, she watched Tao pull his fingers out and signal to her. Slowly pressing her finger against his rim, she watched as the ring of muscle slowly pulled her finger in. It was a different sensation but she watched Tao as she slowly moved her fingers in and out.
“Tao…I read there was this spot that could make it feel good for you?”
Tao gave a breathless chuckle. “There is, but maybe we can save that exploration for another time. If you’re ready, I’m ready.”
Chanyeol allowed her fingers to slip out of Tao’s hole. Pulling off her panties (she noticed Tao’s eye lighting up but did nothing), she grabbed the strap-on and slipped it on, adjusting it to her size. She grabbed the bottle of lube and sufficiently covered the strap-on (the bottle was almost empty but as this was their first time, they wanted to make sure there was a lesser chance for pain). She positioned herself behind Tao, holding the dildo as she gently pushed it inside. She watched Tao’s hole greedily swallow it up until her hips were pressed against Tao’s ass.
Tao groaned, pushing his face into Chanyeol’s pillow. “Just wait a moment before you start moving, okay?”
“Okay, just tell me when.”
Tao took several deep breaths. It had been a while since he had last done this and Chanyeol had gotten one of the bigger sizes, sweet girl that she is. “Alright, you can move. Just slowly move your hips.”
Chanyeol gripped Tao’s hips as she gently moved her hips back, pulling the dildo out partway. She slowly pushed back in and kept a slow steady rhythm. The movement was awkward as first but she slowly began to get the hang of it. It didn’t help that the strap-on she bought also had a stimulant for her clitoris and it was rubbing her so nicely as she moved her hips back and forth.
“Chanyeol…that’s good. Nice and slow, just whatever you’re comfortable with.” Tao bit his lips, wanting to get more friction but allowing Chanyeol to take the lead.
“Are you sure this is okay?”
“Yeah, yeah it’s fine. Just…” Tao gave a breathless chuckle, “I need something else you know? Like my cock is aching here.”
Chanyeol paused before she got the message. She chuckled and leaned down to grip Tao’s cock. The change in position had the dildo pressing into a different spot, one that caused Tao to shiver a bit. Chanyeol felt the ripple pass through his body to hers. “Tao?”
“Nothing, just keep doing what you were going to do.”
Chanyeol pursed her lips but said nothing, hand moving to stroke Tao’s cock. She pressed kisses along the back of his neck and down his back as she worked her hand over his cock.
“Ugh uh oh Chanyeol…can-can you stop?”
“Why?” Chanyeol’s hand kept moving up and down.
“I-I want to…I want us to come at the same time and well…”
“Shh, let me get you off first.”
“But Chanyeol…” Tao groaned as Chanyeol increased the pace. Her hips began to move in and out, slowly at an unsteady rate, as her hand moved quickly.
Tao tried to hold back his rising orgasm but due to a well placed thrust, along with her quick hand movement, caused Tao to lose it. He spilled over her hand, shaking as he tried to keep his body up.
Chanyeol slid off of Tao and gently turned him over. Keeping her eyes locked on his, she brought her hand up and licked at the cum on her hand.
Tao groaned, eyes shutting as he felt the arousal go through his body.
“Tao…Tao, look at me. See what I like and maybe next time you can do it.”
Tao opened one eye and then the other, finding Chanyeol sitting on her bed, legs spread wide, two fingers already inside her pussy. She moved them in and out at a steady pace as she brought her other hand up to play with her breasts. He watched as occasionally, her thumb slipped over her clit, teasing it, bringing her close but never over the edge.
Chanyeol closed her eyes, moving her hands to bring her close to orgasm but for once, it wasn’t enough. It was just out of reach and no matter how much she touched herself, she couldn’t tip past that point. She whined when she felt a hand gripping her wrist and stopping her motions. She opened them to find Tao’s dark gaze on her. Her eyes widened as she watched Tao replaced his fingers with hers.
She moaned at that first touch, eyes closing, as she felt Tao’s fingers slip inside her. He moved them slowly; she could feel how deep they went, deeper than her own fingers had went. Her hips began to move, trying to seek more friction.
A gasp was torn from her, her eyes popping open, when she felt that first wet lick. She looked down to see Tao crouched between her legs, tongue poking out to lick at her clit. “Tao! What are you doing?”
Tao looked up at her as his tongue flicked out again. “What? You don’t like it?”
“No, no I do but I didn’t think you’d want to especially since you’ve never done this with a girl before.”
“Yeah but I want to do it to you. I want to make you feel good like you made me feel.”
“But, Tao –“ Tao cut her off with a press of his finger to her lips.
“Shh, just relax and enjoy. Don’t worry. Whatever I do, I do because I want to, because I like to, okay?” Tao gave her a gentle smile before he went back between her legs. Chanyeol could do nothing but surrender, her hands coming to thread into Tao’s hair as he slowly, torturously ate her out. Her orgasm washed over her at Tao’s diligent care.
“So does this mean that we’re dating now? Because I’d really like to be.” Chanyeol smiled as her hand traced lazy patterns over Tao’s chest. The two were cuddling on her bed after having cleaned up.
“Oh well I kind of thought well maybe I could’ve gotten to know you first, maybe take you out on a date, before we started dating…I mean before we did anything but you kinda took things out of my hand.”
“Well, you were taking too long. I mean a girl can only endure so many heated stares before she combusts.”
Tao gaped at her. “They were not heated stares. They were appreciative stares.”
Chanyeol rolled her eyes. “Whatever but you were taking way too long to confess so I had to get things moving along.”
“Yeah well, truth be told, I was in denial but you brought me out of it.”
“And so my reward is having you for a boyfriend, yes?”
“Fine, so long as you’re mine as well.”
“Well duh. Like I even want to have anyone else. Your lovely ass and body is all I need.” Chanyeol smiled, squeezing Tao’s ass affectionately.
Tao frowned. “What about my sparkling personality and fabulous fashion sense?”
“I guess those are nice as well…but this definitely beats it all.”
“I’m glad you like me for my body. Not sure I want to let you have it at your disposal.”
Chanyeol rolled on top of Tao and stuck her tongue out at him. “Oh don’t be getting all fussy and whatever. Just say you like me, give me a kiss, and maybe another orgasm?”
“Hmm…” Tao pretended to think about it, as his hand began to wander down.
“Tao~” Chanyeol wiggled on top of him.
She scrunched her face at him. “You’re going to be a difficult boyfriend, aren’t you?”
“Yeah, but I’m definitely worth it.” He winked and pulled her laughing mouth down for a kiss.

“Well, this is a new sight.” Baekhyun arched a brow at the couple sitting before him.
“Back at ya, bro. I didn’t know you preferred them short. Didn’t you always like the leggy type?” Tao raised a brow, glancing at the petite man sitting next to Baekhyun.
Baekhyun just stuck out his tongue, snuggling closer to his companion. “Oh, he’s got more than enough leg. He probably has more leg than Chanyeol.”
Tao looked at Baekhyun like he was crazy. “Whatever.”
He waved his hand and turned to take a bite of the pastry Chanyeol was offering to him.
“So…wanna double date sometime?”
“Nah, just gonna be us two for a bit. Not sure we wanna deal with you and your drama so soon.” Tao stuck his tongue out as Baekhyun tried to smack him. He laughed when Baekhyun’s companion laid a hand on his arm, effectively stopping him so quickly. “Didn’t know you could be so whipped, Baek. It’s a nice change.”
“You better shut it before I take revenge on your wardrobe.”
Tao shrugged a shoulder. “Eh, that’s fine. I wanted to buy a new one soon anyway. So go ahead and take your best shot.”
“Ugh, you’re impossible.”
“Love you too, Baek.” Tao grinned as Baekhyun walked away, his companion following behind at a leisurely pace.
“So…wanna go hang out at my place after school? I have something I wanted to show you.”
Tao’s eyes lit up. “Sure. I have something to show you too.”
“Great, will I show you first or will you show me first?”
Tao thought for a moment. “How about together? I think it’s something both of us can enjoy.”
“Alright, I look forward to it. See ya later, I have to get to class.” Chanyeol got up, slinging her bag over her shoulder. She leaned down and gave Tao a peck before heading off to class.
Tao smiled to himself. He gathered up his things and headed to class, anxious for it to end so he could have some fun with Chanyeol.

A/N: OMG I’M SO SORRY IF THIS WENT ALL OVER THE PLACE. I had written one thing and then it ended up changing when I went to type it up. And I think I just made an entire mess of it because the idea just somehow changed when I started typing…well basically the smut got all messed up >.< I am so sorry to whoever reads this mess but lots of hugs and kisses for those that did ♥
Seriously, I have no idea what I just wrote and that ending is just terrible >.< and I’m really sorry but this is the first time I’ve written pegging and so I don’t think it’s correct but yeah…
And sorry for that crappy ending but I had no idea how to even end this fic. This is just a mess, one giant mess.
Tags: chanyeol/tao, one shot, r/nc-17

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